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February 27, 2020

POWERFUL QUIET REMEDY AGAINST INFECTIONS !! Hello my loves welcome to this
new video of new me, marie leonie coach
So here i’m going to tell you about a spice which is full, everything
simply because it tastes good in the sauce, but also
because it can also be used as drugs and care for a lot of
pathologies. But before entering the
keen on the subject, if you ever are new or new then
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social networks. Although star anise is an oriental spice
who entered the medicinal culture curative for a long time
this plant whose dry seeds looks like a star is rich in
aromatic oils, essential oils and
know that it has benefits and unsuspected virtues.
yes for your poor you can you serve it know that it is capable of
keep your skin healthy and radiant to do this, simply
mixed its essential oil with shea butter or even any other
oil like coconut oil. This spice can give you a
immediate relief while struggling against stains, against
acne, and against damaged skin. restores softness and shine to your skin,
my loves this spice is simply exceptional for your hair my loves Star anise is used for
lubricate the hair, moreover it will also help repair hair
damaged, broken, fragile, growing bad for that
massage your scalp with star anise oil and stimulate the
growth for new hair. if you ever have pain or
even menstrual cramps, use in she owns
estrogen-like properties , which is the female hormone. it facilitates
many hormonal problems experienced by woman and also reduces cramps
menstrual. you can know against constipation it will help
to release gases in infants and even adults.
if accompanied by other ingredients such as ginger, cumin, so it provides
instant gas relief and against
stomach cramps. you can also use it for your heart
it’s just going to control the pressure blood pressure and keep your heart strong
will allow your heart to be very well operate.
You can also use it in cooking, it’s leaves are aromatic, provide flavor
to food, simply by adding a very small amount of leaves; – the
because of its properties are detoxifying; you can use it
for herbal teas and even drinks
If you ever have a toothache, then you can use it, really this spice
is full of thousands of benefits, and even for
diets if you want to lose weight okey. is what you knew you could
also use it against the epilepsy crisis, we in Africa are suffering
epilepsy, so there is no there is no of definitive solution to this, this is
considered a narcotic, like a sedative. Be aware that star anise oil can
be used in antiepileptic, anti hysterical he accomplishes this simply
by slowing the blood circulation which in turn helps relieve the crisis
epilepsy. My loves will fight against the cold. The antiseptic properties of anise
helps to heal cuts, minor abrasions, helps to give good
digestion with food and above all allows immediate cold relief
mild and flu. Course if you ever have problems
in the mouth you can use it as an antiseptic.
know that this is effective in fighting bacterial infections, sepsis
and helps heal wounds a lot faster. You can use it if you ever suffer
aromatic; star anise with strong anti-rheumatic properties, helps
to stimulate blood circulation, it’s a painkiller for the affected areas
thus reducing pain and inflammation. Star anise oil helps
to cure the problems caused by cramps, spasms, pain, diarrhea
nerve infections. You can also use it to refresh
the mouth is a powerful digestive agent; for centuries it has
been used as an effective digestive stimulant to stimulate digestion; you can even
use it to treat arthritis, know that it helps stimulate circulation
will fight rheumatism, against arthritis, it will stimulate secretion
enzymes and hormones, it will stimulate your metabolism and ultimately it will boost
the nervous system and the brain so they become more active and more alert. like
I mentioned above, if you have heartburn okey, big belly
my loves, gas and bloating, then you can use it okey,
this too can be used as an insecticide at home, if you ever have mosquitoes
, houseflies, anise oil starry is toxic to most insects
,which explains why anise oil is used for
smoke production. You use it against cough, this will contribute
all just to loosen phlegm and mucus
, the properties of star anise are expectorant effective it can help reduce
problems like cold and congestion. You can also treat bronchitis; asthma
and the other problems respiratory, even shortness of breath, You
can you treat humanism as I say more
high just soak them seeds and just leave you
rest overnight, the next day you warm up you drink tea that’s all you
have to do. against intestinal worms I talked about it
higher anise oil starry is an effective insecticide, it
also has deworming properties, it purges intestinal worms and is regularly
in use in alternative medicine to treat
gastric infections caused by these worms if you ever want to activate your cells
of the brain know it. contains B vitamins, these substances
are important for brain cells
to keep it active and play a key role in standardization and functions
of the nervous system, vitamin b complex can prevent
dementia you can use it for pain
by the throat know that star anise is a natural remedy to relieve ailments
throat star anise to improve sleep
yes you can use it too because it has soft, sedative properties,
which can help nerves calm down as assured
und sweet and peaceful sleep now as in all things know that it
there are undesirable effects, know that at high dose after use
star anise may be toxic and induce vomiting, in
extreme cases convulsion, in children use should be very
controlled because the risk of side effects are even more harmful
so there you are thanks for watched this new video until
tip, for dosage how to use this you can
take to treat yourself in tea you soak overnight and you
simply heat the next day you drink it on an empty stomach now for him essential l the
dosage is directly on the oil that you are going to buy because that
depends on its degree of purity see you soon for a
new video kisses kisses

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