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Dr. Andre VanMol – Family Doctor in Redding

October 22, 2019

As a family physician we take care of
patients of all ages from birth through natural death, hopefully very far along in life. I’ve had the privilege of being able to see
families through three generations quite often. Part of the trick to it is to
simply listen. The most important thing to bring to the game is excellence but
they need to go together. I’m a pretty funny person I’m not all super serious
as people might think just seeing me in the office, but a little levity can
really lighten the load for people. What’s so great about Redding is there’s
so many places to hike so nearby, we have these vast swaths of national forests
and places like the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area but you don’t have to go
far out of Redding just to get waterfalls, and we really like waterfalls
and Crystal Creek Falls which is nice because it’s so easy to get to, you can
do it so quickly you really don’t need much time. There’s a lot of patient
success stories but the ones they’re really particularly meaningful to me is
when a patient says that they’ve had a problem that’s been evaluated numerous
times and nobody can get to the bottom of it and that working with them,
listening and going through proper steps, and paying attention that we get the
thing figured out and that’s very satisfying. I would hope that patients
see me is being prepared, someone who listens and observes and someone that
they can confide in, that their trust would always be well placed.
I’m Dr. Andre VanMol and I’m a Dignity Health Medical Group Physician.

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