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EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

August 24, 2019

– One more time, oh my good, can we just? Chloe just made the breakfast tostada. Okay, now is it focusing? Guys. Oh thanks, Chlo. Thanks, thanks, I’m just
going to eat this now. Oh, chitty bang, chitty bang, mmm. I taught you well, girl. (guitar pop music) Hey health nuts, it’s Nicole
from Health Nut Nutrition, and welcome back to my channel. Now if you guys have been
following me for a while, you know that my favorite
meal of the day is breakfast, and how I’m always talking
about why it’s so important to start your day with
something nutritious that’s going to really set the
tone for the rest of the day. Now, I get it, you guys
are busy, a lot of times, people just don’t know
what to make in the morning when they’re rushing out
the door, so they end up just, like, having coffee
and a bagel and that’s it. So today I’ve partnered
up with Bob’s Red Mill, they’re actually sponsoring this video, and they’ve been, like,
in my pantry ever since I was growing up, really,
and they’re so popular, I mean, everyone probably
knows who they are, you can find them at
almost every grocery store, and they’re helping me
make these four delicious breakfast recipes because
they happen to carry a lot of breakfast items. They actually carry a whole
range of different products, anything from gluten-free
to paleo to vegan, you name it, they have a product. So I’m really excited
to share with you guys these four amazing recipes. So the four recipes we’re making today are my breakfast tostadas,
my DIY breakfast cereal, raspberry and almond butter chia toast, and then last but not least,
my five-ingredient pancakes that are so easy and, yes, you can totally have pancakes during
busy weekday mornings. So let’s just hop right in,
and I will share with you guys how easy these are to whip up. Breakfast number one is going to be my five-ingredient pancakes. So for this, we’re going
to use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free rolled oats. So I’m going to take these rolled oats and place them into a little
blender or food processor, and I’m going to show you how easy it is to make your own homemade oat flour. You don’t need to go to any
fancy health food stores to find it, just make it at home. So I portioned out some into a blender, I’m going to blitz it up, and
just until it kind of comes to a fine oat flour texture,
then you know you’re good, because these are pancakes,
you don’t have to be too picky, just until you get a fine mill, like this, you’re good to go. In a bowl, I’m going to
take a nice and ripe banana. You want to use a spotty
banana when it comes to anything that has to do
with baking or sweets, cause you’re really going
to get those nice sugars from the fruit, and I’m
mashing everything really good until it almost looks like applesauce. (pop music) Crack in an egg, vanilla
extract, sea salt, and your oat flour. And then all you have
to do is mix everything until you get a nice,
smooth, thick batter. And this is the texture
you should be going for. On a large, flat, non-stick
skillet, you’re going to heat it up with a little
bit of coconut oil spray. And once your pan is
nice and hot and ready, go ahead and scoop on your pancake batter. Cook it for a couple of minutes per side, and you’re ready to transfer and plate. This recipe makes three
medium pancakes, which I feel like is a perfect serving
size, but feel free to double or triple this recipe. I’m adding on some banana
slices, you can also use fruit, sunflower seeds for some crunch, and then a good drizzle
of some pure maple syrup. I mean these pancakes are worthy
of a Sunday morning brunch, but you can also enjoy
them Monday to Friday during a busy week morning. Easy, peasy, five-ingredient
pancakes ready in a pinch. Breakfast number two, we’re
making my breakfast tostadas. Now for this, we’re going
to use Bob’s Red Mill nutritional yeast, basically
like a cheesy-flavored non-activated yeast,
and it sounds a bit odd, but I promise it’s so good. So on a large non-stick
skillet, again, we’re going to heat it up with some coconut oil spray. Cook one egg sunny-side up, and then lay down a
white corn soft tortilla and cook for about a minute
on one side, and then flip it, and then on the other side,
we’re going to spread on some refried beans, you
can find these in the can, they’re super-accessible
at every grocery store, and they’re going to
