Dr. Chun discusses the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

October 16, 2019

Hello my name is Dr. Robert Chun I am one of the pediatric otolaryngologist or
ears, nose, throat doctors at the Children’s Hospital Wisconsin. I’m
also an assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the department of Otolaryngology. I
have a practice composed of mostly children, but the majority of my patients I can’t communicate with. The parents are the ones who are making
decisions for them and they’re innocent people who have a disease that has to be
managed surgically or medically and you know I think there is times to be silly around a child and then to be a little more serious for the
parents but if you can kind of mix that and balance that at your visit with the
parents and children, you’ll be able to provide the best care for the patients. You take care of patients, you have to be
able to provide them all the best options and being able to be an
educator and a teacher allows me to provide those resources
to patients and also for training my residents. Here, at Aerodigestive Voice Center, we have pulmonologists, gastroenterologists speech and swallowing therapists, and otolaryngologists ENT’s all together in one setting so the family and the patient can see all the doctors, all at once rather than having separate visits. If these kids ever need
an operative intervention and have to go to the operating room, we also try to collaborate together with those kinds of cases as well. My grandma always pushed me to be helpful, be thoughtful, take
care of others in any shape, way, or form you could. And, you have to be very careful and be
very good at what you do to be able to provide that kind of care and I’m lucky enough to have the
opportunity to do so.

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