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EP01 Ako si Andon – Overseas Filipino Story

December 21, 2019

I am Andon. I am Andon, Husband of Van We reside here in Dubai. Thank you very much for the nice hair cut. Journey In Philippines, I work as a savings book keeper in a Rural Bank. I followed to my wife here in Dubai with the hope to save for our future. When I arrived here in Dubai, I worked in a contracting company. After that I worked in a testing laboratory. Now I started a freelance work the Photo booth and Party Décor. Surprise Brother, This Flower is from the Flower Market Good Luck with your date later. I meet my wife Van at our place and in our church. We have 10 year old gap. She is my girlfriend for 4 years. Then we got married for 14 years now. Wow, you really know my favorite color. He looks so handsome isn’t he? I am a bit upset with the barber now, because he is Ignoring me. For how many years? (talking about the hair and flowers) 2 years? Because it’s for free. I would like to provide a comfortable life for my family. For Van and I helping each other on financial aspects. I wish to bring Vasil our son, to be with him here in Dubai. and to save enough money and start a new life back in Philippines. It is easy to forget what an amazing gift life really is. I realized that when I got sick. This is when I also realized that life is wonderful. I see more the value of true relationship to others than to our material ambitions. Never lose hope, life must go on. The best of me, is who I am today.

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    lodi petmalu… thanks bro…

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