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Don’t Forget To Look After Your Kidneys When You Have Candida!

August 18, 2019

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric
Bakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of the Canxida range of products. I’m going
to talk a little bit about kidney problems this morning. It’s a beautiful day here in
New Zealand. It’s still summertime. We’ve got actually wonderful weather at the moment.
We’ve had some really strange weather as of late, though, and a lot of people I’ve spoken
to in America and in the UK have had very similar strange weather patterns. Let’s get
back into the kidneys. Many people talk about liver detoxification,
bowel detoxification, gall bladder flushes, getting the digestive system fixed up, but
nobody talks about the kidney. You’ve got two kidneys and their role is critical and
vital for maintaining excellent health. What do the kidneys do? What are they responsible
for and why is it so important to look after them?
The kidneys are incredible. They’re a very high filtration unit. You’ve got two of them
in the lower part of your back. We’ll talk a little bit about back pain later on. Many
people feel kidney pain from time to time, but actually think they’ve got a lower back
problem. The kidneys, as I mentioned, are a high filtration unit. They filter a staggering
400 pints of blood per day, so that’s probably around 200 to 230 liters of blood are filtered
by the kidneys every day. They produce a staggering amount of waste that they actually pull out
of the blood and put into the urine, so you can excrete them. It’s estimated around three
to four pints, which is probably around 2 liters of waste get put out every day.
If the kidneys didn’t function properly, you’d be in big trouble in no time at all. Your
blood pressure would be unregulated. You wouldn’t be able to produce red blood cells because
the kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin and that stimulates the production of red
blood cells, so you’d quickly get anemia and fatigue if you didn’t have good kidney function.
More importantly, the kidneys not only help to cleanse the blood, the kidneys have glands
on top of them called the adrenal glands. You’ve got two adrenal glands, and the adrenal
glands are little mushroom shaped glands that sit on top of the kidneys that produce up
to 50 different hormones. They produce some of the most powerful hormones in the body.
The kidneys are positioned very interestingly quite central in the body and also close to
possibly one of the largest artery in the system where they can have access to a lot
of blood there. But more importantly, the adrenal glands have access to the main circulation
system where they can put their hormones straight into the main circulation. We’re talking cortisol.
We’re talking sex hormones because the adrenals also produce estrogen and progesterone. They
produce DHEA. Many hormones are produced, so it’s vital that the kidneys are in good
shape to also keep the adrenal glands in good shape.
The kidneys have their own extensively detoxification system. And even the adrenal glands have got
their own enzymatic detoxification system, which is a little bit similar to the liver
detox pathway. So it’s critical that you keep your kidneys in really good shape.
How do you know if you’ve got kidney disease? What are some of the signs and symptoms? Things
that you could be ignoring right now? Do you get itchy skin a lot? It might not be a yeast
infection. If you get a lot of itchy skin around the thighs, around the legs, the back
of the legs, you’re always itching the inner part of the thigh, itchy, especially if the
skin is dry a lot. Dry skin, itchy skin, and I find particularly in the lower extremity
carefully think are you drinking enough water? You may have the signs of kidney disease.
Look for things like puffiness or fluid retention. If you’ve got that, that’s seriously bad kidney
disease. Things we’re looking at are consistent unexplained
anemia. So if you’ve got low red cell count and you’re anemic quite a lot. If you’ve got
low ferritin, which is a low iron storage protein that’s constantly low and yet they
can’t explain why you’ve got low iron. They can’t find any iron in the stool. You haven’t
been bleeding or haven’t had any heavy menstruation, so it’s unexplained loss of red cell production.
You may want to check the kidney out a bit more carefully. Unexplained itching. Check
carefully if you’re taking any medications that could upset the kidney. Alcohol really
affects the kidney bad. In fact, I believe that most alcoholic hangovers and headaches
occur from dehydration because you’re peeing out so much fluid and you’re stressing the
kidneys out so much, it’s affecting you on multiple pathways. But many headaches with
alcohol are not caused by the liver so much, but by the kidney dehydration. Check out those
things. Itchy skin, unexplained anemia. There are other things you can look for that are
a bit more complex like bruising and things like that. We don’t go into those kind of
pathways. The best kept secret I wrote about in Candida
Crusher is called the kidney flush. How do you do a kidney flush? There are a couple
of things the kidney really likes. We all know that we need to drink plenty of fresh
clean good quality water. That’s a very good thing to do for the kidney. You need to back
off coffee, tea and alcohol because those things affect the kidney really bad. They
dehydrate the body and they stress out the very fine tubules in the kidney. They can
cause a lot of problems. Coffee drinkers often end up with kidney stones.
The kidneys also regulate the pH of the body and they regulate the electrolytes and the
potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium. They have a big effect on minerals in the body.
And you’ll find that people who drink too much coffee end up with all sorts of problems
with acidity and pH imbalances. The kidneys are responsible for excreting many different
wastes, toxins and chemicals. These toxins are many and varied and come from a wide variety
