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Dog Ear Yeast Infection Treatment ?

August 13, 2019

Dog ear yeast infection treatment. Before you begin with a treatment you have
to be sure that your dog really has a yeast infection. Because there are also other reasons for dog
ear problem like bacteria. If you are not 100% sure take your dog to
the vet. Ok, if you are sure that your dog has a yeast
infection here is the treatment. You will need apple cider vinegar, cotton
swabs, and 6-10 cotton balls. Treatment: Step number 1: Wipe the ears with cotton swabs to
remove major dirt from inside the ear. Step number 2: Dilute your apple cider vinegar with
water. A 50:50 mix. Step number 3: Soak half of the cotton ball in the
mixture. Place that in the ear and massage the ear
over it. Pay particular attention to the base of the
ear and make sure mixture gets there. Step number 4: Repeat step 3 a few times with clean
cotton balls. When you notice that cotton ball isn’t pulling
any dirt from the ear than you are done. Step number 5: Again use cotton swabs to clean and
dry the ear. Remember wipe and dump. Don’t use the same swab again and again. And you are done. Just a few tips:
Use meaty treats during the process. Don’t use cue tips. Don’t use q-tip swabs.Don’t apply any
force. Don’t push swabs into the ear. Before you go and apply treatment here are
some of the Dog Ear Yeast Infection Symptoms: First, dog scratching or rubbing his ear. Second, pawing at the ears. Third, scabs or crust around the ear. Fourth, brown, yellow, or bloody discharge. Fifth, dog walking in circles. Sixth, loss of hair around the ear. Seventh, odor, moldy smell. Eighth, a dog has difficulty with chewing. Ninth, head shaking or tilting. Tenth, red, irritated, and swollen ears. Eleventh symptom, loss of balance. And the last one, loss of hearing. Wanna see more? If you like this video, hit the subscribe
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