March 13, 2020

Are you a COVERT or OVERT Narcissist? TEST

overt narcissist This test is not a clinical test, but a first tool to get closer to the knowledge of your partner’s possible ailment.
The premise is that you have already outlined his narcissistic nature but it is not clear to you if he is a covert or overt narcissist. Proceed in the answers to the following questions by marking the relative points of each answer to the 9 questions and adding the results of each question. Then at the end of the questions see the results based on the score scored.

Here are the questions. 1) Does he predispose himself to immediately enter into intimacy with you by leveraging his intimate stories?
a) Yes
b) Not really, but try to make me talk a) 0
b) 5 2) Does he tell you about his unfortunate life in love and in the family? a) That’s right
b) Not really a) 0
b) 5 3) Easily draw attention to yourself and manage to lead the party atmosphere by talking to everyone and telling about yourself?

a) Not really
b) That’s right a) 2
b) 8

4) Does he appear shy and vulnerable and in need of you?

a) That’s right
b) Absolutely not a) 2
b) 7 5) Do you recognize its narcissistic nature or do you not discuss the possibility?
a) It seems so
b) Not really a) 2
b) 4 6) From the beginning, do you have to work hard to carry on the relationship?
a) It is so
b) No, he did everything at the beginning a) 0
b) 9 7) Does he react instinctively to your attacks or does he make you ‘pay’ for your unconscious criticisms in an indirect way?
a) Acts instinctively and impulsively if you feel impressed
b) He does not usually react immediately but ties it to his finger forever a) 10
b) 4 8) Are you hypercritical with others?
a) Very
b) Sometimes

a) 3
b) 5 9) Do you look after your external appearance impeccably and always?
a) Definitely
b) Not always

a) 2

From 0 to 13 points

There is no evidence of narcissism

From 13 to 33

It has several components of the covert narcissist and may be

From 33 to 58

Most likely he is an

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