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Emergency medicine in dental clinic |How to manage medical Emergencies in dental clinic??

February 29, 2020

In today’s video we’ll talk about Emergency Medicines in dental clinic as yo know by the thumbnail that if any medical emergency occurs in dental clinic so how to handle it ? how to be prepare for it ? for this video many viewers requested that make a video about emergency medicines that If we want to make a emergency kit so which medicines we can keep in that first of all , we have to remember one thing that which patient we are going to treat we have to do proper check-up, we have to take proper history of that patient If there is any medical history so we have to treat accordingly but even after the precautions if any medical emergency occurs so we have to prepare for that Don’t be hyper if medical emergency occurs If we already prepared for that so we can handle the situation so we’ll talk about it today and at the end of the video we’ll tell you about the medicines again so you can write it, if you want to so must watch the video till end before starting the video , If you are new on the channel if you are visiting the channel first time so please SUBSCRIBE the channel by clicking the red button below and click the bell-icon for the notifications of the new videos so let’s start now, I’m Dr. Harishankar Soni and you are watching ”Easy Dentistry” first let’s talk about that what kind of emergencies can be occur which medical emergencies can be occur then we’ll talk about the medicines so first is Asthmatic attack can happen problem of asthma can occur on the dental chair if we move further….. Anaphylactic reaction can be occur anaphylactic reactions can be occur, then convulsions can be occur and allergic reaction can be occur then myocardial infarction, angina can be occur these are some emergencies then syncope seen generally in the patients, syncope can be occur so these are some emergencies can be occur, so we have to prepare for it let’s talk about the medicine, that which medicines we can keep If we want to make a medical kit what we keep inside the medical emergency kit first of all we have to keep the bronchodilator we have to use bronchodilator for the asthmatic attack for this we use salbutamol we have to use salbutamol for this and which medicines I am telling you in these I’m not including the oxygen you can keep the oxygen also but if we talk generally so it might be not possible to keep oxygen kit in dental clinic oxygen is also used in the some emergencies we need it .. but we have to keep atleast these medicines which i ‘m telling .. so I ‘m not including but if you want to keep definitely you can keep it so you have to keep bronchodilator (salbutamol) for asthmatic attacks you have to keep inhaler in this let’s go ahead If any allergic reaction occurs If patient shows sudden allergic reaction so for this you have to keep the antihistamines In antihistamine you have to keep diphenyhydramine you can keep diphenhydramine into the kit Of any allergic emergency occurs so we’ll use diphenyhydramine in that let’s move ahead after this you have to keep epinephrine which is sympathomimetic If any anaphylactic reaction occurs so we have to use epinephrine(sympathomimetic) in that condition we also use it in the asthmatic attacks which unresponsive to the salbutamol If asthmatic attacks are not controlled through the salbutamol in that we will use sympathomimetics we’ll use epinephrine in that then one emergency can occur that is convulsions if convulsions occurs in patient during the procedure if any procedure going on and convulsions occurs at that moment in that condition we’ll use midazolam generally we used diazepam, you can also use the diazepam but we have to keep midazolam in the kit we’ll use midazolam when patients have prolonged seizures so you can use diazepam and midazolam after this let’s talk about heart related emergencies If anginal pain is there , if myocardial infarction occurs so what we can use ? so for this you have to keep aspirin in the emergency kit which is the antiplatelet drug so as antiplatelet drug you have to keep aspirin then for the angina and MI we used vasodilators.. you have to keep vasodilators in the emergency kit so as a vasodilator we will use nitroglycerine which is very commonly use that is nitroglycerine, you have to keep this we will give it by the sublingual route we’ll talk about the routes , brands in another video we understand medicine now so generally we give sublingually so we have to keep nitroglycerine which is vasodilator then again in the heart related emergencies.. in MI and angina we’ll also use morphine you have to keep morphine in the kit If patient is unresponsive to nitroglycerine if patient does not show any response to nitroglycerine then we’ll use morphine we’ll use morphine for relief from the anginal pain then let’s talk about commonly happen emergency that is syncope if patient went to the syncope during procedure for this, very common thing is this, you have to keep oral carbohydrates that is glucose, you can use it in the hypoglycemic conditions so keep oral carbohydrates, we’ll use it if hypoglycemic condition occurs in that we’ll talk in more details in another video but generally which we have to keep in the medical emergency kit so you can keep these medicines in that so I repeated it again , you can write it if you want to so generally this much medicines we have to keep in the medical emergency kit so you have to keep salbutamol in that bronchodilator salbutamol you have to keep inhaler you have to keep then diphenyhydramine you have to include in this then epinephrine you have to keep in the kit if we talk after the epinephrine so you have to keep midazolam ,diazepam let’s move ahead, you have to keep antiplatelet drug that is aspirin then you have to keep nitroglycerine then morphine and oral carbohydrates you have to keep so atleast this much emergency medicine we have to keep in the dental clinic and as I told you about the oxygen in the starting you can include it if you want to more medicines and things which we can keep in the emergency kit we’ll talk about it in future videos so that’s all for this video, if you found this video informative, helpful so must LIKE the video SHARE it with your friends and write in the comment section that which medicine we can include in this ? and if you are a practitioner, and you face the medical emergency during procedure so you can share your experience write it in the comment section and before going , must SUBSCRIBE the channel and click the bell-icon also now you can follow the Easy_Dentistry on the Facebook and Instagram will meet on next video soon , with another new topic Thank you friends


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