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“Empowering the Immune System” by Barbara O’Neill (6/10)

August 13, 2019

– I’ve got a very
interesting question for ya. What’s your immune system? Do you know it’s a word that
we use so much, isn’t it? Oh, my immune system must be down, that’s why I’ve got a cold. But what is your immune system? What is your immune system? I’d like to have a look tonight at what your immune system is. Because it’s important
to know something about the house you live in, isn’t it? And isn’t it the most important
yet the most neglected form of education, is the
house we’re living in? Knowing something about
the body that we live in? Was that an eye opener to you, what happens to your food? That all your food’s not
digested in your stomach, it’s actually digested in different parts of your gastro intestinal tract. One of my favorite proverbs,
it’s Proverbs 14 verse six, knowledge is easy to him that understands. My aim is to give you an
understanding of these things, and then you automatically
have the knowledge on how to treat this amazing
body that we’ve been given. So I’d like to begin by looking at where the immune system starts. Now look at our human body, we’ve got a protection around the body, it’s called skin. Is that right? Skin. And when you break the skin
you have to be careful. Because if you break the skin, now the flesh and the blood’s exposed and the microbes that are in the air, especially if there’s some
pathogens, they can get in there. Is that right? And it’s like the little boy that I met in New Zealand a few years ago. He came with his mother, his mother came to see me about another issue. And when he walked in, his
finger was twice the size and I said, ah ha, what’s
happening to the finger? Now, the finger was twice
the size, it was red, and at the top it like had a pussy area. She said, oh it’s cellulitis,
the doctor it’s cellulitis. Do you know what cellulitis is? Inflammation of the cell. Now that’s not rocket science, is it? It’s inflamed. So I went a little bit further, why? She said, well, he had a
blister and the blister broke, and then he’s playing in the
dirt with his Matchbox cars. What’s gonna happen next? And of course, little boys don’t care if they’ve got a wrought flesh. So of course the dirt got in there, and immediately his immune
system went to the area. The lymphatic fluid, do you
know your lymphatic system is your body’s vacuum cleaner? That’s the puffiness, it’s the
lymphatic fluid going there, going there to try and block any microbes going to any other parts of the body. And then extra blood’s sent there, and white blood cells go there, and then they lay down their
lives, that’s what pus is. Did you know that’s what pus is? Is dead white blood cells. That’s what happens. As we go through the
lecture, I’m gonna show you what we did to that finger. So your skin, so whenever the skin breaks, we gotta be careful to wash it, clean it, and bind it, don’t we? Until it seals to protect it. There are orifices. Let’s have a look at the ears. Amazing protection in the ears. There’s all these little hairs, and then there’s an ear drum to protect from any harmful pathogens getting in. Let’s go to the eyes. What an amazing thing is the eye. If something hits you,
you’ve got two bones there to protect it. And if something’s flying through the air, you’ve got eye lashes and they blink, and the blinking reflex and the lashes stop anything getting in the eye. But if something actually gets through that and into the eye, then we’ve got this mucus
layer around the eye. And we know if we get
something in the eye, like a bug or something, we
just have to go ’round the world for a few times, is that right? And it’ll go to the corner,
and by now it’s dead because all the mucus has drowned it and we can flick it out of the eye. Then we come to the nose. What an amazing organism is the nose. Did you know that in the nose there are all these little hairs? And in the nose, it’s like a cave with all these little cavities. And if we breathe in something that’s go dust on it, it’s heavy. If we breath in pure air, it
is so light it goes straight through into the trachea
and down into the lungs. But if it’s got a bit of
dust or something on it, it’s heavier, so when
it comes into the nose it start ricocheting around
all those little cavities, it shoots backwards and forwards
and backwards and forwards to drop off the dust. Then it becomes light
and it goes back down the trachea and into the lungs. And then at the end of
