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Ellen Meets Viral Pregnancy Test Couple Jahann & Charles Stewart

December 19, 2019

When our next
guest found out she was pregnant with
her fourth child, she thought it would be funny to
record her husband’s reaction. The video has now been viewed
over 105 million times. Let’s see how loud
he’s about to be. Babe, do me a favor. Hand me my tea right
there on the thing. I forgot it– I’m sorry. My bad, my bad. Where my tea at? [LAUGHING] I’m leaving! [LAUGHING] Did I get it from where? Did you get it
from a joke store? Did you get it
from a joke store? No. Baby, we old. We old. We cannot be doing it. I’m sleeping with
long-johns on from now on. What you mean, what we going do? We going do the same thing
we did for the last three. Oh, baby. Just– oh, Lord, diapers. Oh, my side! Oh, no, my side hurts! From Dallas, Texas,
please welcome Jahann and Charles Stewart! First of all, you’re
from my hometown. You’re from New Orleans. Yes. Yes, yes. [CHEERING] Yup. Yeah! Born and raised, both of us. Born and raised in New Orleans. I was in the military. I did a tour in Iraq. I decided to get out
in 2000– thank you. [APPLAUSE] Add. Came home in 2004, purchased
our first home January 2005, and, of course, Katrina
happened in August 2005. Yeah, and then we
moved to Dallas. So you lost your home? Yes, ma’am. So you moved to Dallas? Yes. OK. You have three kids– four kids? Almost. This is baby number four. This is going to be four. So you have three kids, and you
decided– why did you think, I mean, what did you
think he was going to do? He’s hilarious. He’s hilarious with everything. So my thing was, nobody got
to even see my reaction. Because my reaction
was crazy too because I’m in the
bathtub by myself. But I call my best
friend, and she’s like, whatever you do,
you have to record it, because she knows
that he’s crazy. He just does crazy things. So I’m like, I’ll record it. So I did that. And then, hence, the
reason you got the video. Yeah. Because it blew up. 100– over 100 million views. And we never expected
that because we only did it just for
family and friends, because they know how he acts. Right. So that turned into
it going viral. And then that turned
into us doing a YouTube channel and everything else. It just turned into
something so big. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Yes, it is! That part’s fantastic, and then
this part here is a surprise. Were you trying to– were you trying to have a kid? Well, I’m– I’m old. So I figured– So you say that. –my soldiers wasn’t
marching any more so I– I had no idea I can do that. Your soldiers marched. Yes, they did, they did. They marched. They marched right on in. They invaded the territory. [LAUGHTER] So you thought she
was pranking you? Yes. Because she told me she
was going to get me back. All right, well, she– she didn’t. She– this is a
big joke to play. Yes, yes. She’s going really far into it. How far along are you? I am 33 weeks, and I am
due November the 2nd. Oh. Yes. [APPLAUSE] All right. We’re back with Jahann
and Charles Stewart who are having a baby, and
it was quite a surprise to Charles, anyway. Yes. So, and it’s a boy, you say? Yes, it’s a boy. We have two girls
and a boy, and this is going to be boy number two. Two boys, two girls. Yes. That’s great. You have a name picked out? Where we’re fighting
on a name right now. What would you want? I want to name him Colston. Cols– from the Saints? Yes! Yes. Marques Colston, the
greatest wide receiver ever from New Orleans Saints. Yes. And then, you know– And the Saints. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who do you want? I want his name to be Cairo. Cairo? It’s meaningful. Yes, it means victorious one. Well, that’s good too. Yeah. And Colston was victorious
a lot of times too, so. Yes. [LAUGHTER] What about Haha? I think that Haha– every time I hear
Haha Clinton Dix. Yeah, that’s right. Haha. I love that name. Haha. All right, so you obviously
you weren’t expecting this. So you probably need
all kinds of things, like you– do you
have a nursery ready? Do you have everything? No, we’re actually starting
over after six years. The youngest one is six. So we had a garage sale, got
rid of all kinds of stuff, and it was a girl– And then she decides
to get pregnant. Yeah. We sold everything
in the garage sale– She decided to get pregnant. Yes. It was all her. You had nothing to do with it? No, no. All right. Well, here’s the thing. I want to surprise–
because everybody gets to do that, obviously,
I don’t know how to surprise somebody with a
pregnancy test, so I want to see if I can surprise
you all with a pregnancy test. I don’t know if you
can read that, but just try to read that. God! No! Ooh! Ooh! (CRYING) Oh my God. Oh my God. No! Are you serious? Shutterfly’s making this
their share life story. They want to help you
prepare for your new baby with this check for $20,000. Are you serious? [APPLAUSE] (CRYING) You are amazing! And we’ll be back with Penelope
Cruz and Carrie Underwood. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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