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Early Symptoms Of HIV In Women You Must Know

August 17, 2019

Today We will talk about Early Signs Of HIV
In Women. Before we Begin Please subscribe our channel
so you wont miss the next great videos from us. HIV infection and AIDS has been declared an
epidemic since 1981. According to the World Health Organization,
47% of HIV infected adults are women. Although it affects more men than women, the
risk of women getting HIV will increase if the current rate of HIV infection cases continues
to escalate. In this video, you will learn what the early
signs of HIV in women are and other facts you may want to know about HIV and AIDS. How HIV works Let us first talk about HIV before proceeding
to the common signs of HIV in its early stages. The lentivirus named Human Immunodeficiency
Virus (HIV) can be transmitted from one person to another through the bodily fluids of an
already infected person. Bodily fluids include blood, breast milk,
semen and vaginal fluids. This is why those who are sexually active
should not consider unprotected sex. Blood transfusion is another major agent of
HIV transmission along with the use of infected syringes or needles. Lastly, infected mothers can transfer HIV
to their baby during pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. What the HIV virus does to your health is
that it weakens the immune system. HIV attacks the white blood cells which protect
the human body from foreign organisms. The longer you are infected the less effective
your immune system will be. AIDS is the stage where HIV infection is no
longer controllable. At this stage, the body will suffer from various
health complications simply because the body can no longer protect itself. HIV can remain dormant in the host for up
to 7-10 years; although some people experience the early signs of HIV infection as early
as two weeks after infection. Early Signs of HIV in Women It is important for women to know about the
early signs and symptoms of HIV infection because early diagnosis can increase life
expectancy of the infected patient. Healthcare specialists have developed treatments
and therapies that are more effective if HIV infection is detected early enough. In the US, the Department of Health and Human
Services Minority AIDS Initiative are working hand in hand with the government in order
to help prevent women from getting HIV infection; initiatives such as demonstrating projects
on women’s social networks, conducting outreach and testing programs and providing funds for
prevention programs for the local health departments and community based organizations. It has been shown that women tend to neglect
their health because of work, household chores or prioritizing children and is the main reason
why women are diagnosed with the infection at a later stage. Knowing the early signs of HIV for women is
a way of preventing the infection from getting worse. Listed below are the signs and symptoms of
HIV, for both men and women, which may occur as early as two weeks after infection: Cough
Diarrhoea Dizziness and fatigue
Fever Night sweats
Muscle and joint pain Persistent skin conditions Meanwhile, here are the common early signs
of HIV in Women: Anorexia
Delirium Depression
Loss of concentration or forgetfulness Body fat changes
Anxiety Yeast infection
Weight loss Difficulty in breathing Note that not all women who have HIV infection
experience all, some, or one of the signs and symptoms of HIV as stated above. It is on a case by case basis and every woman
is different from another. It is also worth noting that women who are
HIV infected may find themselves suffering from abnormal menstrual cycles along with
the previously enumerated early signs of HIV in Women. Abnormal menstrual cycles may begin with one
or more missed periods with a worsening over time until the woman is unable to have her
period at all. According to research, cancer and heart disease,
developed because of AIDS, are the two main reasons why women die of a serious HIV infection. It is not known exactly when the early signs
of HIV in women will appear. As mentioned earlier, some people experience
these symptoms earlier as compared to others. Not all infected individuals suffer from the
early signs of HIV either. It is best to consult a doctor immediately
after experiencing one of the early signs of HIV in women or for both genders. The doctor will let you undergo a test that
will confirm whether or not you are indeed infected with HIV.


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