Eden Energy Medicine for Relieving Head Tension with Titanya Dahlin

March 11, 2020

Hi my name is Titanya Dahlin. I’m Donna
Eden’s daughter and this is your Wednesday energy minute. Our skull has
suture lines in it and they are meant to breathe but through tension in our lives
our heads can get tight, causing us to have headaches memory loss, and so much
more. In this exercise I am going to share with you today brings up the cerebral
spinal fluid up your spine and oxygen allowing your head to breathe a little
bit more it is also good for preventing head injuries and concussions in
football players and this is how you do it. Take one hand and put it at the
center of your chest and the other hand on the side of your head above your ears. You’re going to breathe in and out and then you are going to put on the
forehead and again three or four really deep breaths then you’re going to switch
your hands put the other one on the center of your chest and other side of
your head three or four times and the last one goes on the back of your head
where your head curves and again for three three and four times. That’s all
you have to do. From the wooden shoe tulip festival in Woodburn Oregon which
blooms every year from March to May until next week bye bye

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