the day we blow our nose. Is that right? Especially we been digging in the garden. So those hairs there are there to trap any dust or things like that are on it. And then we come to the mouth. Do you know there’s no
hairs in your mouth? That’s why we should be nose
breathers, not mouth breathers. We should be nose breathers. And if someone says, well I
can’t breath through my nose. So then I’ll ask, why can’t
you breathe through your nose? Well, it’s all blocked up. So why is it blocked up? Oh, it’s just always blocked up. Do you know excess mucus in that area indicates that that
person’s got an allergy? It might be to an allergy to a chemical. It might be allergy to a mold,
maybe they’re breathing in, or it could be an allergy
to the food they’re eating. And the three most common allergens are wheat, the hybridized wheat of today, dairy and refined sugar. So one of the most common symptoms of someone having an allergy
is their constant mucus, constantly blowing their nose. That should not be. You see the body creates mucus to protect the mucus membranes from something they’ve got an allergy to. So then we come to the mouth. So we should be breathing
through our nose. And you can breathe through
your nose if it’s clear. One lady said, I tried running up the hill and just breathing through
my nose, but I couldn’t. I said, no, neither could I. Aren’t you glad that
when you’re exercising and you need more air, you
can breathe through both? So let’s go into the mouth, and you’ll find in the mouth
is bacteria in the mouth, there’s a lot of mucus in the mouth. And that also can trap any pathogens. And let’s swallow and get
down into the stomach. Down in the stomach, and
we just looked at that, there is a major part
of your immune system, it’s called hydrochloric acid. And if any harmful pathogens
get into your stomach, your hydrochloric acid can wipe it out. The hydrochloric acid
has quite a few roles. But let’s say your
hydrochloric acid is low. And let’s say your gut bacteria is low. Do you remember when we
went down into those areas, then harmful pathogens
can get into the blood. And now the harmful
pathogens are in the blood. And then, rises up, what most
people see is the main part of their immune system, which
is your white blood cells. Have you heard of your white blood cells? We all have white blood cells, and there’s white blood cell to about 10,000 red blood cells. And there are five different
types of white blood cells. So 62% of our white blood
cells are neutrophils. They make up the most part
of the white blood cells. And then 18% are monocytes. That’s another type of white blood cell. And then 16% are made up of lymphocytes. Now lymphocytes, lympha, lymphocytes are the white blood cell that’s made in your lymph nodes. So your lymphatic system is
like your body’s vacuum cleaner. And what does a vacuum cleaner vacuum up? Waste. So your lymphatic system
sucks and sweeps out waste from the tissues, takes it to the nodes. Your lymph nodes are in
your neck, in your armpits, and in your groin. They’re your main lymphatic nodes. And in those nodes are lymphocytes. So some of the waste that’s
taken into those nodes can be basically dealt with
by those white blood cells. And then 2% of your white blood cells is made of of basophils. And then another 2% is
made up of eosinophils. So that’s your white blood cells. They’re your internal army. And they are designed to wipe
out any harmful pathogens that may get into your blood. Now your lymphocytes, they are the scouts. They’re looking around for any problems. And when they see a problem, they can call on the neutrophils and the monocytes to come along, and they use hydrogen peroxide to actually wipe out any of the problems. And they envelope them and wipe them out. And they actually die when
the pathogen is killed. That’s why the little
boy had that pus there. ‘Cause a lot of white
blood cells had gone there to deal with what was
coming in on the dirt. That’s what pus is. And that’s why a smoker,
he’ll often be coughing up green or yellow lumps. (laughing) And some people
say, he’s got an infection. He hasn’t got an infection. (laughs) It’s just cleaning up the damage from all those years of cigarette smoke. You see, your body can heal itself. My sister is a senior science teacher and when she teaches immunology
to her senior students, when she finishes she says, see? The body is designed to heal itself. So when we’ve got any type
of problem in the body, what makes sense is to boost
