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Dr. Jared Shipley: Pulmonary Medicine, MD

December 18, 2019

I’m Dr. Jared Shipley, a doctor
of pulmonary critical care medicine at the Oregon Clinic, Pulmonary West. I grew up around healthcare. My parents are both in healthcare and so it’s
kind of been the lens of how I look at the world. So as I went along, I dabbled in different
things here and there, but really it was more kind of figuring out yes, actually medicine’s
really what I want to do. Once I got to the intensive care unit, I realized
that was the most satisfying place I think. You take care of the patients in life or death
situations and you’re in there and you’re able to pull them back from the brink of death. There’s not any better feeling than that. There is just a handful of patients that I’ve
treated here, specifically here, that you’re just plugging away and plugging away and really
trying to figure out what’s going to work with a patient. You’re not really getting anywhere and eventually
you do have a breakthrough. I think that comes from listening to the patient,
talking to the patient’s family, talking to the referring physician, collaborating with
different people, and then maybe finding a window that you didn’t really see before. Then when you actually pass through that window,
who knows? Maybe you actually get something that you
wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to. If I’m not at work, I think you might find
me outside grilling something first of all, charging down the slopes of Mount Hood or
going around the city trying to find the best, I really like hummus, the best hummus or a
hamburger or a hazy IPA. Those are the things. If you can find a place where I can get all
three of those things, that’d be great.

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