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Elisha London: Preventing the mental health epidemic

December 23, 2019

My name’s Elisha London, and I’m the CEO of United
for Global Mental Health. Mental health really is
one of the defining issues for our time. We all have mental health, sometimes it’s good and
sometimes not so good. But for those that are really struggling, it’s a major issue. So depression alone will
be the leading cause of disease by 2030. Every 40 seconds a person
takes their life by suicide. Poor mental health
especially affects the young, so around 70% of mental health conditions are expected to begin under the age of 24. It particularly affects young people in so much as suicide, it is the leading cause of death for young women, teenage women and the second leading cause of death for 15 to 30-year olds. It’s a truly global issue, and when it comes to the
treatment of these issues, all countries are really
developing countries. There’s a really long way to go to make sure that
everyone gets the support that they need when they need it. The biggest gaps are in
lower middle-income countries where around 75% of conditions occur, but treatment caps can be up to about 90%. Right along that continuum, from prevention to treatment and recovery there needs to be a focus. There’s been an increasing awareness of the importance of mental health and an increase in conversation from local country levels
through to the global, and what we really need to do now is translate this conversation,
continue this conversation and then translate it into action. There’s an opportunity in the coming year, in the coming years, to put this at the top of the global agenda, and for citizens to call
on their governments and call on their leaders
to really come together and address this at the
level that’s required. So we’re looking forward
to seeing leaders step up, heads of private sector organizations, heads of government, media, individuals, to really start addressing this issue at the scale as needed. (compelling tones)

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