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End The Stigma of Mental Illness and Talk About it!

February 7, 2020

have you ever thought I can’t let anyone
know how I’m feeling or what I’m going through because they just want to
understand as a matter of fact they might be gun crazy especially in the
workplace you need to understand how important it is to ask for help it can
be very intimidating and scary I know but by the end of this video you will
have the five benefits of asking for help and being transparent to others so
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get into it so benefit number one help from other people you know people can
help you progress faster and better people help you move forward you never
know who is going through the same thing that you are or may be able to help you
with your situation either professionally or themselves you know
they may be able to you know offer you some type of advice or insights to the
emotions that you’re feeling and going through even like on the job a lot of
the time you’re part of a team and unless you make them aware of you know
your needs it’s hard for anybody to even know that they need to assist you with
anything so you’re sitting there going through you know stressful emotions and
and feeling like you’re overwhelmed and if you’re not sharing how you’re feeling
with someone so then you’re going to continue being in that type of
environment so got to get that help and feel comfortable asking for it okay so
benefit number two asking for help reinforces a growth mindset in yourself
you know if you’re taking this to ask for help you were saying to
yourself I can fail and I am NOT perfect and then asking for health is allowed
and it’s normal and it’s useful so what I like about this benefit is that you
can do your part in reducing the stigma around mental illness and when I say
mental illness I mean like having anxiety about getting up and going to
this job every day or just being stressed out from being overwhelmed you
know with this massive workload or you know even experiencing some depression
about the whole situation so what you’re doing is you’re saying out loud to
others I am struggling with something you know and it shows that you care
about yourself and your well-being you know not to mention understanding that
the inability to you know deal with unrealistic expectations is not you
know unusual you know the key to getting the help you need and bringing your best
self to work is expressing this humility to your manager or leader at your
organization benefit number me asking for help increases your
relatedness to others you know research within the self-determination Theory has
shown that the need or relatedness is a lifelong a universal basic psychological
need you know as I said at the beginning of the video
you never know who is going through the same thing as yourself and it is very
helpful to be able to relate to them in your journey to getting better and
getting well you have no idea how sharing my struggles with my teammates
or even co-workers outside of my department gave me the support I needed
to feel like I could get through any daunting task
you know sometimes other strengths are your weaknesses and it’s important to
reach out because you never know there may be help there that you never even
knew was available okay guys so it’s time for a pulse check so I can make
sure you’re still with me go ahead and comment down below with I understand if
you’re ready for benefit number four number four asking for help can make you
grateful when you have received useful information you are likely to feel
grateful feeling and expressing gratefulness is good for us you know
once I sought out help both professionally and from
once I finally started to feel unstuck and like I was progressing towards a
better me not only that I’ve gained so many helpful tools to help manage my
stress anxiety and the depression I was feeling from the situation I also felt
immensely grateful for those around me who provided the support and needed to
continue to get through the obstacles I was facing benefit number five asking
for help can be pleasant for the person you’re asking for help from yes believe
it or not people are more willing to help than you think by asking for help
you’re giving that other person the opportunity to do something meaningful
and this allows them to experience gratification from it it completely
amazed me how many of my family friends and co-workers had similar struggles as
I do with anxiety depression and stress and once I shared they were forthcoming
with their experiences and feelings and now it’s like we have a shoulder to cry
on someone to vent to or whatever the case may be and this all came about
because we broke that barrier of making the subject of mental ilness taboo okay guys now you know the five benefits to asking for help which
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  • Reply Regina Renee Williams January 21, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for watching! What part will you play in ending the stigma around Mental Illness?

  • Reply Coach Simona January 21, 2020 at 5:13 pm

    Yess! It's time to end the stigma. As a person who has struggled with anxiety for more than 10 years, I think mental health is a topic we need to feel more open to talk about. Wonderful video!

  • Reply Mike Gibbs IT Career Tips January 21, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Great topic. I have had many patients with mental illness that are afraid to get treated. Its time to end the stigma.

  • Reply The Primal Desire January 21, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    I come from a healthcare background, so I definitely try to promote talking about this.

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    Wonderful video,and great topic…

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    Great reminder, Regina. It is a very important aspect of our lives. I pay attention to friends and colleagues and ask the question "Are you ok?"

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    So relevant and important, what you are highlighting in this vid. Thank you

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    Asking for help is so important

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    This is soooo good Regina! I really don't mind talking about it at all. Of course I have a psychology background, so I actually find it fascinating!

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    This is great! I love the way you break it down and help people to realize it’s ok to talk about it.

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    Encouraging people to talk about it; not hiding away from it

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