Does Candida Really Exist Or Is It Just A Scam?

August 15, 2019

Hi there! Eric Bakker from New Zealand, the naturopath
who wrote the book Candida Crusher. Thanks for coming back and thanks for looking
at my channel. Hopefully, if you watch some of my videos,
you may subscribe then you too can post different questions to me. I’ve got a question here from a guy called
Alex. Now this is an interesting one. I’m going to read this out to you. It’s a little bit of a read, but I think you’ll
appreciate this one. “Hi, Eric. First of all, I’d like to thank you for your
great work. I’ve watched many of your videos and seen
your website and you seem like a genuine person who really wants to help people. I must say I’m very confused as to what to
do regarding my health. I’ve had some health issues for many years
now I could not ignore it for a long time, but new symptoms have sprung up and I feel
some action is needed. It seems like candida could be the culprit. I have severe bloating, acne, brain fog, concentration
issues, and eye floaters. However, a highly respected people in medicine
say that candida overgrowth is not a real issue and then he puts different URLs for
me to click onto look at. What do you say about this, Eric? I don’t know who is right. I don’t think that you are a sham or trying
to trick people, but I’m still not convinced candida is a real problem. There are many red flags I see. For example, the fact that the list of symptoms
from this thing is so long that you can basically find any one. But let’s just say that candida is a real
issue, changing my eating habits and taking specific supplements for a long period of
time is a big investment to make. I would gladly devote time and energy into
something like this if I actually knew I had candida. But I don’t know. To go to a practice that can test for this
stuff would cost me at least 700 euros. I don’t mind spending money for the sake of
my health, but it’s too much money to gamble on disease that maybe is real and that maybe
I have. Can you see the issue? What can be done in this situation? Thanks for your attention. Regards, Alex.” I like this guy, because this is exactly what
I was like when I was a young guy. When I was in my 20s I got very sick. I lived by myself for several years. I had a shift working job. I used to work in a flour mill rotating shifts. I lived in this cold house, damp. In wintertime, I used to get a couple of inches
of water in my bedroom, the walls all had a black mold growing on them. I had no idea about those things in my early
20s. I got very sick. Yeah, I went to my doctor and he said, “You’ve
got depression, you’ve got anxiety, or both, infections, you’ve got all of these diseases,
and you need all these pills.” So, of course, I was stupid young and dumb,
I took all these pills and then I just went into a hole. A naturopath I met in a garage sale talked
to me and said, “I think you’ve got a candida problem.” Of course, there was no internet back then
so I couldn’t really look things up. I started to read books and I thought this
makes sense. My doctor said, “The woman’s a fool. There is no such thing as candida. You haven’t got a vagina. How can you have candida? You’re not a woman. Only women get candida infections.” So then I started to go to libraries and read
up different books and try and really understand what was going on. I could very strongly relate to the candida
problem. Back then really stool testing wasn’t much
of a thing. It was in its infancy. But I could really relate to candida myself
personally. Through lack of testing at that stage and
by self-treatment, I got myself right. It took a long time, but I’ve finally climbed
out of the hole. Now in your case, Alex, you can do stool testing. It doesn’t cost 700 euros. You can get it done for cheaper than that. Without stool testing, you won’t know what
you’ve got inside you, my friend. You will not know, okay? It could be a lack beneficial bacteria, or
it could be parasitic, it could be bacterial overgrowth, the bad nature. It could be anything going on in your gut. The only way you’re going to know is by testing. Now regarding candida being real or not real,
it’s certainly real. There are many videos I’ve responded to just
like this where I’ve actually put URLs or links in the description box to show people
credible information and good studies which support the fact that candida really is a
big problem. It’s a seriously big problem, in pediatric
health, in geriatric health, in health like you and me, just normal people. It raised its head on many occasions, after
hospital visits, in hospital visits. But particularly the people on drugs long-term,
pharmaceutical medications, it comes as a side effect as a byproduct of antibiotic use,
chemotherapy use. With a little bit of looking online you will
find thousands of studies that support the fact that candida is a real problem. There are many medical doctors now who understand
candida and treat it for what it is. But it’s not just candida, because there are
over 600 types of funguses that can live in your gut that can cause a problem. So it’s not fair to assume that only bacteria
play the role in making people sick. Parasites have a massive impact in people. Most doctors have never ever trained in tropical
medicine so they really don’t know how to treat any kind of disease, like malaria, let
alone how to effectively treat parasites. When they do see them they just give a routine
antibiotic, but they never ever really get the patient back routinely to check what the
damage was after that drug. So you need to be careful of conservative
practitioners who don’t keep up with latest research. Best approach for you, Alex, is to do a proper
comprehensive stool analysis. Three samples, three concurrent days, includes
a parasitology panel. That’s your best approach, and then to see
what the results are and then how to go forward. Yeah. I mean, I am a sincere person and I am a genuine
person. I’ve looked at the research and I don’t need
to look any further because I worked with candida patients for over 30 years. I’ve treated tens of thousands of people now
and I’ve directly seen the result of a person recovering from a yeast infection to such
high level of health. Not one time, not two time, not a hundred
times, not a thousand times, but many thousands of times I’ve seen people recover, many thousands
of times. So I personally know that it works. That the treatment does work when it’s indicated. When a person has candida and we do treat
them effectively, they recover. I’ve got hundreds of stool test reports that
I could show you where people have multiple species of candida cultured with very high
levels in their body. These are very sick people that have been
pushed from one doctor to another and told they were crazy, and then when we did the
stool test we found the candida species. Yeah, get the stool test done. It’s the only way you’re really going to understand. Work through a credible lab, and then when
you get a report send me the report and let me interpret for you. I’ll do that for you. No problem at all. I hope that answers your question, Alex. Yeah, do the test and let’s see what comes
out of it. Thanks for the question.

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