of sources, including chemicals and toxins in your food and water, pharmaceutical drugs,
environmental chemicals, pesticides, alcoholic residues, pollution. When the kidneys fail
to function optimally, these toxins can potentially cause many different problems like headaches,
blood pressure, nausea, itchy skin, fatigue, many other different problems.
What are some of the key things you can take for kidney function? Watermelon is quite good.
Celery is quite good. These are quite high water containing produce that really help
to flush the kidney out. Watermelon is quite high in potassium, so it’s a good one to have.
There’s an herb you can get called goldenrod. It’s also called solidago or goldenrod. It’s
a very good one, especially for males to have. Cornsilk. When you open the corn and you’ve
got all that little silky sort of stuff hanging down, you can actually keep that and dry that
out and you can make a cup of tea out of that and that’s very soothing for the kidney. Cherries
are good. One of the best herbs is parsley. Green parsley, you just break off four or
five stalks when you grow it, put it in a pot, a non-aluminum pot, and a bit of water
and you simmer that and then you pour that into a cup and you drink that. Add a bit of
water to it and you drink that. That’s very good at flushing out the kidney and at cleansing
the kidney. One of the best things for cleaning the kidney
are parsley roots. So the parsley plant, especially the second year, the roots contain a lot more
of the beneficial nutrients in them. You dry the roots out and you can use those. They’re
very, very powerful for kidney cleansing. A good probiotic. Have a think about taking
a product like my Canxida Restore. That’s got a lot of beneficial enzymes in it, as
well as beneficial bacteria that are going to help improve kidney function because yes,
you’ve actually got bacteria in the kidney as well.
A glass of pure apple juice, not the crap you buy in the shop, but you actually get
green apples and squeeze them. Very good to have. The following kidney friendly foods.
Watermelon as we mentioned. Cherries, red bell peppers or capsicums, cabbage, cauliflower,
garlic, onions, green apples, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, red
grapes, egg whites and fresh fish. You’ll be thinking. “Hang on a minute. I can’t eat
grapes. I’ve got Candida.” You can eat grapes with Candida, but you’ve got to wait a while.
You can’t have them with the first stage of treatment. You need to possibly wait a few
weeks, maybe even a month or two and then you can put a few red grapes in. Red grapes
are more beneficial than green grapes for the kidney.
When you’re trying to clean out the kidney, you’ve got to really cut out red meat. Because
red meat is really hard on the kidney function. It produces a whole lot of nitrogen wastes,
which can really affect the kidney a lot. White meats are better for the kidney. Red
meat is harder. If you eat red meat, drink a lot of water and don’t eat any more than
250 grams of red meat in a week. That’s my recommendation.
White flour, sugar, rich foods, fatty foods, deep fried foods, junk foods, pizzas, coca
cola, peanuts, spinach. Be careful of spinach. The silver beet contains oxalic acid and that
can be hard on kidney function. Chocolate is not good for kidneys, so ladies watch out
for chocolate. I hope that gives you a bit of an insight into the kidney.
I spoke before about the back pain. Some people get a back pain and they get a nice dull low
pain around the back and it can often be on the side that you’re sleeping on. So if you’re
sleeping a lot on the left, you could a little bit of a dull pain on the left side or you
can get it on the right. If you get a little bit of a very low dull pain in the back a
bit like a dull toothache from time to time, it could be kidney pain and it’s not uncommon.
And I bet that you will have had a kidney pain over time, especially in your 40s or
50s like me. You will have experienced a little bit of kidney pain here or there, but probably
thought “Ah, I’ve got a lower back problem. My back’s hurting a little bit or the muscles.”
But it was probably the kidney more likely, especially if it was off to the side.
Remember drink water, especially when you get up. Drink water around meal times. I don’t
drink with food. I usually drink after I’ve had food to eat. Drink plenty of water when
it’s hot and also drink water even if you don’t feel like drinking water, just try to
have a few sips. It’s going to be so beneficial for your body. Try to cut out the alcoholic
beverages entirely for a few weeks and increase your water intake and I can guarantee you
you’re going to notice a huge difference in how you feel. Energy will come up.
That’s a bit of information on kidney function. Last thing I’ll leave you with is at least
once per year go to your doctor and ask for a kidney function test. We look at a few different
parameters there with kidneys. One is called creatine clearance and the other one is called
GFR or glomerular filtration rate. Creatine is a waste product produced with the metabolism,
so the muscles produce a waste called creatine and that gets excreted through the urine.
We can actually measure the creatine to see if it’s high or low to see how the affective
the clearance of the creatine is. If the clearance is poor, it could mean the kidneys need attention.
The kidneys work a little bit like all sorts of sieves or colanders all on top of each
other. Glomerular filtration rate is basically how effective all those sieves are working.
If the filtration rate is really poor and the creatine clearance is really poor and
you’ve got a bit of blood pressure and a bit of fluid retention and itchy skin, you’ve
got a bad kidney problem. I think you can start getting the picture now.
I hope that gives you a bit of information on kidneys. Thanks for tuning in.


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    It's stressing me out slightly, I first thought it was a re-occuring UTI and last year the doctor gave me Antibiotic's but I showed no test for bacteria in my urine.
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