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Dr. Group’s Water Fast | Day 11 – Research on Fasting for Health

August 24, 2019

Welcome to day 11 of my water fast
journey. Had a really good night, slept really good but I have had like cold and
flu-like symptoms for the last couple days and that’s totally normal
I actually spent about an hour and a half this morning going back through my
research just to see if I was thinking well maybe because I had all that stress
that happened to me. So I’ve been going through a lot this past week and I was
thinking well maybe these cold and flu-like symptoms – you know the tightness
in my chest – I’ve been coughing up stuff I’ve had congestion in my nose my nose
has been running us maybe maybe I actually caught the flu or caught a cold
or something like that but I went back through and it’s very common to have
flu-like symptoms and cold like symptoms because I’m not running a fever and my
physical body feels great actually so that’s the difference I mean I I’m not
hungry I have a lot of energy today I actually have more energy today on day
11 than I did on day 8 and 9 and 10 so that to me tells me that it is just my
body releasing and getting rid of all that mucus and you know expelling all
those toxins from the body. All in all you know besides these little symptoms
of like cold and flu-like symptoms which are very mild and I’m coughing up stuff
which I’m actually really glad that I’m doing that, everything is going great. Now,
I’ve came out to a little lake house retreat and I’m really excited because
it’s it’s giving me the time to really get away from all of the hustle and
bustle of the city, breathe some clean air. It’s raining this morning it’s just
a beautiful morning the air is fresh and I’ve just been outside breathing the air.
It’s incredible and I think I’m gonna stay here for the next couple days and
just relax. And you know do my updates from here. The last two days my body has just been like hypersensitive it’s almost like my, my
smell is enhanced, my blurred vision is actually starting to slowly go away it’s
it’s almost like I can feel changes taking place within my body. It’s a
strange feeling it’s a lightness but it’s actually a very wonderful feeling.
So I guess it’s what we’re supposed to feel like all the time.
But I understand what most people it’s almost like I have a connection or
something to the universe, a higher connection to the universe and I you
know in my meditation this morning I was thinking about all the people out there
that are suffering all day long every day from all the stress and the anxiety
that they’re going through and the and the problems and the addictions that
they’re going through and I just felt you know I just I just felt their pain
or something it was a it was a it was a crazy experience but we live in a world
where all around us is toxic food, toxic air, toxic water, toxic emotions and
emotions are so powerful in the body I know because as I you know as I went
through these challenges there’s everything happens for a reason. I mean
you know that there’s there’s obviously a reason why I went through so many
challenges last week with all these emotional you know changes and I could
feel it I can like literally feel how that affects my body and the negative
effects it has on my body and I’ve always known that stress you know
reduces the immune system by 50 percent and negative emotions that they’ve been
linked to diseases for ages and ages and ages and that’s why when people do the
liver and gallbladder cleanse they release their emotions. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the seed of the emotions are in the
liver and that’s why I’ve always been a proponent of multiple liver cleanses
liver cleanses liver cleanses. I decided that I did I wasn’t gonna shave during
the fast so I actually have a little bit of whiskers coming out and my nails are
getting longer as well. Let’s see if you can see that because I’m not cutting my
nails either so that just means that you know even though I’m not taking in any
nutrients any type of protein anything like that that my beard is growing and
my nails are growing as well. I’m getting questions about the re-feeding or what to do whenever you break the fast according to all of the research out
there that’s been done the re-feeding aspect of it is extremely important.
The re-feeding because you’re not really having any bowel movements. I’ve only had
one bowel movement this whole time. Because your body is just focused and I
did clean my intestines out with Oxy-Powder before I started. So what happens
during the re-feeding period is very important because your body is chewing
up all this stuff and getting rid of it and all these dead cells and your body
wants to dump those into the digestive tracts so that’s why when you start
re-feeding that signals your body to start dumping all that stuff back into
your digestive system so that’s why let’s start off just with a little bit
I’m going to start off with the probiotics and the enzymes and a little
bit of watermelon and transition slowly. So what that’s going to do is it’s gonna
tell my body to go ahead and dump all of that stuff back into my digestive system
so I can eliminate it properly. So I’m going to probably do a slow re-feeding
period for about half the length of the fast whenever I figure out how long I’m
gonna actually go. So anyway, I just wanted to give you guys that update for this morning and I will check back in with you this afternoon for the
afternoon update and I hope you have a very peaceful and happy day! Hey everybody this is my midday update.
Seems like some of my congestion is disappearing a little bit. No fever, no
signs of flu, no signs of cold except for the symptoms
of a cold and flu which is just kind of runny nose. It has decreased though
throughout the day so we’ll see how that goes and as far as energy levels I mean I can definitely tell. I was outside playing
baseball with my kids for a little while and you know you can def I can
definitely tell that my body needs rest and to not push myself too far but like
I was talking about when you’re kind of you’re you become hypersensitive almost
and you know you you can just feel every single thing in your body and people
