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Ending the Epidemic of MERS CoV in Thailand by Power of Collaboration

December 15, 2019

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS is respiratory disease caused by coronavirus, mostly found in Middle East and spread to other regions. The first Asian’s MERS outbreak occurred
in South Korea by March 2014 Thailand had policy to be medical hub of
Asia IUDC coordinated with the International Immigration Bureau for screening patients and sending patient information, coordinated with the airline. for information providing on the seats of
passenger who are traveling with the airline for the purpose of isolating
high risk and low risk passenger including with the airport of trying to provide
parking lots specifically Middle Easten tourists in Thailand as a
group of tourists who have more than one purpose for traveling such as
business, travel health service and treatment The first case found in Thailand in 18
June 2015. From this case only one patient contributed to 176 risk peoples
were follow up. The department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health was notified for suspected case of MERS before that the Ministry of Public
Health Committee had held a press conference in order to reduce the fear
and anxiety of the people in the country Institute for Urban Disease Control
and Prevention (IUDC) had been reported suspected MERS case in Bangkok and officials has
coordinated to all Network for collecting data and confirm case for
Emergency Operation Center preceding Preparation for manpower, materials and
coordinated with hotels, hospitals and other for planning to follow the case
contract was occured. Hospitals and hotels were provided the area to quarantine those who have a fever a report daily information. Health education was provided
employee IUDC Coordinated with the taxi center
to follow in the track of taxi driver and bring them to quarantine. Department of Special Investigation, Prime Minister’s office. and Special Branch Bureau, Royal Thai Police gave information and help to track the the Taxi driver to quarantine until incubation period thoroughly and provide facility The success of stopping
the disease outbreaks in Thailand is occur to the cooperation with in
the decision-making process of public sector, private sector and people sector. Furthermore, collaboration will reduce
the impact of the country and project tourists from the disease outbreak and develop a quality of life that is consistent with the sustainable development goals
“Good Health and Well being”


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    It's interesting, Good Job.

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    Amazing of Thailand, so pround of you.

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    Nice surveillance system

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