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Early Signs of HIV in Men: What Symptoms Should You Look out For?

August 14, 2019

Early Signs of HIV in Men: What Symptoms Should
You Look out For? Among the most challenging life decisions
is taking the bold walk to the VCT. In as much as our morals and the media portray it
to be a simple trip to your nearest health center, the reality on the ground is entirely
different. Fortunately, health professionals have come up with a combination of some possible
early signs of HIV that men can check on for peace of mind.
The mention of the word AIDS sends shivers across everyone’s spine. Although there
is much more information about care now than there was a few years back, people are still
scared about the disease. A visit to the test clinics is evidence enough that people worry
about their condition. That relief on your face when the results turn negative is one
to live for. A positive result, unfortunately, may be disappointing and heartbreaking. However,
it would be better if you are aware in advance so that you can begin taking the necessary
medical steps and continue living your dreams. With the right information, you can still
live your life, and achieve your ambitious goals by doting yourself to take care of your
health. All in all, you can always get to know your status by looking out for several
general signs. Early Signs of HIV in Male: Common Signs to Look Out For There are general
signs of HIV on male individuals that should not be ignored when it comes to suspecting
HIV infection. Here are some of the most common ones that should get you tested in case of
any suspicions. Fever Fatigue and headache Swollen lymph nodes, achy muscles, and joint
pains Skin rash Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting Sore throat and dry cough Night sweats
Signs of HIV in Men: Clear Signs of Infection Early detection of the HIV is essential as
you will begin the treatment process early. It is important to look out for specific general
signs of HIV in a male individual. However, you need to understand that the symptoms of
the virus manifest differently in different people. Research has shown that no two individuals
will exhibit identical signs as the levels and severity will differ. Even so, the signs
of HIV for males are generally manifest in the following three categories: 1. Acute illness
This is the stage where people who have contracted the virus go through flu-like symptoms. It
may take about two to four weeks. During this stage, they may experience some common symptoms
such as severe headaches, fever, and sore throat as well as body rash. Some of the less
common symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, genital
and mouth ulcers, night sweats and nausea. In case you experience these symptoms and
are suspecting yourself, then visiting a testing center is the best thing to do. 2. Symptomatic
period This is referred to the replication stage. Here the virus multiplies inside the
body. No real symptoms are seen at this stage. The virus, however, remains active even if
someone does not literally fall sick. Transmitting the virus to someone else at this stage is
easy. 3. Advanced infection This is the last stage
often known as AIDS. At this stage, the body’s immune system is completely broken down, making
a person easily susceptible to opportunistic diseases. The body, thus, fails to fight even
the simplest conditions that it would have fought off easily. Most of the common signs
of HIV infection in males at this stage include: Nausea Persistent diarrhea Vomiting Coughing
and shortness of breath Fever and recurring chills Prolonged swelling lymph nodes Neurological
disorders accompanied by memory loss and confusion Rapid weight loss Before you begin looking
for information on the early symptoms of HIV, you may have engaged in risky behavior that
may lead to contracting the deadly virus. If this is the case, it may be important to
just visit the nearest VCT and get the test done. It is even more prudent that you get
tested if you have an active sexual life with casual partners.
Most importantly, HIV can be managed. If you discover that you are positive, do not lose
hope or regret taking the test. Early testing translates to better care and prolonged quality


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    Early Signs of HIV in Men: What Symptoms Should You Look out For?

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    I had a soar throat and a cough for 2 days after 2 weeks n 2 days and then it went away in a few days but since its pretty cold and its been 6 weeks since i still get a cough sometimes but nithing else but i dont have a soar throat could this mean hiv

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    Por favor no tome en serio este vídeo. Es un video que desinforma, infunde miedo, y estigmatiza a las personas con HIV. Videos como este no deberían ser publicados. You can find an accurate information in CDC website (Center for Diseases Control).

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    Its good to be able to spot early signs but you also have carriers that show no signs 😕🤔

  • Reply Ruthie Monroig May 23, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    I know this sounds harsh but I will assume everyone has one thing or the other till I am proven wrong 😕🤔

  • Reply chijioke okafor June 1, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    condom is not even safe enough so by God's let's abstain OK I think that will help

  • Reply Jon Jonas June 2, 2019 at 6:43 am

    The first sign of HIV is when sick men have men and men relationships with men this caused aids to begin

  • Reply Jon Jonas June 2, 2019 at 6:44 am

    Another reason is when a sick man likes men this will give him HIV and then this turns into aids

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    If only we could wake up one day to the news of a cure, otherwise the only process to stay safe for now is abstinence, followed by finding the right partner, get tested together twice in six months, then stay faithful!

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    An incurable, permanent disease that will require a cocktail of expensive daily medication, and always having the possibility that your HIV could mutate and render your medication useless, but still you make it sound like people are irrational for being scared of it. You should be scared of it. Not just because of the stigma, but because it's going to be life-changing. You'll always be fighting it. Every single day until you die.

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