your white blood cells. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Now one way to boost them is a fever. And fevers have been used for centuries to boost the white blood
cells to clean up any problems that might be in the body. So at Misty Mountain Health Retreat, every afternoon our guests
go into a steam sauna. And the steam sauna,
usually the temperature sits at around 46 degrees,
and you get very hot. And we give you a bucket of cold water with a little face cloth in it, and you can keep your head cool. ‘Cause the only part of your body that doesn’t like getting
hot is your head, your brain. And about every 10 minutes
you can get out of that hot, run down the steps and dive
into the mountain stream. And if you’re not agile
enough to run down the steps, there is a cold shower
that you can do there. Some people say, cold shower? I said, you’re wanting one
because you get so hot. And then back in the steam bath. And you might do that for
about another 10 minutes, and then charge out and
dive in the cool pool again. You only need to cool
for about 10, 15 seconds. And then back into the hot sauna. Now, by the time you’ve been 10 minutes in the third session of heat, your body temperature is
usually up to about 40 degrees. That’s a fever. Yeah? Now when your body is up to a fever state, and remember the only part of your body that doesn’t like getting
hot is your brain. And because you’re running and
diving in the mountain pool and then running back and
keeping the head cool, your brain keeps quite good. So when your body temp
gets up to 40 degrees, your white blood cells
sometimes can triple. Your metabolic rate
increases by 400%, wow. (laughs) Do you know what that means? Healing increases by 400%. Your blood’s zooming ’round your body. Now why is your blood the healer? Let’s have a look at blood. Why is it the healer, or
the life of the flesh? It contains red blood cells and it contains white blood cells. And there’re your white blood cells there. So, what does the red blood cells contain? They carry oxygen. Oxygen, the most vital
element needed for life Cancer cannot live in
the presence of oxygen. Makes a lot of sense
to boost oxygen, right? Red blood cells also carry your nutrients. They carry nutrients to the cell. Do you remember we’ve
been looking at the CBD, the central business
district of the human body, the inside working of the cells? Well it is your blood that
carries these nutrients and this oxygen to the cell. It also carries the water. And it also carries away the waste. Carries away waste. So no wonder it’s called the
life, the life of the flesh. So let me explain to you what
we did for the little boy, he’s only seven, with the finger. I said, what have you been doing? She said, well he’s on his
second course of antibiotics. This is 10 days on antibiotics? And I’m thinking, how could
it have looked much worse that it is, is it working? He’s on his second course of antibiotics. He’s taking pain killers and sleeping tablets to sleep at night. He’s seven. I’m not criticizing the
mother, what do you do? I said, can I try something? She said, please. So what I did was I got two mugs, and in one mug I put hot water. Now when you have a hot shower at night, now last two nights when I’ve gone home, I’ve had a hot shower and
it almost hurts at first. I didn’t realize how cold I got. And it’s, ah, stimulating, yeah? It’s very nice. ‘Cause we’re warm blooded creatures, so how we love the warm. So the hot water, when
you initially apply it to the human body, it
has a stimulating effect. It stimulates. But I think it’s probably
only about three minutes before I’m getting very
relaxed, is that right? And everything’s slowing down. It’s like you get into a hot
bath, at first it’s tingling, and then you can just about
fall asleep, is that right? So after three minutes,
we get to a depressed, it’s actually a depressed
state of blood flow. Everything’s slowing down. Slow or depressed. And then I got a mug that
had cold water in it. Now this is New Zealand, so we
didn’t have to put ice in it. If you’re in Brisbane you
have to put ice in it. It’s gotta be very cold. The hotter the hot, the colder the cold, the more powerful the reaction. But I’m not gonna make this little boy put that sore finger in very hot water. I get him to put his good finger on and get him comfortable with that, and then put the sore finger in, ouch! I said, just keep
dipping it, it’s too hot. Okay, put a put of cold in. You’ve gotta work with
the will of the person. When you put that finger in