add some extra protein and creaminess to this dish. So this is where the
nutritional yeast comes in, we’re going to take a
little bit and spread it on over the top, top it with
your sunny-side up egg, and transfer it to a plate. I love to plate mine with a
couple of slices of avocado and a spoon of salsa. This is great if you love a
more savory-style breakfast. This would also be a great
lunch with maybe a side salad. And when you crack open the yolk on top, everything just gets
super gooey and delicious, and it just acts as like a sauce to tie the whole thing together. For breakfast number three, we are making a raspberry almond butter chia toast. For this, we’re using
Bob’s Red Mill chia seeds. They’re like a superpower
seed that are super-versatile in so many dishes. So I’m going to toast up a couple slices of multigrain bread. Slather on a good helping of
some creamy almond butter. Oh, and before I forget,
Bob’s Red Mill also gave me a coupon code for you to
use on your next purchase. I will have the coupon
code linked down below in the info box. Sprinkle on some fresh raspberries, and then taking your chia seeds, which, don’t these look like mini dinosaur eggs? I always think about that when I use them. You’re going to sprinkle some
over the top of the toast. This is going to add some
extra fiber, protein, omega-3s, and a nice little
crunch to your toast. Totally optional, you
can drizzle on some honey just to finish it up. And this is what it should look like. Super-simple, but so good. Think of this as the adult version of peanut butter and jelly toast. Last but not least, we’re
making a DIY healthy cereal. For this, we’re going to
use Bob’s Red Mill muesli, which is basically toasted
up oats and dried fruit all mixed together. Okay, so this is what I like to do. In a large container, you
can pre-mix your cereal so you don’t have to
do this every morning. I’m mixing together some puffed quinoa, puffed kamut, and then the muesli. This is what it looks like up close. You can see it’s kind
of a mixture of the oats and seeds and dried fruit. I really love the texture and heartiness it adds to the cereal. Pop the lid on and give it a good shake, just to kind of combine
everything together. And then you have a healthy
cereal you can feel good about you eating or your
kids enjoying for breakfast, and it’s full of some awesome nutrients. And when you’re ready to eat breakfast, all you have to do is pour some in a bowl, add some fresh fruit, I’m
using strawberries today, and then pour on your milk. I’m using coconut milk,
but any milk will work. And, optional, you can add
honey or coconut sugar on top. My strawberries were super sweet and ripe, so I just left it as is,
but it’s so delicious and way better for you than
any of that boxed sugary stuff you find in the aisles of a grocery store. Doesn’t it just look really pretty too? I love all the textures
of the different grains. Four five-minute breakfast
ideas are going to fill you up and fuel you for the day. Alright, there you have
it, four easy and yummy breakfast options all under five minutes. I mean, the pancakes I
think you have to speed up a little bit, but you get
it, they’re all pretty easy and simple to make, and
I would say even faster than stopping at the
coffee shop on your way to work or school. I will have all four recipes linked below in the info box if you want
the exact measurements, as well as a 20% off coupon code for Bob’s Red Mill products, which expires at the end of the month,
so that will be down below. And yeah, I would also love to know, what are some of your
go-to, quick and easy breakfast recipes? Leave a comment down below, cause I need, I also have busy mornings,
and I definitely need more suggestions. So leave those down below, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe,
hit that red Subscribe button wherever it is, and be sure to
give this video a thumbs-up. I post on my channel two
to three times a week, so lots more delicious recipes
and healthy lifestyle videos coming your way, and I will
see you guys in my next one. Bye, guys! I totally forgot to eat the pancake. Mmm, breakfast in bed. I’m like actually in bed
right now, so this is quite appropriate. Cheers! Do a test run. Hey health nuts, welcome
back to my channel. I hope you guys are having a fabulous day. Today I’m sharing with you guys not one, not two, not three, but four easy breakfast recipes.
– Don’t say that! – Why? (mumbling) You don’t like that?
– No. (pop music)


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