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Drs. Rx: Lower Your Risk of Contracting Pneumonia

November 26, 2019

– Do you want to know
a way to dramatically reduce your risk of getting pneumonia? – [Audience] Yes. – Take a trip to the dentist. A new study by Virginia
Commonwealth University found that people who
don’t visit the dentist for preventative care have
an 86 percent greater risk of getting a bacterial pneumonia than those who visit two
or more times per year. They looked at these health records of more than 26,000 people nationwide. These regular dental
cleanings and check ups, what they do is they reduce
the risk of bacterial pneumonia by reducing the amount of
harmful bacteria in your mouth that could potentially migrate, get into your lungs, and look, for most people you
know luckily pneumonia’s not an every day occurrence. But for people who are
more at risk for pneumonia, life-threatening pneumonia this, it’s an interesting finding not that I’m not that surprised by it because we’ve seen a
connection between gum disease. – Heart disease. – Yeah and so- – Throat. – Right, strokes. – So just one more reason to have preventative dental cleanings. – Yeah, there’s definitely
a correlation there. Good oral hygiene and general health. – Did you all have a good time today? We’re so glad you could be with us. Thanks so much for watching at home. If you missed anything, hit
us up at Thank you all so much.

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