cold water, it stimulates. In fact, it’s not unusual at
Misty Mountain Health Retreat to hear screaming when people
dive into the cold creek. (audience laughing) Aah! (laughs) Agreed? It stimulates. It takes 30 seconds
once you’re in the cold before we get to a depressed
state of the blood. Everything starts to slow. So either called depressed
or slow, it’s a slowing down. So what I do, is I put the finger in the hot for three minutes, and then I put it in the
ice cold for 30 seconds. And while it’s in the ice cold, I put a little bit of
boiling water into the hot to bring it up to the hot. He’s watching me, so I say,
put your good finger in, are you happy with that? Yes. Because I know once his
finger’s been in the cold, it’ll handle more hot,
numbs it a little bit. And then we keep it in
the hot for how long? (audience murmuring) Three minutes. And then before it’s got
a chance to slow down, we plunge it back into the cold. And then before it’s got
a chance to slow down, we plunge it back into the hot. Can you see what we’re doing? And you usually do that three times. So how long did that take? That takes, hmm, 10, 11 minutes? By the end to the second hot, a big smile came to the little
boy’s face, what’s happening? He’s getting relief. In fact, by the end of the three, now what’s that, 12 minutes, and he’s got 50% reduction
in his pain levels. Yeah that’s quicker than
Panadol, is that right? And we’re not hurting his kidneys or his stomach or his liver. He’s looking at me smiling and
he’s looking at his mother. And then I wrapped the finger
in a grade of potato poultice. Potato reduces inflammation. Potato draws waste out. Every home has a potato wrap. So I made a little, like a package. You can watch my poultice lecture to see how to do that on Youtube. And then I’ll put a bit of plastic over it and bandage it up, and ask
God to bless that finger. Bless that poultice. Do you know the rest of the morning while I’m talking to his mother, he’s just smiling at me. (laughs) ‘Cause he had so much relief. When they went home,
he said to his mother, can we do that again? (audience laughs) Why did he say that? Because he’d experienced the relief. So I saw them at 10, we
did it 10 in the morning, they did it again at
two, they did it again I think just before he went to bed, and in the morning when they took it off, and took the poultice off,
all the waste came out. The finger was back to normal. No need for any more pain killers. No need for any more sleeping tablets. And the mother said, what will
I do about the antibiotics? I said, I’ll leave that up to you. I have no authority over
what you do with that, all I can do is to tell
you what I would do, and I don’t usually have to
tell people what I would do. Mm hmm. So he got more relief with
those simple treatments. What did I do? I boosted his immune system. I boosted his white blood cells. Because all I did was increase
blood flow to that finger, and is your blood is your
healer, that’s the healer. So how important that you’ve
got well hydrated blood. How important that you’ve got
good nutrients in that blood, because you’re eating a plant based diet, lots of vegetables, greens,
fruits, nuts, grains, legumes. How important that you are
drinking adequate water. You just gotta make
sure that blood’s good. (laughs) Now I could do those
hot and cold treatments on a person who’s not drinking water, not eating nourishing food, and we’ll actually still get a result, but it’s not gonna be as good. How simple. You see, your blood is your healer. Not only does your blood
contain all the nutrients that you need for healing, it also contains your internal army. Your immune system, so to speak, that will wipe out any harmful pathogens. In fact, our body’s got
everything we need for healing. One of the best blood
cleansers that there is is your greens. You see, the molecular structure of human blood looks like that. And the molecular structure of
plant blood looks like that. Would you say that’s almost identical? But with human blood, the
middle structure is iron. With plant blood, the middle
molecule is magnesium. It’s the only difference. And things like green barley,
spirulina, wheat grass, they’re one of the best blood and tissues cleansers there is, that chlorophyll has a great
cleansing action on the body. So if the mother said to
me, can we do something to even help the blood cleanse? I’d say, yeah, have a little
green barley supplement. Green barley’s not easy to take, but if you put it in
