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Dr. Michael Mosier, Burn Treatment & Surgery

October 19, 2019

– So my name is Michael Mosier, I’m a surgeon here at The Oregon Clinic and the Oregon Burn Center. – I knew from a very early time that I wanted to be a doctor and that there were a lot of things that I enjoyed or could imagine doing. But I also felt a calling to be a healer or to want to help people, and to make some kind of
positive impact on society. So I know that early on
in high school at least I decided that that’s what I wanted to do, as to the particulars
of what kind of doctor and what that was gonna look like, that was still an evolution. Burns is unique in that there’s an ability to work with kids and adults, in so many areas of medicine
you don’t have that. And then it can be a variety
of different things too, from the very sick person who’s got a devastating burn injury, to someone with a smaller injury but it may be functionally very important. And then the kind of creativity of reconstruction that often occurs. So it satisfies a lot of
different positive things. I’ve gone on missions to both Peru and Zambia in Africa, you know it’s so nice and so reaffirming and positive
to be able to just not worry about anything other than how could I make a positive imact in someone else’s life. So if not here not working, I’d say majority of my time right now is centered around our two little girls. We’ve got two toddlers so life is kinda crazy right now. They’ve got lots of needs all the time. And then a dog who feels left out and needs some attention there too so what I can do with that. My wife and I like to run
and training for marathons getting back into doing
that more regularly, so trying to find ways to fit that in so sometimes that’s
running with the stroller or running before the sun comes up, or thing like that.

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