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Does Candida Not Go Away Until You Detoxify Those Heavy Metals?

August 28, 2019

Greetings, Greetings! Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand,
author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the CanXida range of products. Thank you again for looking at this informative-what
I hope it to be informative video. It’s a hot day today. It must be 30 degrees today. What is that, about 90 Fahrenheit? I’m looking forward to wintertime, nice and
cool. Question: “Does Candida not go away until
you detox heavy metals?” So here, a guy is asking a question-I’m not
going to mention his name because he wants to remain anonymous. He’s from the States. “Eric, I’ve heard that Candida will not go
away until heavy metals are detoxified from the body.” Well, you can read that on page 528 in my
book or 527 I think it was. From memory I wrote two pages on mercury detoxification
in Candida Crusher. There are several issues we needed to discuss
in this video. There’s a lot of BS-I’m not going to use the
word, you can understand what BS means. There’s a lot of BS online about heavy metals
and mercury. Some people overstate and some people overstate
the effects. I hope this is going to be a very useful video
for those who want to know what I believe is the truth. Mercury can be a seriously bad problem for
people, but I think it’s definitely overstated by a lot of people and overestimated certainly. If you really want to know if you’ve got a
heavy metal problem, a good way to determine that. There are a couple ways. You can go to a kinesiologist, but I find
a more accurate way is to do a hair analysis through Doctor’s Data. You can do a pubic hair analysis or a head
hair analysis. You just take five or six bits of hair from
the nape of the neck and that gets sent off. It’s only about a $110 or $120 for the test,
and they’re going to check for about 15 toxic metals and about 25 to 30 different minerals. What you will find though with some people
can have seriously high heavy metal issues and no Candida at all. You can also find a lot of people who’ve got
no mercury or metal problem at all with big Candida. What you will also find in my opinion, you
will find a lot of people out there who’ve got metals right across the board because
they’re what we call pathological detoxifiers. They won’t lose a lot of metal, so it will
start accumulating which weakens the immune system and makes them more susceptible to
a whole range of different types of bacteria, viruses, including yeast infection. It’s not just the Candida that these people
suffer from. Many times they also have got completely destroyed
beneficial bacteria or they’ve also got parasites and imbalanced flora. That’s because often because when they get
inflammation in the body, they could also get reflux or heartburn or sore joints or
fatigue or insomnia. They get put on all these drugs by the doctor,
which will just continue to wreck the gut slowly but surely over a period of years. I used to do a lot more hair analysis than
I’ve been doing the last 10 years of my practice, but in the early days I certainly found a
lot of people had considerable levels of the four sulfhydryl metals. Sulfhydryl metals are metals that have a particular
affinity with amino acid detoxification pathways. These are mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic. Those four tend to be probably the easier
ones to remove from the body. But saying that, mercury is probably the hardest
one out of those four to remove. Lead is not too difficult to remove. Aluminum, or what we say in New Zealand aluminum,
is not sulfhydryl and you cannot detoxify aluminum the same way you can with sulfhydryl
metals. So how mercury affects you, it affects you
on multiple levels. One of the big things that it does is it actually
gets inside the cell and it infuses with the cell membrane. You have six trillion cells that organize
and run our whole system. When membranes get disturbed, cells can’t
communicate effectively with one another anymore. Mercury can even effect the RNA/DNA synthesis,
so it can actually create chromosomal damage. We know that from looking at research that’s
been conducted particularly by professor Boyd Haley in Kentucky who’s one of the world’s
experts in mercury toxicity. When you get the cell to cell communication
problem, it really renders the body very much incapable of fighting viruses, fighting bacteria
and even detoxification. As I mentioned previous, these people are
what we call pathological detoxifiers. Once they start getting a heavy metal problem,
it quickly ramps up and it becomes a serious problem. The second thing that we find with people
is that they’ve got lots of amalgam filling and every time they have something acidic,
they actually release methylmercury in a vapor. There’s an interesting YouTube video you can
actually see a person’s mouth opened up and I think there’s an acid placed in their mouth
and all these mercury vapors coming out of their mouth. I had all my amalgam fillings totally removed
by an expert dentist, I think about 25 years ago now in the days where you were considered
to be a complete psycho when you talked about mercury toxicity. My doctor told me I needed to go to a psychiatrist
because I said that I thought that mercury was a contributing factor to my Candida. When I had a hair analysis done, the mercury
was off the chart. I also had a high level of zinc and copper
in my hair. In my Candida book I wrote about this. The sulfhydryl metals which are? Can you remember them? Cadmium, mercury, arsenic, lead. Those four metals in particular are quite
