October 15, 2019

hi everybody my name is Rhys Barber I’m the audiologist here at audiology associates we upload new ear wax removal videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday At 9 p.m. UK time so please consider subscribing hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much for watching our ear wax removal compilation video today so we’ve got three patients in this video first patients come through with reduced hearing on one side I’ve been using a lot of olive oil in here just to try and clear this blockage but as you can see it’s really deep so sitting just in front of the eardrum so what we’re doing here is just clearing the outer part of the ear canal first just taking some of this soft and loose debris away here you can see a pool of olive oil they’re just sitting at the base of that block of ear wax so we’re just gonna try and grab this bit in a second and take this off the drum he’s actually stuck to the drum here we are it’s got wedged eight it’s a little bit harder on the outside edges there we go lovely and you can see the ear drum there looking nice and healthy so this is what we removed you can see it’s quite a large piece considering the ear drums only about a centimetre across it’s just under a centimetre there so quite a bit quite a bit of an issue as far as the hearing was concerned for that patient so this is the second patient in our compilation so you can see we’ve got some very dry very dry ear wax here so we’ve got the standard size on the tube in here just trying to break some of this ear wax down patients we are having a little bit of irritation in their ears and some reduced hearing as well you can see you got very soft kind of tacky ear wax here this patient does have quite a substantial tremor affecting one side of their body so if you see the camera moving quite a bit is because the patient was actually tremor in quite a lot and the tremor got worse obviously with the more noise in the ear canal so you’ll have to bear with this when it’s worth watching this one to the end so at the moment we’re just trying to manoeuvre the ear wax away from the ear canal walls we’ve got to be a little obviously a little bit more careful than we normally would be just because of that tremor we don’t really want to be kind of digging around too much in here I don’t to work too close to the ear canal walls either because it’s you know with it with the kind of involuntary tremor that we’ve got going on it can dig into the ear canal wall if you’re using tools very close to it so I’m trying to do as little of that as possible you can see we just try and stick it as much as I possibly can here just to remove this outer section there we are we’ve managed to pull it into a nice central piece so it means I can work on the centre of this ear wax you can just see we’re just starting to get a little bit of movement there we go is on its way you can see it’s gs kind of sticking the tremor again a little bit worse there’s obviously where I’ve moved this ear wax now the patient can hear the sound of the microsuction a little bit more which is just causing that tremor just to just a kick in just a little bit more so anyway I just put in the top section don’t know so we’ve got the you can see the darker coloured ear wax behind it now we’re going up and down the ere we go now we’ve got the movement to it so we took it away you can see that piece a what I look in here now though we can actually see spores from a fungal infection in here so you can see lots of little yellow dots so these are all the spores there now if the patient didn’t have the tremor then I would go in and try and remove some of these but because of the quite substantial tremor the patient has it means it’s very difficult to have been very dangerous for me to do that so we’ve sent the patient away to get some anti-fungal drops to pop into those ears and we’re going to check him over again then in a bit of weeks time just to just to make sure everything’s ok for him from that point so just removing some of the harder pieces of ear wax here and there in the second ear canal here we aren’t all staying together quite nicely quite dried up bits of ear wax and a little bit of dry skin in here as well just working our way very slowly we’ve got to be very careful at this point because obviously we don’t want to get too close to this here drum with the tremor there as well so we’re gonna stay away from the ear wax and draw it to us there we are that got it away from the ear drum now so we can then take it out more safely a little bit of dry ear wax there in the Attic the top portion of the ear canal this will just take that away then we don’t stay together quite nicely and a little tiny bit to the right side so we’re gonna stay just above it so don’t touch that ear canal wall or there’s one last piece I’m gonna put the very fine end on here and just stay away from this we very gently we are luckily the tremor wasn’t too bad at that point so we could get it out so this is what we removed you can actually see the spores there to the right-hand side of the larger chunk at the base end there so hopefully the patient comes back for a follow-up we’ll take a look at his is the economic sure everything’s all cleared up this is the last patient now in the compilation gent must come through more of an irritation and a hearing loss there in the ear canal we can see we’ve got some quite large chunks of dry ear wax there some standard sized donor to bone him first as always we try and clear what’s on the ear canal walls as much as we can you’ll see just how tough this ear wax is really hardened up there on the pole quite hard to take this away from the ear canal wall they just manage to get a grip there we go just taking that section away and then we’ll work on the next section at the base of the ear canal here we go if you are enjoying the videos guys and you don’t mind liking if you can share it if you do and if you haven’t checked our Facebook channel page oh I’m sorry already have a look over there are some videos you don’t see on YouTube as well so we can get this larger piece now off the left hand ear canal wall this is actually quite a long piece of ear wax so I’m going to use the crocodile forceps just to grab I the side of this angular section at the front it’s difficult sometimes to get the angle you need with a crocodile for sets because you imagine we’ve got the endoscope which is like a long thin tube just inside the ear and you’re trying to work around that with the tool so sometimes we can’t always get the angle we require we can most other times sometimes we just can’t quite get the angle we need so managed to get the ear wax move to the outer part of the ear canal so we’ve got a gap at the top we can get behind it now with the Jobson horn just manoeuvring this last piece of ear wax out here there it is it’s completely just a tough and hardened up and dried up this last piece of ear wax is just getting trying to get fight it through those hairs on the other part the ear canal yeah you can see we got a little bit of dry ear wax the right side there so we’re just gonna take that away and you go especially a layer of dry skin so break that off there we are I’m just going to Hoover up any debris there we go all looking nice and healthy so this is the other yeah you can we can see the eardrums through the gap here lots of dry pieces overlapping one another here so let’s just grab one of these and take the other way you can see where this is hardened it’s hardened quite solidly onto the onto the actual ear canal walls so microsuction is struggling to get a good enough grip because it’s so hard the microsuction doesn’t always grip quite as well to the heart of ear wax you want a slightly soft edge to it so it can almost bite in just ever so slightly so this is the Jobson horn so we’re just rolling this now down the ear canal you can see a poll quite hot there we go quite hard on it to get it out we’ve got some dry ear waxing skin at the base of the ear canal now so we’ll just get behind some of this there we are I apologise well for not being able to comment as much as I normally do on the videos I know I said in a few videos earlier we’re still looking for somebody to come and join us here at audiology associates so it just means I don’t have a great deal of time so I’m concentrating more on getting the videos out I will comment when I can guys I promise that I do read every single one because I get a little time you comment on my phone so I get to see every time but if you can keep the comments up I do enjoy reading them and as always guys do and just thank you so much for sticking with the channel at this time I know it’s I don’t get to talk to you as much as I’d like to but we just cost rating other videos at the moment and then we are looking nice and healthy so this is what we removed you can see quite large dry pieces there and some dry skin and the same there in inches you very much more snow veneer today if you did enjoy the video then please like if you’d not subscribe to idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys until the next time take care

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