lemon or grapefruit juice, it’s a little bit easier. Little bit easier to take. So when someone says to me, I think my immune system
was down, I’ve got a cold. Do you know the immune system’s high. Because when you get a cold
and when you get a fever, your white blood cell
count can almost triple. A cold is a house clean,
it’s just a house clean. And every time you blow your nose, what are you blowing out? Waste! Your body’s cleaning the house. That’s why they’ll never find
a cure for the common cold, ’cause it’s just one of the body’s ways of getting rid of waste. But if you’re drinking adequate water, if you’re exercising every day, if you’re eating a plant-based diet, we live in a self-healing,
self-cleansing organism, which will naturally be
throwing off waste every day. And you rebound every day. You know what your rebounder is? That’s your lymphatic stimulator. When you rebound every day, it’s helping the body cleanse the tissues. You have a pump, it’s called the heart. And it pumps blood all through the body. And you have a second heart, do you wonder how the blood
gets back to the heart? We’ve got a second heart,
it’s called your calf muscle. And to stimulate your calf muscle, all you have to do is that. (laughs) That’s why when you’re
sitting on the plane they tell you to move
your feet up and down, because it’s stimulating your second heart, your calf muscle. And the exercise that
stimulates your calf muscle better than any other
exercise is rebounding. Because you’re constantly
springing on that rebound mat. And it’s the best cure for vericose veins. Because the pump that gets
your venous system working is the rebounder, it
strengthens those calf muscles that are getting that
blood back to the heart. Your capillary system has
little muscles all around it, so when your heart pumps,
those little muscles are pumping all the way through. And when you work your calf muscle, it’s pumping it all back. But your lymphatic system
does not have a pump. Let me draw your lymphatic system, it’s like a lot of little canals. And they have gates all the way along. And when you wake up in the morning, all those gates are shut. And when you get on the rebounder and you’re jumping on the rebounder, when you’re up to the height
of the jump, every gate opens. When you hit the mat, every gate closes. When you hit the height, every gate opens. When you hit the mat, every gate closes. Can you see a pumping action happens? So remember what your lymphatic system, it’s your body’s vacuum cleaner. It sweeps away waste from the tissues. And when you rebound in the morning, you start up your lymphatic system. And all you have to do
is walk from the kitchen to the lounge room, scratch your head, just all these little activities keep that lymphatic system
going all through the day. Eosinophils are a very
interesting white blood cell. Because when you have an allergy, eosinophil levels can rise. So at Misty Mountain Health Retreat, I take a drop of blood,
put it under the microscope and it comes up on the screen. And it shows you all
your white blood cells and all your red blood cells. And if a person has an
allergy to wheat, dairy, you will see more eosinophils. So in that drop of blood I
should see about two eosinophils. And eosinophils you can
tell because they light up like a little light on a Christmas tree compared to the other white blood cells that are a duller white. ‘Cause we have a dark field condenser, and so you’ve got a black background, so the white blood cells really light up. Now if someone has five
or six eosinophils, that’s an indication that
they are gluten sensitive. If they have 10 eosinophils,
they are intolerant to gluten. If they have 16, 17, 18
eosinophils, they are celiac. So that’s a severe intolerance. Some people when I say, oh
you’re gluten intolerant, they say, no, no, no,
I’ve had a blood test, or some people even have
a biopsy of their colon, please don’t do that, to test for celiac. And the doctor says, no I’m not celiac, I said, no, you’re not celiac, but you are gluten intolerant. Now the test will never
show the intolerance. It’ll never show the sensitivity. So how can you tell? I’ve got a very easy way to tell. Stop all wheat for two
months, and see how you feel. How easy is that? (laughs) See how you feel. You can have a slice of bread and it’ll be out of your body in 24 hours. But the effect can remain
for nearly two months. So you really have to
stop it for two months. Don’t start tonight, don’t start tomorrow, don’t start until your
