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Dr. Phil And Susan Constantine Discuss Planting A Mind Virus And Other Interrogation Techniques

December 20, 2019

Because it’s easier to release some of that stress and that guilt, ’cause I’m just gonna give you niblets of truth within that lie. Do you find it effective to plant a mind virus with someone? I want people to be sure and not confuse this with bluffing, because if you bluff, and you get caught, you lose power in the interview. Yeah.
But… If you ask someone, like OJ. If you say to OJ, is there any reason someone would have told me they saw you in that neighborhood last night? Yeah. You’re not saying someone did. You’re saying is there any reason somebody would have told me they saw you there last night? That’s what I call planting a mind virus. Because we think at 1250 words a minute. We speak at 125 words a minute. If he wasn’t there, he should give you a no immediately. That’s true. But if he has to stop and think who could have saw me? Let’s see, I didn’t see any cars, I don’t remember anybody. No, nobody should have. If he has to take five seconds to think that, and you’re thinking at 1250 words a minute. Mm hm. Then in five seconds, you can go through 20 or 30 words to describe, to yourself, possibilities, why do you have to turn that over in your head and repeat the question back to me twice before you answer. Stalling.
You know you weren’t there. Unless you know you were. Right. You know, I read investigative, interrogative, there’s an organization that teaches, which I’ve taken several of their courses about theming and storytelling, and we make them think that we know more than what we actually do. For example, you’ll come into a room and you’ve got a stack of books there, and might have CDs and all kinds of tapes and things. You just put your hand on it, just anchor it, and automatically the person’s thinking oh my God they’ve got a bunch of stuff on me. So for example is we want to minimize what they’ve done. For example, I know you’re not a bad guy. You seem like you’re a really good guy. A stand up citizen, you take good care of your family, you’ve paid your rent every single month, I just can’t imagine why you would do something. Why do you think that Betty would make that accusation? Well, maybe because… I needed a little extra money, or whatever. So you needed a little extra money. So then you can start playing off on their words. You start using their own words, what they say, minimal encouragers to get them going, so you get people to talk long enough, they will always hang themselves. So most people can only pay attention to what they’re saying or how they’re presenting themselves. It’s either their presentation or what they’re saying. They will only focus on one or the other, but they will completely forget other parts of it. And that’s what we find in some of these criminals, they think that they’re so good at fooling us. They’re gonna trip up in one or the two.

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