EFT/ Tapping.DIY simple quick way to HEAL

September 6, 2019

Hi its leda lum’s apotheca and I want to share
with you something called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT or Tapping its also called.
I really believe in it, its kind of a non needle emotional form of acupuncture. Kind
of. You can pretty much try it on anything. your tapping on points on your face, meridian
points and relieving yourself of almost anything. this stuff is working on post traumatic stress
for verterans. its working on people with these life long illnesses that cant seem to
work it out. its worked on a lot of people. there is a lot on line. im going to link a
kind of educational video that Gary Craig, who is somebody who is pivotal in sort of
expanding awareness of emotional freedom technique, down below. But ive used it for lots of things.
things like a line in my forehead right here. ive used it for more emotional trauma or if
something is aggravating me or procrastination. ive used it on a lot of things. the tricky
part is remembering to use it when your in a bind. thats the hardest part. but you can
also use it on like childhood trauma or anything really. you can kind of go through the process,
which is very quick. under two minutes. im going to show you it now. you basically can
use it for anything so. even like. i got to pee! and im in traffic! you know. thats going
to be my example actually. there is a set up phrase that your tapping on this line in
between your pinky and you ring finger. or you can massage right under the collar bones.
sort of this. youll find it, its kind of tender maybe. two fingers in and down. thats my favorite
spot is to rub that place because it just feels like its more affective to me. you can
also. oh its not there. sorry. its right on the side of your hand, where i guess meridian
points reside. so the set up phrase, you say it three times. which is: even though i blank,
i deeply and completely love and except myself. which even just saying that for some people
is like a whole emotional bag there. but that is what it is. so you say that three times,
you tap here. Even though I have to pee right now really bad and im in traffic, i deeply
and completely love and except myself. or right here. even though i really have to pee
and im stuck here. i love and except myself. even though i have to pee so dang bad, i love
and except myself. i choose to except this and move on. thats the set up phrase. and
even just doing these without even having something. even tapping the spots if you.
i think what is this T 7, i dont know what that is but. even just tapping these if your
feeling funky or your like agitated or you have a cold or something. that really helps,
just tapping these spots. Hocus Pocus I know but, try it and maybe youll see. so there
my set up points, i have to pee. and then the first. so thats the set up phrase. and
then you go through a little sandwich, you go through this process tapping down your
face. and then you tap right here which is the meat if you will of our little sandwich.
while you do a little eye movement, a sort of brain reprograming and then you tap down
your face again. ok. let me just explain the spots. theres one right at the beginning of
your eyebrow. you just tap there lightly. outside of the eyebrow. under the eye. you
kind of just tap around the bones on your face. under your nose. under your lips, on
your chin. and then collar bones. and then there are some additional ones that i like
to add. crossing over which affects your brain right under your boobs on your ribs and then
on the side of your ribs on the bra line if you will imagine you have a bra. and then
you right here tap the gamet point, thats what they call this little divot right here.
and then you roll your eyes around in a circle both directions, trying to get all the way
all the spots, all the numbers around the clock. then you go on a diagonal and then
you hum any tune like happy birthday. hmmm. for two seconds, count for five backwards.
i like to count backwards. 5,4,3,2,1. then hum again. hmmmm. then you tap back down the
points. and just doing that without anything in mind, i already feel my energy uplift.
i mean i believe maybe that you know everything is connected. so even if your tapping out
some emotional thing thats its, your emotional body affects your physical body. and that
seems reasonable. right everything is effected. so the subtle energy lines, your meridian
lines are going to affect you in a lot of ways. so i already feel my energy up lift.
im going to just do it straight through. while your doing the tap down and your eye movements
your thinking, i got to pee, i got to pee. or whatever the ailment is. you know your
seeing your molester when you were a kid, your car accident. you know. the more visual,
you know when your thinking back to your trauma, the more visual the image, i think the more
effective this is. that usually happens with trauma you just remember a particular image.
alright, ok so. Even though i really have to pee right now, im stuck in traffic i love
and except myself. even though i really really have to pee, i love and except myself. even
though i have to pee so bad and i cant get out of my car, i love and except myself any
way. i got to pee so bad. i have to pee and my bladder going to burst! i have to pee.
i have to pee, what am i going to do. i got to pee so bad. i have to pee, i have to pee,
i have to pee. and then the gamet point, i have to pee so bad. diagonals. hmmmmm. 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
hmmmmm. usually around this time you feel a shift. i have to pee so bad. i have to pee
pee pee. i have to pee i have to pee pee pee. i have to pee pee pee. well, i definitely
dont have to pee , thats for sure. my energies already shifted i feel like. this is lovely.
so then check back and see, and its good to rate like i had to pee 1-10, i got to pee
so bads its like a 10. and then after you do the little sandwich: the set up phrase,
the tap down, the gamet point, and the tap down. you check in with your ailment and see.
rate it so that you can feel some measurable results and not just be like, i dont now.
its nice, measurable results are neat. yea so when i tried that with my furrow line here,
i could feel the tension and i could feel it kind of whoosh, release after i did the
gamet. which was neat. um but yea ive tried this with friends that were having problems
in their life. ive tried it with stupid things like i have to pee pee and its worth a shot.
im going to put some links of some other videos. its just a really nice way to handle it. Oh!
once i remember i was in a car reck and my boyfriend at the time was being a dick. and
i dont know he was not comforting at all and i didnt know what to do, and i just went away
and i just tapped. because i just had this trauma. i just had this trauma and it really
helped calm me down and my partner wasnt helping and i just tapped, i just tapped. that was
the one time that i actually remembered to do my tapping while i was in traumatic situation
before it could really take hold in my cells. so i want to share that with you. i hope that
you enjoy it and look up some videos on youtube, there is lots of people who go through processes
like any ailments. like eating sugar too much or most anything. headaches, insomnia etc.
check it out

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