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Does Yeast Infection Cause Nausea?

August 16, 2019

Good day, Eric Bakker back again with another
question I get asked from time to time. This is a digestive system question. Eric, does yeast infection cause nausea? I
feel nauseous. Could it be through Candida? It could well be. Yeast infections can create
many different types of signs and symptoms; lots of digestive symptoms when we think about
them. In Chapter 3 of my book, Candida Crusher,
I go into great detail about all the gastrointestinal symptoms that you’re likely to encounter and
nausea is one of them. Altered appetite, you could be eating more or eating less. Burping
or lots of gas production coming up this way or coming up the other way; gas or flatulence.
Bloating, stomach pains, digestive pains, strange sensations in the gut, loosening the
waist band because it’s too tight, cravings for sweet foods; these are all the most common
symptoms that we see. Altered appetite can come about through yeast
proliferation in the small intestine and also bacteria in the stomach because many people
with yeast infection will also have dysbiosis or another term for bad bacteria. Bad company
likes bad company. And people with high yeast levels I often find will have parasites and
other bacteria there as well, which tend to sort of congregate. It’s well possible that
you could have dysbiosis. I’ve spoken about fermentation dysbiosis in
a previous video, and this is when yeast are consuming foods, refined carbohydrates and
sugars in your bowel, in your digestive system and creating lots of gas as a byproduct. And
this will create lots of bloating. And people with bloating can have nausea as well. The other thing with yeast is they can produce
toxins as they die off. Cell wall fragments can overwhelm parts of the gut and the immune
system, and the liver can even become involved. And when the liver becomes involved, the person
can feel quite sick and nauseous. So there are many reasons why you could feel nauseous
with a yeast infection. So to answer that question, does yeast infection
cause nausea? It could well be implicated. Do my online survey at
Do the survey now and see if you are prone toward a yeast infection and also to see how
high your score is. And you can read a lot more about it in my book, too, Candida Crusher. So I hope that answers your question. Thank


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    My mom's infection reaches to 16000
    Is it dangreous??

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