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Dr. Paul Interviews Alumni Ramila Padiachy – Quantum University

August 15, 2019

– Welcome to Conscious Momentum and this week we have
Doctor Ramila from Canada, Ottawa, the capital of Canada. – That’s right. – And she’s Doctor of Natural Medicine. She’s one of our student
now for many years and she has a very,
very, very special story and she’s someone that’s
so many skill and gifts. She’s the author of this
book, The Belly of the Beast and it’s about the gut. And we know today that the… Microbiome is a such a
trend and a hot subject. And also, you know, her story’s also part of this syndrome of Yeast Syndrome. – That’s right. – And that was also when myself in Canada was doing a lot of
client with this problem. So but, let’s talk about, you know, how you get to natural medicine
through your personal story. – Okay. – And this has define also, the reason why you became a student and… – Exactly. So, we emigrated from South Africa and I had these health
problems for 15 years. So I would get yeast
infections, bladder infections, and all the time I would
be put on antibiotics. And as we know, antibiotics
kill all the good flora. – Absolutely.
– And from there, I developed a skin condition
called dermographism. And so when we came to Canada, my background is chemistry
and I had to, of course, go back to school, like we all know. And so, you know, I was praying to God and saying, God, you brought
us here with three children. What do I do? And the little voice,
God’s voice, said to me, I need to help people and
I need to work with people. And that began, you know,
that’s how my story began. And once I started doing school and I started with my nutrition course, and knew what the root
cause of my problem was, within six weeks I was symptom free. And I had this condition for 15 years. – Incredible.
– So for me, I put everything, my passion, I found what my Why
was, what my purpose is. God brought me to Canada, to
the cold Canada, for a purpose. And that was to heal myself. – I like very much your story. First of all, you know,
we have many student coming at the university
because they either went through health
problems, some even cancer. – Right. – And, or a member of the family. I think myself, you know,
one major motivation I went to medical school was my brother, – Your brother.
– Dying at 17 years old of a skull, cancer of skull, osteosarcoma. So, and this is the story
of many of our student. So they are in the search,
they solve their problem and then of course they
have this major interest to come to natural medicine. And the other characteristic in your story is also the fact that, you
know, you were immigrant. You know, you came in Canada starting from zero.
– Zero. – From ground zero and then you have… You have established
this fantastic practice. And I’m speaking about,
you know, your many skills. So today you are an author, you
have this flourishing clinic and you also participating
to this Ottawa network TV. – Yes.
– As a contributor to a. And it’s fantastic. – So my level of commitment
to empower people is so huge that I continued studying and I’m so passionate about studying. And then I ran into your university and it was another aspect for
me to learn to empower people. So, you know, sometimes you
do things in your practice and you get to a certain stage and you can’t take the person forward. And this, with Quantum University, it helps me to take them forward. The other aspect, what I
love about the Quantum, it’s all about consciousness. It’s about spirituality,
bringing all of this together. That’s what holistic health is. We’re not like medical doctors, someone comes in with a symptom. Here you go, here’s a vitamin,
here’s a herb, and that’s it. That’s not what we are. We are transforming people. And Quantum University helps us do that. It takes us to another level and you see a lot of practitioners
in the holistic field, they still working like medical doctors. – This is one of my favorite subject, this is what I’m saying, I lecture about, this is like, you’re
practicing in a holistic way, it’s not coming from… A linear model like conventional medicine, and now you instead to
work with medication, work with vitamin, it’s more than that. You need, you define it so well, you know, you need this kind
of consciousness approach, that you start to understand
what is holistic first and also the way to recenter the relation, you now, to this notion of entanglement. Because, you know, with consciousness, we realize that, you know,
everything is interconnected and the relationship change a lot as well as the way to
look at the individual from not only a materialistic
linear point of view, but more multi dimensional. – Absolutely, and I love
how Dr. Goswami says, you know, it’s an entangled hierarchy. The healer and the healee
gets healed at the same time. – Beautiful. – So, we’re not sitting back
and creating a, you know, a wall between us and
the client or patient, here we are one because we are healing, as much as we are giving,
we are healing as well. And I love that concept. – It’s beautiful. And you’re doing a lot
also with the kinesiology, the quantum aspect also give a perspective to understand better how
work kinesiology for you? – Absolutely, so one of
the things, you know, in my modality that I use and I’ve really, really
mastered it, is kinesiology. And I use that as a tool in my practice. And, you know, quantum
physics has taught me, or given me more insight to
understand how kinesiology works and you know, we all know of
maybe people don’t even realize that we are all connected, non-locally. And that’s part of
quantum physics as well. – Absolutely.
– You know, we think about someone and
then they suddenly call and you know, people understand that. But they don’t realize that that is because we’re all connected non-locally. And this is the science
behind quantum physics. And this is what brings it
out and that’s why I just love every aspect of it.
– I think you should join the, the teacher faculty. (laughs) And you are also very active in your field and I think you have participate to the… TV network where you’re living in Ottawa? – Right, yes, and I have been, you know, active on television as well. I do believe that
education empowers people. And so, you know, I use
very simple techniques and I speak very simply that even a young person can understand. If a child watches my
segment, they would know. And you know, with The Belly of the Beast, that’s how I wrote the book. I didn’t put a lot of science behind it because people who want
to do more research can go and do it, you know. And I had a patient
from the U.S. actually, that came to Ottawa and she’s 12 years old and her mom said to her,
while they were in Ottawa for the week, she said
if you read the book, I’m gonna quiz you and if
you get the answers right, I’m gonna give you $100. – Oh boy. – And she did and the mom
quizzed her right in my office and she had all the answers correct. And at that moment, I knew that the book was exactly what I wanted it to be. – Good. – Yeah. – So you’re an author, you’re
participating to your… In Ottawa, to your broadcast TV. And you have a flourishing
clinic, you know, this is, you have how many years, you know, 20 years or more? – More than 20 years.
– From when, because one of the question
that most of the time people come when they knock at the door, the Quantum University, is what the Doctor of Natural Medicine do? And today, you know, when
people start a career, or they start a university curriculum, they want to know the after, you know, what are you doing after? Will I be able to, you
know, support my family? And I think you are very special now that you can really
speak about the fact that you start from the ground and you build up this flourishing clinic and you’re doing very well, you know, as again, a doctor, an
author, and you know, a TV star, and also your
clinic is flourishing, right? – Yes, we have a very flourishing clinic. I do, I have a lot of people, actually that come from the U.S. to our clinic. – Wow.
– They fly in, they stay for the entire week
and get treatments with us. You know, considering
that we are immigrants, there was a point in our
life, just after we came, two years into us being in Canada, we we’re surviving on $100
a week for five of us. I have three children.
– Wow, wow. – And, you know, today we
live quite an affluent life. And all of that came from the clinic. – And you travel also, a lot. – We travel a lot. We have three children,
all three of our children have two degrees, under and post grad. And we’ve helped them with all of that. So not only did we put them university, we travel, we do live an affluent life and that was all done through the clinic. There was no other income. So for anyone out there thinking
how am I going to do this, just know if your passion is there and you have your Why, you
will attract the people and the people that are
meant for you to come will come to you. So study through the
university, it’s incredible. And the way you empower people,
there’s no price to that. – Thank you very much, Dr. Ramila. – Thank you, Dr. Drouin.
– And you’re welcome in 2020, to our congress. – Absolutely, I’m looking forward to that. – Thank you. (mystical chiming)

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