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Easy French Tip Nails, Check it out!

November 4, 2019

Good morning! Today we’re going to be doing french tips on our nails! This is just a really simple way to do French tips I usually have short short nails So we’re going to exaggerate the little tip a little bit on the nails, and you’ll see what it looks like This is our White Art Deco by L.A. Colors And we’re just going to paint a little stripe I’ve cut off half of the brush, half of the Bristles. I’m just going to paint a line across the tip of our finger [yeah] For short nails like mine it helps to make the tip bigger than your actual tip. As it grows out it will look great! Okay, now you’ve got a really simple French Tip. Hey Guys! I hope you like the French Tip tutorial, I know it’s really short But it’s pretty easy design and it makes your nails look really pretty! Remember, you’re beautiful, you’re loved and your wonderful! I hope you guys have a great March and and we’ll talk to you soon! Thanks guys! Bye! Ok, Today I’m just go… hmm… badaladaladaladalaaaa lovely…. (Whistling…) ok 🙂 OOPS!!!!!

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