cupboards are well stocked. You can get some very nice
gluten free pastas now. San Remo, they got a great section. It used to be that if you
cooked gluten free pasta, it just went like a lump of glue. But today you can get some
very nice gluten free pastas. Just going to the asian section
and you get rice noodles, rice vermicelli noodles,
there’s so many options today. And you can get spelt sourdough bread. If someone’s celiac, they
can’t even handle that. ‘Cause as you’ll see tomorrow night when we look at the acid alkaline lecture, spelt has a little bit of gluten, but it’s a less complex type. So usually people that are
intolerant and sensitive can handle that one. It’s a good idea to stop it
all, and then try introducing. So after two months,
have a slice of bread, see what happens. The most common symptoms
are actually brain fog and bloating, and how
many people have that and think it’s age? Have you heard of poor old age? Gets blamed for so many things. So, we had this guy, he used to be forgetting things all the time, I used to say to him, my
friends blame the fact that they’re 50, what are you gonna blame? He was 18. (audience laughing) And then we discovered
he was gluten intolerant, and when he stopped the gluten, wow, he started to remember everything. Do you know, life should be good. Life should be very good. We’ve only got one life. And we should be enjoying
every moment of it. Let me tell you the story of one man who I saw when I was in Bermuda in May. He came to see me because he
found out he has eosinophilia. I said, ah, he said, what can I do? I said, do you know what a rise in eosinophils is caused from? A gluten and a dairy intolerance. I said, just stop the
gluten and the dairy. He says, is that it? I said yeah. But give it two months. I looked at the slide of one guy, and he had 10 eosinophils, and I said, well, you’ve got an intolerance. He said, this is ridiculous, he said I haven’t even been eating it. And then he went, oh,
the muffin on the plane. (audience laughs) That was enough to bring it all up. So what’s the best way to
boost your immune system? The best way to boost your immune system is have a quick cold shower at the end of every hot shower, how simple is that? And you’ll get used to it. And you’ll go, (gasps)
don’t worry about it. (audience laughs) One lady said, Barbara you said we’ve gotta listen to our bodies and my body says don’t have
a cold shower after the hot. (audience laughing) It doesn’t like it. (laughing) You see, we’re warm-blooded creatures, of course we’re not gonna like it. But it’s just brief, it won’t kill you. And it actually won’t make you cold. So every day at Misty
Mountain Health Retreat, I run up hills, that
boosts the immune system. I get quite hot on my way back home, I’ve got a little bag near the creek, and I jump in the cold creek. In the winter I’m in there seven seconds. I’m not in there long
enough to get a cold. Dive out, yeah, dive out
as quick as I dive in. And people are getting
colds all the way around me and I don’t get them. In fact, when I was at Misty
Mountain two weeks ago, I got a cold for four hours. Don’t you love it? I blew my nose and sneezed
and for four hours. How nice, (laughs) when that’s all it is. But you can take some herbs that will really knock a cold on the head. And if you got to Youtube,
Barbara and new poultices, in that lecture I give a
recipe for the flu bomb. Now the flu bomb contains
garlic, ginger, lemon, honey, eucalyptus oil and cayenne pepper. Got that? (laughs) And if you take that three times a day, your cold will not last very long. Did you know that on the packet
where the flu injections, holds the flu injections, it states that this will
not prevent the flu. So I do hope you don’t
have a flu injection. Because it does have mercury in it. And we don’t need to inject
these things into our body, because the body’s been
designed to heal itself. And it will heal itself if you
give it the right conditions. Are there any questions before we close? Yes. Have we got a microphone? A microphone, there’s one. – [Woman] Thank you, Barbara. I do have IBS, and when it
comes to seasoning the food, I noticed that in your
book you use Celtic salt. My kids and I use Himalayan salt and some savory yeast flakes, and maybe sometimes we use some stock. Do we need to use all that, or is just Celtic salt sufficient? – When I flavor foods
I use the Celtic salt. I don’t use any stock cubes
because I’ve yet to find stock cubes that don’t have
