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Ellen Rewards a Mom Who Paid It Forward During the Holiday Season

December 23, 2019

Over the past week, this video
of a mom getting caught up in the holiday spirit has
been viewed more than 80 million times. If you haven’t seen this
yet, you’re welcome. I was trying to burn
some time at the Wawa And I read a little article. It was a Christmas article
about how everybody’s so generous over
the holidays and it makes everything so magical. So I’m in line at the Wawa. And this lady behind me
is buying her ginger ale. And so I’m like, are you
only buying ginger ale? And she’s like, yes, why? I was like, I’ve got you. I’m going to get
your ginger ale. It’s like, happy holidays! And we like– it was
a precious moment. So I walk outside. I’m still in this mindset that
the holidays are so magical. And I see this man. He is– I’m sorry. I see this man. He’s cleaning my windshield. And I’m convinced this
is the Christmas magic. And so I’m like, oh, gosh. I just love this time
of year, you know? So I walk up to this man. And I am like, this is my
favorite part of humanity! I love Christmas so much! Thank you for doing this! And I gave him a hug. And it wasn’t my car! [LAUGHTER] He was parked directly
in front of me! And he was cleaning
his own windshield! [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] From Fort Myers, Florida,
please welcome Mary Katherine Backstrom. Mary Katherine,
you’re marvelous. Oh, OK. Oh, my God. This is so fantastic. I mean, 80 million
people have enjoyed that. And even people
seeing this, it’s contagious just to watch you
laugh through that whole thing. OK, so you’re
hugging a stranger. Ellen. I’m sorry. Hold on. OK, sorry. I love you so much. Thank you. OK. I just had to tell you. Because I know you’re going
to probably ask me a question. But I just have to tell
you, I love you so much. All right, I love you, too. I love you, too. Thank you. All right. I love you because–
you don’t even know– I mean, the fact
that you were going to hug a man because he was
cleaning your windshield was sweet. Then you hugged a man who’s
cleaning his own windshield. Which is sweet. But you’ve done so
many other things. This is who Mary Katherine is. She helped a waitress
get her car fixed. She paid the bills of her
friends on social media. You donated your
kidney to your uncle when he needed a transplant. [APPLAUSE] So even though you don’t
have a lot of money, whenever you have
any extra money, you find a way to
pay it forward. That’s amazing. That’s really– Thank you. And so you’re laughing
at yourself because you– so that’s why you decided
to just film yourself? OK, I was just really
feeling the holiday spirit. Yes. I was filled with the spirit. We saw that. And I went to the gas station. Because that seemed
like a good place to go. And I was filled
with the spirit. So I went and got my Coke. And I bought that lady her– You got a Coke? [LAUGHTER] With nugget ice. Oh, good. I was like, well, I’m going
to tell the whole world about this. So I did. Right, right, well, you
didn’t know the whole world was going to enjoy it so much. I don’t know who you
thought you were telling. But it spread like crazy. Honestly, just my
mom and friends I did not anticipate that. Yeah, I love that,
first of all, he sees you hug him,
get in your car, and pull over two
spaces to film yourself. Anyway, now he knows
the whole story. All right, well, my friends
add Honey Nut Cheerios always say doing good makes
the heart feel good. And I agree so we want
to give you $20,000. [APPLAUSE] What? What? What? Thank you! Thank you! We’ll be back!

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