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Ellen Has a Big Surprise for Viral McDonald’s Pranksters

December 7, 2019

If you watch my show, you
know that I love pranks. I like scaring people,
and I like making celebrities wear an ear piece. And I tell them to say things. And they can only do
whatever I tell them to do. I love hiding Andy’s
phone and watching him have a panic attack. And anyway, I know a great
prank when I see one. And recently, I saw this tweet. These two friends made a
huge poster of themselves. Hung it up at at a McDonald’s. And it stayed up there in the
restaurant for two months. McDonald’s had no idea until
their tweet went viral. And I saw that. And I was like,
that’s a good prank. Bring them to me. So please welcome
Jevh and Christian. First of all, congratulations. Thank you. It’s such an honor. That you got away with this. [LAUGHTER] It’s crazy, trying to say. It is crazy. So how did you come
up with this idea? Oh well, Christian and I we
actually go to that McDonald’s pretty often. And we sit in front of the
wall where the picture’s at. And we sit there pretty often. And we look up, and
it’s this blank wall. Yeah. So it’s kind of like inviting
us to put something on it. [LAUGHTER] We looked around. And we saw these other
posters on there. And we saw that there’s
different ethnicities. And we saw that they’re all
these people having fun. So we decide to represent
ourselves as Asians to be up there as well. So we decided to
put it ourselves. And he always basically– I play tricks with my friends
a lot, so this is crazy. Yeah. He always gets crazy
ideas like that. So you had to make
the whole thing. You had to have it made. Yes, that’s correct. OK. And let’s talk about how
you went about doing this. All right, so you took pictures. Yeah, we went to our
neighborhood event center. We bought our own McDonald’s
food to take the picture from. And we wanted to make sure
that it was like a stock image. Like it looked legit. Yeah. And so we set up a tripod in
front of our event center– neighborhood event center. And then we walked 10 feet away. We take pictures. And then we look back
to see if it was good. And we kept doing it. I mean, this cost
you some money. Yeah. All right. So then, you’re putting it in. And you had to make it look
like other posters, right? That’s correct. Right. And then you had to– how did you put it up? You had to put fake
McDonald’s uniforms on. So that’s pretty funny, Ellen. We went to– I went to a
neighborhood– or a Goodwill nearby with my friend. And he suggested I
should go get a uniform, so I could dress the part. And I went back home. We edited a fake badge. I throw in a tie. Well, wait. They just have McDonald’s
uniforms for sale anywhere? Yeah, in Goodwill. It was weird. It was the first
location we went to. And it was the right
size for me too. So it was meant to be. [LAUGHTER] It sure was. It was calling him. Yeah, it was legit calling me. And we went back to my house. We made a fake badge. Regional Interior Coordinator. Yeah, I’ve made that up. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know– Is that a position? It should be now. It should be now. It sounds pretty real. You already have a badge. Maybe that’s what
you could be there. OK. So then let’s show it going up. Because you had
to sneak this up. And so the whole– the
restaurant’s open, obviously. You walk in there with
this giant poster. Nobody’s asking any questions. Nope. All right. And then you were
careful, because you put a certain kind
of double stick on it so you wouldn’t
damage the wall. Yeah, we put
adhesives in the back. Because if it was to
get caught, then we didn’t want to make any trouble
and have them take it down if they want to. And make no damage to
McDonald’s whatsoever. Right. Because then that would
have been vandalism. Yeah. I don’t want to be accused
for something like that. No. So you just– all you
did was put a poster up. And it was up. You must have been so nervous. Yeah we were really nervous. Not as nervous as
we are right now. Yeah. We were lucky, because there’s
security cameras that are facing different directions. But that wall, in particular,
there was no security cameras. Conveniently. No one cares about
that wall anyway. There were no security
cameras protecting it. And it needed something. It was an empty wall. Yeah. And now, do you still go
back to that McDonald’s. And did people recognize
you, like you’re models or something? When I first went there,
I went with my mom. And I was scared that the
employee would notice me. So I told my mom to go run
over there and order for me, while I hide in the
corner or something. Hide in a booth. Your mother knew you did this? Yeah, she did. [LAUGHTER] She was not for it at first. But then whenever
I told her about it and when the poster came– I didn’t tell her I bought
it and shipped it over. But when it came to my
house, and she saw in person, she couldn’t help but
laugh with my dad. First of all, I can’t
believe no one noticed that, and it stayed up for two months. And then, have you
heard from McDonald’s? Yes, actually. Me and my friends visited
that McDonald’s location. And we decided to eat. And then, they called us. It was about a week ago. And they talked about– as soon as they called–
it was Chris Stanley. He works for corporate. He called me. And as soon as he
answered– or I answered, I asked him if I was
going to get in trouble. Because I didn’t
know if I was or not. And I wanted to
make sure I wasn’t. And he said that I wasn’t. So that’s all that matters. [LAUGHTER] And when he told
me, I was like– because there was
an event, right? Yeah. There is an event
that was planned. And he invited both
of us to go over to the event at the location. At that restaurant. Yeah. And when he told me, I was
like, maybe this is a trap. And maybe cops are
going to be there. There’s going to be handcuffs. [LAUGHTER] But no. The event was actually a
great thing to happened. They invited us
to go over there. They’re going to actually
take down the poster. But they’re going to renovate
their whole restaurant. The renovation was planned
months before the poster. Before this whole idea came up. To show much more
diversity, which is– this is what you brought
to their attention. And Crazy Rich Asians was a
really big influence on me. It really pushed me over. Because I watched the
movie three times. It’s insane. So we wanted to be like
crazy middle class. [LAUGHTER] That’s the next movie. Crazy Middle-Class Asians. We’re the stars. Or maybe lower middle class. [APPLAUSE] All right. I have a couple of
surprises for you. We, first of all– here’s our billboard outside. This is me. And then we did this. [LAUGHTER] We’re loving it. So second, I want you to try
to sneak this into another McDonald’s. Ooh! This is some fan art. A viewer named Tom sent
this to me over the summer. And I shouldn’t keep
this for myself. This should go somewhere else. So you’re going to sneak
that into a McDonald’s. All right? And finally, McDonald’s
loves customers like you. And they’re committed
to diversity and want to represent
all their customers, so they’re going to use the two
of you in a marketing campaign. And since– [APPLAUSE] Are you sure? This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. Not only that, but since
you’re in a campaign, they need to pay you, right? So you’re each getting
a check for $25,000. Ooh! [APPLAUSE]

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