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EIC Prize: Early Warning for Epidemics

March 2, 2020

Our environment and health
are tied to many factors, including climate change
and population growth. Every year, more than
1 billion people suffer from vector-borne
diseases such as malaria, dengue
or yellow fever. To avoid these diseases
spreading experts are turning to the sea, the sky,
the land and to citizens. They believe Earth observation
information can help to predict, monitor and mitigate
disease outbreaks. Combined with health data, we can understand
the drivers of vector-borne diseases, leading to better outbreak
management. So, what if there was an integrated
system enabling us to do all that? Sign up now for
the EIC challenge. The EU is awarding
€5 million for a proven prototype using
Earth observation data. Because the future matters,
and it begins now.

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