hydrogenated vegetable protein, or hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are other names for MSG. Do you know what they’re using for MS, a name they’re giving to MSG now? Natural flavor enhancer. (audience laughs) How scary is that? And I use fresh herbs. Grow your fresh thyme,
put them in just before you serve your meal they’re fantastic. I use good quality olive oils. And if I want a dish, maybe a
soup to have a bit more spark, I’ll dissolve a little bit
of miso into hot water, and that gives a richness to the soup. So use your fresh herbs, use your good quality salts and oils, and you will not need flavor enhancers. I never used yeast flakes,
because it is yeast. Any questions? Yeah. We’ll just follow, we’ll get to you. – [Dale] Hello Barbara, and I’d like to thank you for your talks. Dale is my name. I’ve spent 47 years in
horticultural agriculture. I’ve watched the breakdown
of a lot of our foods through our crops and all the rest. One of the key questions
that I would like to ask you though, however, is with regards to water. How would you, or what would
you suggest to the people here about how to purify their water? – How to purify your water. Do you know the chlorine can
be evaporated quite quickly by just, you know,
sitting it on the bench. In a few hours the chlorine is evaporated. It’s the fluoride that’s
the hardest to get out. And my husband has started
his own political party, it’s called the Involuntary
Medication Objectors party. Objecting against the
government forcing parents to vaccinate their children,
when it’s not proven that they prevent disease. But also objecting against
putting fluoride in the water. A whole town will object to it, and yet they’ll still put it in the water. And the fluoride in the water is toxic, and it only hardens the
outside of the teeth. So why do we have to drink it? And why do we have to bathe in it? You see, it defies reason. So how do you purify your water? A reverse osmosis is one process that will get the fluoride out. And they have developed
those filtering candles now, you know those little units you can put in those ceramic water filter things? And they have developed one now that will get the
fluoride out of the water. So you’ve just gotta investigate to make sure the water you’re
drinking is pure water. – [Dale] ‘Cause I know, sorry. Sorry, I know that they are suggesting to us to drink more tap. You know they’re at us all
the time with regards to that. But what I have found over the years, and particularly on our crops, we first started out with pretty
much chlorination of water, and I’ve always looked upon it, they say we shouldn’t
drink normal rain water because oh, that’s hard water. And I can see the effect that’s having not only on animals,
but also on us as well. But then they went and added the fluoride, just as you’re speaking of, and now they’re adding
ammonia and all that as well. And there is another one
that I have detected, that I haven’t been able, I
can never seem to remember it. But as I suggest to people, if it was me, I was brought up basically
on reservoir water, dam water, boiled in case of liver fluke or anything like that,
or some of the things that can get into dam water or even some of the
stream waters, depending. But yeah. – But can you see, that
if you drink rain water or dam water, and you’ve got
strong hydrochloric acid, that actually wipes it out. So we’re getting back to
making sure you’ve got good hydrochloric acid too. But I think the body can cope
better with microbes in water than it can cope with fluoride or ammonia or chlorine in water. So yes, it is a good point to make sure that you’re drinking pure water. Thank you. – [Woman] I just wanted the ingredients for the flu bomb again. – (laughs) Okay. It’s garlic, so it’s six things. Garlic, ginger, so those two go together, and then lemon and honey, and eucalyptus oil, but
remember only one drop of that. Not half a cup. And cayenne pepper, as
much as you can handle. And then you put that
with a little hot water. There’s the flu bomb. Yes? – [Man] Is yogurt good for you? – Is yogurt good for you? Yogurt is fantastic for you, but if it comes from unhealthy cows it’s not gonna be good for you. But you can get some very
nice coconut yogurts today. In fact, I’ve been having
some for breakfast every day. Very nice. Another question? Hold, we’ll come back. We’ve got a microphone. – [Man] For myself, personally, it’s been very exciting to come to one of these lectures with my brother. We’re very becoming
more and more conscious about what we’re eating at