similar in respect that they very much affect a similar pathway in the body. So you’ve got this protein inside the cell
called the Metallothionein. That protein has a got a strong affinity for
binding with heavy metals. A much stronger affinity for the heavy metals,
they affect copper and zinc. Zinc and copper bind to this particular protein
inside cells. But when metals are in the body, they bind
much more aggressively to Metallothionein. Much more aggressive and hundreds of times
greater, which kicks copper and zinc out of the cell. You’re going to find an elevation of copper
and zinc outside of the cell and in fact growing out of your hair because if you’ve got a high
lead concentration, it’s going to be in the exterior tissue, in the hair and the nails. When you find a high elevation of copper and
zinc in a hair analysis, it doesn’t mean to say you’re toxic, in fact it means you’re
deficient with it. You don’t got enough of the stuff. Your cells can’t accept it. Now lack of zinc and copper in particular
is very bad from a detox point of view. You really need those elements to detox. Zinc alone is responsible for well over 500
different enzymatic reactions in the body. Now you can understand why heavy metal toxicity
can make you sick, very sick indeed. Metals also have a very powerful effect on
draining adrenal function. It’s a very strong stress in the body. The adrenals become compromised and weak with
this toxic load. Remember, the cells can’t communicate anymore,
there’s a lack of copper and zinc in the body, and many other things I haven’t got time today
to talk about in this video. The adrenals basically get drained and drained
and the person ends up in a chronic fatigue syndrome state with heavy metal toxicity. I’ve been raving on in this video about mercury,
but I am passionate about mercury cleansing in people. And the question was: “Does it not go away
until you detox heavy metals?” Yes, and no. If you’re concerned, do a hair analysis or
go see a kinesiologist. Don’t assume what the problem is. If you’re noticing, now pay attention, if
you’re noticing with the hair test high copper, high zinc, and either one or four of those
metals elevated, the Sulfhydryl, remember what they are again, mercury, lead, cadmium,
and arsenic. If any one of those are high, including copper
and zinc, and especially on the hair test you’ve got a lack of a lot of trace elements,
then my recommendation would be particularly with mercury high is to get your amalgams
removed. Especially if you can relate to the signs
and symptoms of mercury toxicity, because mercury can definitely in that situation really
hinder your body’s ability to get rid of Candida. Remember what we said? Poor immune function. If your immune system is not working or working
half mast, you can probably forget about effectively detoxifying the body from a yeast infection. That’s the yes part. The no part. If you’ve done a hair test and been checked
out, and you haven’t got elevations of mercury, copper and zinc are in their place, I would
not recommend you mess with the fillings, amalgam fillings, until you’ve reduced your
Candida. Remember first, also make sure you have got
Candida, do a stool test. Not through the spit test or the other tests. They’re not really that accurate. They’ll give you an indication, but they’re
not full proof. The stool test is the foolproof way. When you work through Doctor’s Data for example,
they do a culture on the stool to see if there are live yeast excreted in the stool, and
they also do a microscopy to see if you’ve got dead yeast in the stool. Mainly you want to target assessing the gut
to see if you’ve got a yeast infection, not the bloodstream. Because a lot of people believe they get live
blood cell analysis done and they say, “The doctor said I’ve got yeast all through my
system. I’ve got a systemic yeast infection!” You’d probably be in the blooming hospital
if you have that, so don’t fall for that one, okay? So, I hope that answers your question and
gives you a bit of information on mercury toxicity. It can be a really big problem. So make sure that you assess it and then treat
it properly. Thanks for tuning in.


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    Hi Dr Eric. I commented awhile back about my increase in moles since my gut issues and after taking your Canxida Remove. After using your Canxida Cream for awhile I've noticed that some of my moles are slowly going away. It's interesting, so I feel they are connected to my gut and not my hormones like you suggested I check. I've been told my hormones are fine by the way.

  • Reply mickiejames08 January 30, 2017 at 4:14 am

    Do you know if high mercury results from a private hair analysis test would prompt the NHS to remove mercury fillings for free? Because there is no way I can afford to have all of mine removed and then replaced with less harmful fillings. I cannot believe I'm in this situation. I feel like I am never going to get rid of my candida.

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    Hello, great videos 🙂

    I am looking to get a metals test done here in the UK. Is there certain keywords I should use to find these type of metal tests?

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    Hey doc big fan been reading your book,I have a candida infection and whole loads of Gut issues Recently i realized I have a Dental bridge in my mouth made of material called porcelain or ceramic and might be metal alloys or gold in there I want to do the test but money is a problem could these be contributing.

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