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Ecuador Medicine Journey Video 5-San Pedro, Sexual Expression and Energy.

December 9, 2019

Maurice so last night was
closing ayahuasca and the night before that or day before
that I guess my sanding Ella taxes I’m really exhausted be like
maybe three hours every night been going on for 2
weaks now so im just utterly exhausted
hungry and worn out despite all that I feel
amazing so the San Pedro
yes super strong like
but um I spent a lot of time running around
barefoot in the jungle by myself acting like an animal
it was really fun I felt so connected I felt so primal and
I had a really good time since crawling around and climbing on rocks and smelling things
feeling like an animal and really so C clean
like rounding the way um
something that came up for me Zoe’s in a waterfall ceremony
floral faster as well in the Stampede and basically
all the women bowl of flowers and petals and we went
down to the waterfalls down the waterfall and paste ourselves
in metals and dozens cleanse ourselves with the waterfall
water and it was really beautiful and it was so amazing
such a vibrant feminine coming from all the women
watching him adorn their bodies and
really powerful and
brought up a lot of us insights to answer questions and
evaluations regarding
sexuality and precious no when you’re working with the medicine any sort of sexual sex and masturbation the pocket is slightly easier river
it’s been a little challenging for me because
I realize that I am a very sexual express
and I found myself feeling like almost like I was bursting sexual and your
but I wasn’t allowed to like Carrie and Ali wasn’t so Prius
really embrace that here and I decided to like look at that why do I feel such a strong desire to
express myself in a sexual way even if it’s erotic dancers the ceiling
sexy wearing a beautiful dress or whatever I was asking myself why
why did I feel like that was such an important
I wanted to see if that was out of some sort of peace
praising for sexual validation or some desperation for attention or
whatever and um
I thought about it again last night when I could see I walked up and
that I seem to was that my desires to express my sexual energy were actually
not a result of legitimacy for sexual validation I
honestly a very powerful sexual energies and it’s
an integral part of my self expression in my life and it’s a gift that I give
to a lot of people exactly like my sexual essence and Emilio expressing in
the end cultivating this divine sensual feminine energies and I
like to really share that with people in a way that is love and passion and
expression is beauty and I realize how much of that I was flunking
out into the world I’m very happy about I feel like I contribu a lot people lies
in sharing this sensual expression of love with the world
and it just made me realize how powerful
I’m able to generate that energy and really what I was praising while here is
for somebody to receive that energy from me as a gift kinda like I feel like I’ve
been like a little bit of a platter that’s cool and I would really like to
move that energy our to continue to circulate it yeah that’s right because
it it reassures me that my strong guidance is a key it’s nice out of security it’s out of your Divine
Feminine channels smell
um yeah I think I lost the last night again
pretty much has been ruminating over the same sort of beams and thoughts and
feelings that I have sinned other ceremonies
and yeah overall I’m feeling over well
we’ll see vadas love but it’s three
every night I saw seeker in love with myself and the universe and its amazing
planet and with everybody in our group we have a really amazing group here and
everybody’s really showed off and and dedicated
they’re feeling process and their self roll really amazing to
everyone else and I I feel almost sick in
why how much love I’m being exposed to
I mean I almost like vomiting it’s like I’m overdosing on joy and love and it’s
very intense like I have to breathe through it sometimes I’m just like in
his perpetual state of bliss and love and acceptance and with his lands and with
and with myself and I almost so know how to cope with it
hopefully I can saying that here divine full love and bring it back
home with me and insurance and inspire people every every ceremony at the end we go
around and hug each other individually there’s about 25 30 years and I think it’s my favorite part of the
whole ceremony because we Hagen it’s like every one of the hugs
that we give is long and raw and vulnerable and so cure and it’s amazing
to feel your soul sing Cox and harmonized somebody else’s is to have
your breathing come together and really to steal this vibrations
ricocheting off of each other and amplifying or euphoria and I feel like I
can really these people by hugging me
and they’re loving embrace so powerful and
and I really cherish using everybody a hug at the end of this yeah so tomorrow will be the end of the
retreat then I’m doing the after program which is like another five days so we’re
traveling away from this place not even sure where the hell we’re going on
asleep allianz that we’re staying with some more families in there
and we will be doing another for ceremonies I believe not since I
watched us there’s a smaller group
so I’ll continue however you want it let you know how that goes no girl all I am
just feeling so grateful grateful for grateful for medicine
grateful for the people i’m here with and grateful for the entire world
and for all of you that are watching and supporting me and find this interesting
enough speed to follow I’m very grateful
so thank you so very much I’ll continue to update you
on my spiritual

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    cool! i have strong feeling i will come to the same conclusions about my sexual energy in my upcoming trip

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