home and that sort of thing. ‘Cause I suffer from diabetes,
I just wanted to ask you, we’ve got some stevia,
is that okay to use? – Stevia? – [Man] Yeah. – Yes. – [Man] And can I have it with my cereal? – Yes. – [Man] Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. ‘Cause I’m gonna try to
get off of refined sugars, no refined sugars, and
I’ve cut down on caffeine. – Fantastic. (laughing) Fantastic. There was another question there? – [Man] I had a question in regards to the circadian rhythms of the sun and what is it that determines
what’s the best bed time? Is it when the sun sets,
or is it when the sun rises first thing in the morning? – Light and dark signals are
fed through the optic nerve to a control center in the brain, where your body clock communicates. And your body clock is your
suprachiasmatic nucleus, you might know that, and that communicates with the pineal gland. So it’s the light and dark
signals that are resetting your circadian rhythm. And the figures are
showing that at 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., that’s when
the hormones are released that are responsible
for rest, rejuvenation, healing, house cleaning, anabolism, all of that’s happening in those hours. – [Man] And is it possible
to use the blue light from your phone to adjust
that time hour range to what best suites you? (Barbara laughing)
So, if you were to use the blue light on your
phone up until 9:00 p.m. and then you plan to go
to bed at 10:00 p.m., could you change that 9:00
p.m. being the best time to 10:00 p.m. being the best time? – Well, I’ve got some good news, in about two weeks it will be 10:00 p.m. (audience laughing) But the blue light from the sunlight is the main setter of
the circadian rhythm, and it is true that your
technology gives off blue light. But it’s a different frequency. And probably it’s its
most dangerous at night, because the body knows
it’s had the sunlight, and now it needs the night lights. So, nah, sorry, can’t play with that one. – [Man] (laughing) Thank you very much. – [Woman] Hi Barbara. If we’re going to attempt
to grow our own vegetables and if the soil is depleted of nutrients, if we wanted to add a more healthier soil or a compost that doesn’t
contain mushrooms, you talked about that
containing being a fungus. If you want to stay away from manures which are animal-based, what would you recommend?
– The animal manures aren’t a problem unless the
animals have been given drugs. But the wonderful thing about
the microbes in the soil is they can break all that down. And that’s why your
compost is so important. And there are companies that
will make compost for you. And you can actually buy the compost. But you can make your own compost, you just have to have a place
where you can actually put it. But it’s the microbes in the
soil that are transforming all those nutrients into
usable nutrients by the plants. So the key is the microbes,
the microbes in the soil. And that’s what the compost gives you. But every time you grow a
crop and you harvest it, you shouldn’t put another crop in until you feed that soil,
and the best is the compost. So all your manures should be composted, all your plants should be composted. – [Woman] Just in regards to that compost, with your compost bins,
should they be in the sun or the shade or a bit of both? – Oh, probably a bit of both, yeah. – [Man] Good day, Barbara. Bit nervous, but got a question. Being in Australia, it
is a meat eating country. A lot of cattle and sheep. And even New Zealand will be
a big meat eating country. What recommendation per
month should one eat? – Well, I’m a vegetarian
and I don’t eat meat, so I actually don’t advocate meat. But I do acknowledge that
some people wanna eat meat, and it is their choice to do that. But if they ask my advice,
it must be organic. Because the animals today,
they’re given so many drugs, I mean a lot of cows today,
they don’t even eat grass. And a lot of disease is
happening because of the meat. The only way a human being
can get away with eating meat and not be sick from it, is
to have a very small amount. In the book, The China
Study, Dr. Colin Campbell, he shows that he could
switch cancer on and off by the amount of meat and animal products he was giving those rats. So the only time that
the cancer didn’t turn on with animal products, was when
they ate 5% animal products, which is a very small amount. Okay, I’m given the sign that time is up. (gentle music)


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