EMF Radiation and Candida

September 4, 2019

Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thank you for coming back. We’re talking about EMF, electromagnetic fields,
and candida, so many people are worried, thinking that EMF actually can make candida far worse. In fact, I just read a study previously where
15 species of candida were cultivated, and basically what they did is they exposed this
to different types of antifungal drugs and also to electromagnetic radiation to see what
was going to happen. Well, it was interesting because in the first
week upon exposure to EMF, the different species of candida in fact found it much, much higher
to respond to the drug, so drugs didn’t work so much, antifungal medical drugs didn’t work
on candida much at all with the exposure to low levels of EMF, but in the second week
when the EMF continued on, the candida become far more susceptible to the pharmaceutical
agent than it did previously, and it died. It actually helped to kill a lot of these
fungus, so I’m not sure. I’m sure more research will come out in time
proving whether EMF actually makes candida worse or makes candida better or things like
that, but needless to say, if you can limit your exposure to EMF, it makes a lot of sense. I prefer in my house, for example, to have
all the computers and all the devices cord straight to the router. I’ve got a communications room downstairs,
it’s like spaghetti junction. There’s wires everywhere, but I’ve got cable
running through the wall. I’ve got six cables, so I’ve got no wifi in
the house. I prefer that cable things up, makes more
sense. Personally, I do use my mobile phone, like
everybody else but I talk on speakerphone. I don’t put phones up to my face. And I also don’t like to have a device up
to my face. I don’t really like looking at Ipads or devices
at all. I hate using computers, but I do use them
of course with the kind of work that I do. But you can limit your exposure to EMF, especially,
particularly with your mobile telephone. It’s a good idea to be very cautious. But the jury is still out on that one. So I am not sure, whether it is induced by
candida or reduced by … the candida is reduced by the EMF but there is certainly some affect
there. Thanks for the question.

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