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Dog Skin Problems – Vet Advice

August 18, 2019

The vets at Abbey House Veterinary Hospital
in Leeds see over 400 dogs every week. Skin problems are one of the most common things
they come across. If you notice that your dog is constantly
scratching and itching and that the skin looks really red and sore, then definitely go to
your vet straight away and quite commonly skin problems can be treated. Rachel and Neil are in the waiting room today
with their dog Boo. Come in to bring our Boxer dog today, because
she’s got a skin irritation. She keeps scratching herself and nibbling bits of her feet and
her elbows and things. And it’s like there’s actually little bits
of like patches of her skin and that where it’s missing. So it looks as though she’s
going bald in patches. So it’s a bit of a concern as well. So I know she’s had skin
problems before, but obviously not to this degree, so we want to just get her checked
out and make sure she’s alright otherwise. Boo has been off her food because of a skin
condition for the last few days and the couple are concerned. I understand it’s a problem with her skin
again today. Yeah.
And where are the main areas that she’s scratching, or is it chewing or what is it she’s doing. She’s scratching her chest and neck. There’s two back areas here and her chest. Right okay. But these bits she’s scratching and then it’s
almost as though she’s biting, but she’s like, nibbling at them. Right, okay One of the easiest things to treat is if it’s
a parasitic problem. So that includes both fleas and mites. If you see any fleas on your
dog, then they will likely be scratching, so we do recommend regular flea treatment
to stop fleas becoming a problem. Parasites are the major source of skin irritation
in dogs. Yet according to the PDSA 2.4 million dogs are never treated for fleas. Boo has
regular flea treatments but there are several other possible causes of skin irritation. Dogs can also pick up mites, especially from
foxes and hedgehogs. In this situation, not only may your dog scratch but start to lose
its fur as well. Then go straight to your vet and they will take samples of your dog’s
skin and fur to make sure that it is mites, and then start the correct treatment for that. Will you sit down for me.? Sit. Sit down. Can you lie down? Do you want to
lie down? Oh, there we go. Good girl. Can we have a look under here? Right then, so
the actual skin under here looks okay, doesn’t it? It is quite mottled on the fur. Yes, and that’s never been like that. Sorry. Are you finding that her hair’s falling
out by itself, or is it more ? She’s pulling it out. She’s chewing it out, is’t she? We’re not really noticing it any more around
the house. Right okay. But we’ve never really noticed her hair anywhere. We looked at her for fleas. Yeah, there’s no sign of any fleas on her
or anything like that, that’s a problem. No, we already checked that out a little bit. If you have a look here. Yeah, she’s quite sore. There as well, a little
scab. Okay. Allergies are another common cause of skin
problems. Just like humans dogs can be allergic to almost anything especially in the summer
months. The most common areas you see are the inguinal
areas and the feet and the ears. They’re the ones that first flare up. So the skin’ll look
red and the dog’ll be scratching and looking at these areas a lot. In these situations,
antihistamines can work quite well. But sometimes they may need to go onto steroids as well,
just over the summer months, to try and help with this allergy. In case it’s an allergy to something, we can
put her onto some antihistamines just to help with the itching in case it is an actual allergy
she’s got to something. If you find that it’s getting red and we’re not seeing any resolution
over time, then we should definitely see her again and then we might have to look at doing
some further tests and a skin scrape and maybe even a biopsy of the skin just to make sure
there’s no underlying cause of it. Right then, see you later. Good girl. Go on then. See
you later, bye. Bye

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    I have a boxer in critical condition with skin disease and swelled legs can any one help me to get over it

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