Dust pollution raises flu infection rates

December 27, 2019

South Korea is expecting a gray
Christmas with fine dust pollution affecting air quality in many parts of
the country tomorrow a recent study shows that high levels of fine dust to
make people more vulnerable to the flu Sir John Young reports in the second
week of December for every 1,000 people had been to a hospital or clinic as an
outpatient 28.5 were suspected of having the flu that was a three and a half fold
increased from a month earlier I had some phlegm in my throat I started to
cough and I had a high fever the increase in the number of flu cases is
related to the recent bad air quality according to a study by a South Korean
medical researchers higher levels of fine dust causes the infection rate of
six out of seven respiratory related viruses to rise it has an especially
strong effect on the influenza virus the infection rate of the influenza virus
increased more than any other virus when there were high concentration so find us
for two or three weeks the researchers say fine dust makes it easier for the
virus to penetrate the epithelial cells that cover the surface of the body it
also makes it harder for the body to fight infections with the same virus you
are more exposed to illness because fine dust weakens your immune system experts
say it is important to prevent infection by washing one’s hands and body after
going out when the fine dust levels are high and because fine dust levels are
expected to rise during the holiday season they say it’s also important to
avoid crowded places where the virus spreads Choi dong-hoon Arirang news

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