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January 30, 2020

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – (FBE) So today
there is no laptop in front of you. – Right. – That’s quite all right. I’m always good with a little change. – It always gets me a little worried (laughing) ’cause who knows
what they’re going to do now. – (FBE) Because today we want
to talk to you about something that was trending recently. Do you know what it means
when something is trending? – Uh, yes, I have an idea. If something’s a trend,
a lot of people are doing it. – It’s being talked about
by a lot of people or watched. – A lot of people are searching it and they’re looking into it
and they’re seeing what it’s about. – Lots of people are interested in it. I’ve heard of things
going viral, like, in minutes. – (FBE) So when things
trend on social media, it means that a lot of people
are posting about it and a few weeks ago
the word “McChicken” started to trend. (chuckling) – Mc– McChicken?
Ah, no, I missed that one. – Maybe it’s because of McDonald’s. (laughs) – (FBE) Any guesses as to why? – Maybe a new menu item
dealing with McNuggets or McDonald’s. – They must have a sandwich
that they’re selling at McDonald’s. I haven’t been there for quite a while. – They discovered that
there’s 70 zillion calories in it, that they need to cut back
on the calories. – (Finebros) Well, #McChicken
is a Twitter hashtag that became popular due to the fact
that it was referring to a video. – Oh. That might be scary. – (FBE) Okay, so there’s
no clean way of putting this: it is a video of a man essentially
having sex with a McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s.
– (boisterous laughter) Oh my god. – (laughing) Okay. I’m not a man, but I don’t think
it would feel very good. – I can’t imagine a man
having sex with a sandwich. – That’s like American Pie. Whenever it comes to food and sex,
it just doesn’t hit me right. – That sounds like it could be fun. It looks like someone
is using his imagination. – I studied, when I was in law enforcement,
deviant sexual behaviors. It’s part of becoming
a sex crimes investigator. So I’ve heard about people having sex
with a lot of different stuff, but I’ve never heard about that one. – (FBE) So the video started
being shared more and more online, and when people saw
that the hashtag was trending, they would go find the video,
they’d watch the video, then they would instantly regret
watching the video, but they would still feel the need
to post about it to their followers. – I’m sure. (laughs) – Oh no. That’s just mean. – That’s pretty sad
that they have nothing else to do. – I think it’s distasteful. There’s more interesting things
that you can put out. Something that can feed the mind,
and the heart, and the emotions, instead of just silly stuff. – We taste spoiled milk and then you say,
“Oh god, this tastes horrible. Here, taste it.” You know, and they just pass it on.
It’s the same kind of thing. – They just want other peoples’ opinion,
if they’re the same feeling as they do. Sometimes I do that too. If I regret watching a video
about animals getting hurt, then I post it. – (FBE) When it blew up,
people on social media were just posting about this non-stop,
and we’ve got a few of those posts to show you now.
– Oh dear. – “I was wondering
why #McChicken is trending. Found out really quick.” (laughs) – (laughing) I would
probably react the same way. – His face says it all. He’s saying, “Disgusting!” – “Me: I wonder why #McChicken
is trending on Twitter.” Holy water and (chuckles) eye drops. (laughs) – Holy water. That’s great. – She needs to cleanse her eyes. – That’s a good reaction. Clean it out of your system. – “I’m supposed to do what with this?” (cracking up) – He doesn’t know what to do?
Yes, questioning. Eat it. That’s all. – “Selling #McChicken lub–” (laughing) So you can use it while
you have sex with the sandwich. – Oh my goodness! How gross! – I don’t know what “HMU” is. – I’m not sure what “HMU” is. – Seth Rogen says, “I really hope
that Sausage Party in no way inspired
the #McChicken thing.” (laughing) That’s a good point.
It might just have. – There was a lot of food sex
going on in that movie. So it’s possible, I guess. – Somebody watched Sausage Party
and decided that they would really do it. – (FBE chuckles) – With their sausage. Okay. – Sausage Party was clean compared
to having sex with a chicken sandwich. – (FBE) Well, finally, today
we do have the video with us. – We’re not going to watch it? After all this talk,
I don’t want to see it! – Does that mean I get to see it? Hopefully, I’ll understand
what all the craziness is about. – My god. (laughing)
That I want to see. – (FBE) We’re not going
to show it to the audience, so nobody is gonna watch it
except for you if you want to watch it. – (snorts)
– (FBE) So it is your call. It’s a graphic video.
– Oh no. (laughing) I’ll pass on it. I’ll pass on it.
I really don’t need to see that. – (FBE) Do you want to see it?
– Yeah. – I’m curious now. I’m one of the curious ones. – I’m looking forward to it. I’m over 21, so I think I can take it. – It won’t be the first time
I’ve seen something very graphic. – I’ll look at it, of course,
because I’m a dirty person. – Oh my god! (laughing) – Who is this–? Oh shoot! – (disgusted) Oh. Mm-hmm. – (giggling) That’s it? – That’s a pretty sturdy bun too.
I tell you (laughing). That’s a lot of friction. – Ah, I don’t want to– (laughing). Oh my god! He’s using it to M. To M, you know, M-A-S–
I don’t even want to say the word. – I’m done. (laughing) It’s porno! – It’s a good thing you’re
not showing this to the public because now I’m embarrassed
that I’m watching it. – I’ve never seen somebody
have sex with a sandwich. And I’ve lived a long time. – For me, it’s like a sin. It’s not normal! – It’s a waste of bread
and a waste of chicken. – Have you got any
of that holy water? (chuckles) I gotta splash my whole face. – I don’t understand
what’s going on in the world. I’ll stay in my own secluded
sheltered little thing and watch Masterpiece Theatre. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Elders React. – Like what you saw? I didn’t, but hit that subscribe button. – Let us know in the comments
which viral trend we should react to next. – (laughing) Thanks for watching.
I’m gonna go wash my eyes out. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪


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