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Does Drinking Beer Cause Jock Itch?

August 16, 2019

Can beer cause jock itch? That’s a question
I got asked by a guy in Michigan a couple of weeks ago now actually he sent me an email.
Eric, I’m drinking quite a bit of beer. I like watching football and baseball and games
like that, and I’ve got pretty bad jock itch. Do you think beer is causing my jock itch? Well, hell, yeah. If you’re drinking lots
and lots of beer and you have jock itch, it could be one of the primary causes. The only
way you’re going to find out is by stop drinking the beer. Maybe the jock itch isn’t bad enough
for you to want to make these changes. That’s what you would ask yourself. I had a guy like that recently from Wellington
that I saw. I think I may have mentioned his case to you a while ago. I had a guy, a telecommunications
worker, driving around in a van. The guy had so bad jock itch, it was just about bringing
tears to his eyes, you know, he was scratching that bad and, of course, he’s drinking beer
every night. After work, he’s having five or six cans of beer. Well, you just can’t
keep doing that. If you’ve got a bad jock itch and you’re drinking
beer on a regular basis, you’ve got to stop. It’s the only way you’re going to know if
there’s some link between the cause and the effect. Intelligent people will try to stop
the effect. They’ll look at the problem they’ve got and see if there’s any causes linked to
it, and they’ll try to cut those links. It’s pretty dumb to try to take medical creams
for jock itch if you keep doing things that are causing the condition to keep going on
and on. It’s pretty dumb. If you are drinking a reasonable amount of beer on a daily basis
or you’re drinking quite a lot on the weekends, particularly having a lot of sugary foods
with that, and you’ve got bad jock itch, then you want to make that connection there and
make that change. And then I think you’re going to find there’s some interesting things
that will happen. You’ll probably get a big reduction in the symptoms as well. So give
it a go. Thanks for tuning in.


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