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Does My Child Have Yeast Overgrowth?

September 3, 2019

Hey guys it’s Khadijah and Ayden. And
today I wanted to talk to you about yeast. It’s an interesting subject right?
Um the one thing that I don’t believe and Ayden’s gonna entertain this while I
do this. The one thing is that seems to be a bit of a surprise to a lot of the
moms that I speak to is that their children are suffering from yeast issues.
If your child is super picky about the things he eat and only ate and only
seems to want carbohydrates only once milk only wants macaroni and cheese only
once grilled cheese sandwiches. He is or she is feeding the yeast so they want
the food that is going to be high sugar, high carb and feed the yeast. What Ayden? What are some signs that your child has
yeast issues? If they are silly laughs uncontrollably for no reason, if they are
waking up in the middle of the night, if they are peeing in the middle of the
night, if they have gas pains, if they have a bloated belly, if they stim, the
looking out of the corner of the eye which is the stim which is one a stem
Ayden had. That was, that’s a sign of a high yeast there are a ton of other
symptoms and this is largely a lot of it is has to do with the heavy
metal toxicity that a lot of these kids have because the metals seem to attract
the yeast issue. So what do you do? How do you get it get a handle on it? First of
all you have to change their diet. You have to. You have to eliminate as much of
the carbohydrates as possible of the over processed food now the fruit
I if you can get it down to nothing that would be great and just have your child
on vegetables, good grains that are not don’t have the glue what can you please
get down don’t do that. Boys. Uh no and the other thing is you
need to keep them as healthy as possible you have to make sure that they are not
on antibiotics so that you don’t continue to kill the good gut flora that
they have so it’s really important that you are supporting their body so that
they stay as healthy as possible so that their gut has a chance to heal.
Stop Ayden. Stop. There a tests that you can take for to check your child’s gut
there’s the OAT test but the main thing is change your child’s diet and it all
comes back to that. Change your child’s diet, support your child’s immune system
and you you will you will see a change in in their behavior in their in their
speech I mean I can I can speak for Ayden and there been huge changes.
So questions, comments I’m sure I’ve left some stuff out because somebody is not
really being cooperative today. So if you are ready to start your oily journey, if
you want me alongside you as your friend and your guide on this journey, click the
link below and sign up and let’s let’s have a talk and get you started and buy
your kit alright? Have a good day guys. Bye

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