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February 23, 2020

try not to say wow in this challenge it
do it I think if you don’t like like like that counts to you know to mean
like hmm punch in the face what oh shoot I’m
already saying wow he’s like having so much fun
so is he clearly I don’t know if he’s having a great time he doesn’t he
doesn’t what you happy about this how did he know the punch was coming made
him flinch I hope that’s water that’s worth a wow that’s where it’s a while
we’ll give up some whales here okay just that one felt good what is the snow
cats we’ve got a snow cat and a snow blower
it’s a snow cat is that like a it’s like good are these like automated snow
blowers I live in Texas I’ve never had to deal with this movie yeah I don’t
have to deal with snow I’ve never seen that what is that stuff it’s pretty cool
I guess it saves you from like having to shovel the snow cuz it like puts the
snow and a pic of different area why do you look at me like that I get hiccups
what do you want you wanna you what do you want something you need some water
no I don’t need any water you need it and your water is gross would you like
me to scare you no I you can’t even scare me you’re too nervous to scare me
it’s it’s frightening but hey your hiccups are gone we’re checking out
future glass let’s do it I love glass and the sense of like yes
yes like floor-to-ceiling glass windows I cannot explain why I get so excited I
love this channel this is like that tech channel that has all these crazy things
bruh bruh Oh sort of felt like a WoW is bruh a wow judges it’s like a subtle
Wow like no that’s a half Wow we’ve been told it’s a
half Wow I’m gonna lose it i’ma lose it I love it I love it I want
all of it I’ll take every single piece of it right now
I don’t care how much it costs I will even trade your soul for this glass my
soul yes your soul how much you said warrants do you think I don’t know like
50 pesos no that’s about right maybe like a hundred thousand yen it’s pretty
expensive for a rat. DIY Crystal at home what does that mean like is it like like
crystals like from a video game that’s what I think about
oh it’s words I can’t read don’t say well it’s a it’s a scientist now keep
your mouth shut if you open you’re gonna say wow no way apparently it’s like a
24-hour process now mashing crystals into pieces pick some large crystals as
the crystal seeds add a little bits of aluminium in to the ADP solution they
had make a great British person mm-hmm can you say how you mininum they don’t
say aluminium they say how you mininum and I think it’s at a garage it’s
garrage and they go to the loo and then I said what if the loo the loo
are you sure that’s British I didn’t go to the loo and I like that replacement
for restroom yeah or you could say do you know and
Japanese it’s Toya day Wow most satisfying slime that’s that’s who
that’s from Howl’s Moving Castle I recognized it right away the little
little fire guys yeah did you bro that’s lime what we’re doing this is a 100% oh
wow 100 wait is the entire thing Slimers adjust bruh bruh bro how do you make
slime that looks this good oh my gosh this is on a whole new level this person
deserves to win a Nobel Prize that’s it just looks so good wizardry do
you remember when this was really big like 2-3 years ago
why for messing around with these pogo stick things with a ball attached to it
I think it’s hard it’s it’s hard when you’re like balancing on a wall and
birds do you had to train the birds to fly 30 at the right time Shivers I don’t
think they would train the birds why do they train the birds being a goober
Knakal right now okay know what I don’t know I just made that word up don’t
don’t don’t at me okay what are you gonna get a tick-tock you won’t make a
tick-tock you won’t make a ChristianMingle account I told you it
would be so weird for me to help a rat just you can use my phone you need to
put some gloves on yeah rats don’t wear clothes oh well you
probably should you need to cover up the gut that’s what my fur is for
we’ve got we’ve got a breakup coming in here shivers it’s a breakup of drops and
something else and pale the droplets oh it’s a short video the drop spread out
we call such surface hydrolytic no there’s like so many scientific terms
does it really bounce oh it like bounces so it goes down bounces back up its oh
that’s actually pretty cool say Oh with me 1 2 3 just say Wow say well so you
both say Wow all right let’s even this up ready okay 3 2 1
wow thank you I thought you were gonna leave me hanging there for a second I’d
never I love you too much look at that it creates a ring where do
I get this I thought it was gonna be educational but it’s actually I’ll take
24 everybody watching right now take your device turn it like this and make
sure the subscribe button is not read okay it needs to be grey it needs to
look like shivers fur-coat hydro dipping I really want to hydro dip shivers maybe
this video gets 10,000 likes while hydro dip shivers you don’t have a say I
already cleared it with his agent all right Billy told me yeah Billy Bernie okay well as I’ve already done this so
many times I don’t know if it’s worth a while they’re really good at the color
combinations this looks like some kind of like lava volcanic matter mm-hmm oh
they do a really good job at this though oh I gotta admit they do a pretty good
job it’s pretty good it’s a good job yeah there’s a little bit too much black
inside of it there like it’s it I think it should have more red and yellow don’t
you agree you’re a professional at this huh I mean I’ve kinda hydro-dipped a lot
I’m not like super I don’t know about this color combination and they chose
like a cheap keyboard couldn’t it be like a nicer keyboard right you know
like a like a razor or like a corsair or like uh something you know no wow you
don’t even know what those are do you that’s where I thought crushing
stuff again we’re crushing stuff such 5 ounces being crushed here I go
are you oh wait this is what oh shoot I just said oh I think I think that counts
it does oh and that wasn’t even good I don’t
know is he like crush them Oh making me hungry are you satisfied
they’re like the rubber crushing the plastic straws I loved it so much
goodbye balloon do you like chocolate milk milk like cows like is a rat milk
is there a human milk yes yes there is technically yes there is yes you just
tried to answer my question with another question and the answer is yes
there’s rat milk served in schools keep it away from me
wait whole how do you spell wow do I spell yeah he’s no wow you just
said it no twice okay but this context counts context count not count so it
does it but it that means if I had gotten you to say wow what have mattered
in the first place we’re watching a video it’s like okay so they were doing
a parkour skateboarding you know the cool stuff what I think is it worth I
don’t think it’s worth the wow I mean it’s definitely impressive but it’s not
worth like oh wow it’s not like Tony Hawk and his ripe age doing 360 backflip
no scopez and call of duty can you do that and you do that oh yeah okay I’m
sick of these lies yeah if I don’t get a demo reel in my inbox tomorrow with a
briefcase of ten thousand dollars I won’t believe you with $10,000 pop six
bizarre competition let’s do it what competition let I know but you’re like a
big huh sorry I just got distracted but this is man’s doing right now is he
you okay of it so uncomfortable right now this guy is making me so
uncomfortable he’s not like this beak on his head and why are they doing it in
front of a banana banana this is making me even more oh she’s not very good oh
yes it’s biblical we don’t judge people okay
what’s your best rat impression squeaks Green is pretty good Wow you make a good
rat I did my genealogy I’m like 5% rat is that crazy I have to talk to dad
workouts and ping pong trick shots dude perfect everybody mastered this so let’s
see oh that’s pretty sick all right I’m gonna say wow I’m gonna say wow I mean
if you could do a backflip on a pogo stick you got me saying something boys
can do that you you can’t you can’t just say that nobody’s gonna love you if you
say that you could do everything they could do shivers yeah like listen to
people sweet can you second you’re not even on a pogo stick
yes I am oh okay you know what I can’t handle any more I just found
great he’s gone he’s gone what he go what that’s but while shivers is gone
recuperating are you good are you okay okay now he’s got short-term memory loss
this just in no they’re saying I lost that’s right
thing I said Wow more doesn’t a notification okay because I lost hey
guys comment in the first 60 minutes in your
comments yeah I don’t like that he just took my End CTA
I’ve upset and I’m leaving


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