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Energy EFT for sore throat.m4v (Hebrew with English, German, French subtitles)

November 9, 2019

What I feel since last night, is a not
pleasant sensation in my throat, Like it happens before one gets the flu. I hardly slept the night, I had to swallow
all the time, as if there was a lot of Saliva, A real unpleasant sensation in the throat
that is there now as well. What I’m going to do right now is, I’m
going to treat myself with a technique called:Energy EFT Let’s see where it takes me, I’ve never
tried it on this problem It can’t be harmful. What we do at the beginning, we take our
hands, understanding that energy is flowing through them and put them over the heart-center, the
place we point at to say:”That’s me!” That’s the place you put both your hands,
That’s what I’m going to do now, I take 3 breaths, The pace that suits me, I relax my neck, And the shoulders, I start:Since the pain is in the throat, I put
one hand gently on the area, where it hurts, where there is that unpleasant
sensation, And I start to do EFT:
The first point is on top of the head, with one finger
The highest point on the head, Very gentle, since we’re treating the
energy body, You don’t have to tap hard, Taking a deep breath, “This sensation in my throat” To the next point, which is the third eye,
where the Indian ladies draw a point, here And again with one finger, very gentle,
deep breath, “Throat” Next point, I take my glasses off, then
you can see better it’s where the eyebrows start, Very gentle, Deep breath, “Throat” Next point at the side of eye, Deep breath, “Throat” Next point,
Under the eye, I try to be aware of how each point feels,
Each point is different, After all it’s pleasant, Deep breath, “Throat” Next point is under the nose, Deep breath, “Throat” Next point is on the chin, very gentle,
tapping on this point, deep breath, “Throat” Next point is the collarbone, I put my hand again on my throat, in
order to mark the place I feel the unpleasant sensation, Deep breath, “Throat” We continue on the finger points, The point is on the side of the finger,
Where the nail enters the skin, But on the side, also very gentle, “Throat” The next finger, Take a deep breath, Release tension,
So that the energy can flow better, “Throat” Third finger, “Throat” I start to feel a change, The sensation in my throat is changing,
Ok, Fourth finger, deep breath, “Throat” Last finger “Throat” Last point is here, where it’s very soft, Again very gentle tapping, “Throat” At the end, we put our hands on the
heart-center, again The area where we started, in order to
close the circle, We take three deep breaths, Ok, the unpleasant sensation in my
throat became less. What I can do now and you as well,
If you have a similar problem or anything else, Do another round, be aware how much
the problem still exists, And do another round. So after we did the heart-center,
We tap on the head, “Remaining sensation in the throat”, Deep breath, Next point, Third eye, “Leftovers” You can put your hand on the place
you’re treating, Next point, Eyebrow, Deep breath, “Leftovers”, Next point, Side of eye, “Leftovers” Under eye, “Leftovers” Under the nose, “Leftovers” “Leftovers” I feel like moving around a bit, so allow
yourself when you get the feeling, that your body wants to move, to release,
It’s all a matter of energy and simply go with the flow. “Leftovers”,
I start to feel better…..amazing! We go to the next point, leaving the other
hand here, On the colarbone point, “Leftovers” And right now I feel as if I’d like to tap on
something positive, I feel that the energy flow started to go in
such a positive direction, So that I feel like tapping on something
positive and that’s what I’m going to do But first of all I’m going to close the
zipper because it’s a bit cold ๐Ÿ™‚ So by tapping on the finger points I’ll tap
on something positive What’s the positive I want to tap on……
I want to feel…. What suits me now…. “Energised”, full of energy, That’s what I’m going to do right now.
I’m going to reverse now the thing that was negative in the beginning and tap on
something that’s fun For me, at the moment the thing that
suits me most is Full of energy! That’s what I’m going to do! On the finger, as I showed you before, “Energy” Next finger
“Full of energy” Third finger
“Energy flows in a fun way” Next finger
“Amazing energy flows, wonderful sensation, “Energy” “Fireworks of energy” Wow,
And again we put our hands on the heart center in order to close the energy
circuit, Energy flows in a wonderful way at the
moment, And it’s an amazing feeling So I think I’ll stop here, because I feel
good enough I feel my throat a tiny little bit, It’s not playing a role at the moment,
because I feel that I’m so full of energy and it doesn’t matter now. I feel GREAT! So you witnessed now, how Energy EFT
works and you can use the example I showed you here on all kind of things,
It can be an emotional issue, where you feel low
Or head ache, try it. so that the energy can flow freely, It’s not instead of seeing a physician, EFT
doesn’t treat all kind of ailments, EFT DOESN’T heal anything! EFT treats the Energy body And when The Energy body is treated and
it gets pampered and everything it needs, Then the body can fix and heal itself,
Since it has all the systems, to do that. So I hope you enjoyed, I enjoyed myself
very much, And I suppose you can see the change,
how I started out and how I’m now, I invite you to try it out, it’s a wonderful
thing, And you can continue, I stopped but you can go on, to reach a
Place where you feel even more Empowered, To a moment where you feel like jumping
and dancing, To feel wonderful! So that’s what I can give you and I wish
you a great day, And try it I’ll be more than happy to get feedbacks
either here on YouTube or in FB and read Your comments on how it worked for you,
ok? Until the next video, I wish you all the
best, Much love and see you.


  • Reply Hanna Appel January 26, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    great video. how can it work with tennis elbow pain?

  • Reply Adi Assodri January 26, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    Just the same.
    Focus on the pain, you don't have to put your hand on the hurting part.
    Check on a scale from -10 to +10 how strong the pain is and start the procedure.

    After finishing the round, check the scale again.
    Continue until you're in the + range.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    Happy tapping ๐Ÿ™‚

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