have been asking me how much water have I been drinking. I pretty much drink water all day long. I mean I carry water with me all the time
and I can feel my mouth getting dry and so I mean I would say probably I mean
every five minutes I’m drinking you know a couple sips of water or drinking how
however much water I need and that’s another thing listening to your body and
and paying attention and water actually I mean I can literally feel the energy
from the water going in and it does curb my hunger but I really have not had any
hunger I mean maybe once or twice a day or something like that but it’s not it’s
more dealing with the I don’t want to say fatigue but just lightness I guess
is the best word for it – so all in all I mean I’m pushing on I’m continually you
know making progress and I can’t really say there’s any negative things to
report on I did want to read you guys a couple interesting stories though about
fasting and one of the fasting gurus – I think he was from the 1860 – 1920 or something like that. His name was Arnold Ehret E-H-R-E-T and he wrote the book “The Mucusless Diet” and wrote all kinds of things and him and Herbert
Shelton were kind of the fasting guys back in the day and Herbert Shelton
supervised over 40,000 water-only fasts in his life … but nobody believed Eric
back then that fasting was beneficial. So… I’m gonna read you some quotes from him
Ehret states “Humans are the sickest animals on earth. No other animal has
violated the laws of eating as much as humans. No other animal eats as wrongly
as them.” This was in the nine I think this was like around 1915. And
can you imagine what he would have said nowadays with all the processed foods
that was before microwaves and everything else. He proved that fasting
was safe. He sealed himself in a glass cell by a notary public in the presence
of two physicians. He stayed in the cell under observation – 49 days and nights
with nothing but water. And then he said “Humans are dying from the labor to
prepare food and the energy it takes to digest ten times as much food as your
body needs. So that’s what’s that’s what’s happening. We’re you know our body is not made to digest and you know all of these big huge meals all the time all
the time. Now the world record for fasting is held by Mr. A.B. (Angus Barbieri ) 382 days. In 1973 Mr. A.B., a 27 year old male, fasted for 382 days under the supervision of researchers from a Scotland University.
This is the longest fast ever been recorded. This patient started at a
weight of 456 pounds and finished at a 180 pounds. He lost 278 pounds during the fast. Now Mr. A.B. did consume water but he
also took vitamin supplements. He took yeast for the first ten months. He took
potassium supplements from day 93 to day 162 – which was a short period of time and
sodium supplements from day 345 to 355. So researchers concluded this
was a successful experiment as Mr. A.B. was able to maintain his weight under
196 pounds for at least five years after ending his fast.
So that’s some interesting stories I wanted to tell you guys there’s I mean
there’s many many many many many stories and all the research that I’ve pulled up
and all the lost documents and in all the documented cases, but I’ll have a lot
of those in my book that’s coming out on fasting. So that’s my afternoon update. I will check in with you guys this evening. So since the afternoon report, not really too much to report on. I do, you know, going waves you
know sometimes I feel a burst of energy then my body tells me just to relax a
little bit. So all in all I’ve been feeling pretty good I mean
haven’t my nose hasn’t been running I don’t know usually that happens at night
for some reason I guess that’s when the but when I’m sleeping in the body’s
healing and then I wake up in the morning usually is when I have a
congestion and the sinus congestion but throughout the day was pretty good. I had
a really nice sun gazing session this evening and got to watch the sun go down
and actually stare directly into the sun for about 10 or 15 minutes so that was a
really good energizing experience. So I do want to read another story for you. I
thought this was very interesting and this is a Dr. Dimitri Karalis. He said “When I took my first water fast in 1972 I had the most amazing
experience one night. I woke at midnight on the 17th day of my water fast
feeling buoyant and with a strong desire for running. I tried to reason for a
while by ignoring this strange midnight longing and go back to sleep, yet my love
for it was so overpowering that I went running at one o’clock in the morning.
After four hours of running,” – so this is a guy who has been fasting on water for 17
days and he goes running at one o’clock in the morning for four hours that’s
like running a marathon – “after four hours of running I lost all my gravity and I
felt as if I was weightless with a total lack of fatigue.” So he basically felt
like he was floating on air. “All of nature took a wonderful hue took
on a wonderful hue and I felt so eager to greet every human being who passed me by.” So basically he just became this spiritual being and he saw nature and
all the colors resonating everywhere around him. “I felt exceptionally happy
and my only wish was how to express and transmit this wonderful feeling that I
was experiencing to others. I discovered at the same time that love and happiness,”
– think about that love and happiness. How many people do you know that are just
experienced love and happiness every single day. I can tell you very very very
very few. So he said that “I discovered that love
and happiness is a product of perfect health. Of harmoniously functioning body, mind and soul. Nothing else can give it to us except a perfect functioning metabolism like in the healthy infant.” Isn’t that so true I mean
an infant is just nothing but radiating love and happiness. So what he’s saying is, when he purified his body there was a merging of his mind, body, and
soul. And for the first time, he felt that union of happiness and love and just
wanted to share it with everybody. It was almost like a merging of the mind, body,
and soul. So that’s a message and a little story for everybody tonight. I
will check back in with you tomorrow!


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