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ELFT Video News #1 (Staff Flu Campaign Update, New Staff Network, 50% Discount Rail Offer)

February 6, 2020

Hello and welcome to the very first
edition of ELFT video news We will bring you a selection of news and events
concerning ELFT for the past week This means information about recent
campaigns, events, projects and other things that you need to know First up is the ELFT Staff Flu Campaign Recently a league table was published that rates directorates based on the greatest increase in flu uptake during the past
month Overall Tower Hamlet’s Community Health Services are in the lead with 68% of their staff vaccinated you can read the full story
and watch the flu video by visiting our intranet In other news we are proud to announce that ELFT has a new staff network called the Intergenerational Network The network aims to provide support for staff and advise on the trust in terms of developing policies, practices and promote favorable working experiences for employees of all ages to learn more about the network please visit the intranet and do complete their feedback questionnaire And finally when it comes to travel there’s great news for our staff working in Bedfordshire and Luton ELFT has struck a deal with Thameslink Govia for staff to obtain a season ticket at a discount rate of 50% All the information you need to take advantage of this offer can be found on the intranet And that’s it! Thank you for watching and
we’ll see you again next week

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