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Doctors Answer The Most Googled Sex Questions

August 27, 2019

– If you feel like you’re
really small maybe you are. (bass music) – I’m Dr. Lisa Masterson, and I’m an obstetrician and gynecologist. – My name is Dr. Kia Michel
from Comprehensive Urology. I’m a urologist. – I deal with everything
women and men as it involves relationships and sex and fertility. – Today we’re going to answer Google’s most popular sex questions. (smooth jazz) It depends by what you mean by that. So you can certainly have
peeling on the outside, you can have peeling on the inside. – It might be discharge, it
might be shedding layers. That’s something you definitely
want to see a doctor about. – If you haven’t, you
also want to make sure that there’s no history of diabetes or you’re developing diabetes. – That could be a reaction
to a lotion or a soap, sort of a toxic irritant, but
it does need to be checked out because nobody wants to walk
around with a peeling vagina. If the lips are swollen
then that’s definitely not a good thing because
you’re walking around with something that’s
uncomfortable and protruding. – So the inflammation can
come about because of trauma. Vigorous intercourse or penetration or vigorous even external rubbing. – It could Bartholin’s cyst
or a Bartholin’s abcess. Those things need to
be drained by a doctor. If your vagina or the
lips again are swollen, something you need to
see your doctor about. (alert music) – What happened before the
penis started bleeding? – If you have an STD that
could be another issue. – You can kinda break up the penis into several different segments. One if the urethra. If there’s blood coming out of there then there’s been some
trauma to the urethra itself. If the urine itself is bloody you’ve got to make sure that there’s something more
serious that’s not happening, and then there’s the external penile skin. You’re not going to have too many issues why the penis is bleeding
apart from some form of trauma. Sometimes self-inflicted,
sometimes with a partner, sometimes by a foreign object. Why is my penis small? That’s one of the most commonly asked questions that we have. – I know every guy has a
thing about their penis, and really they want to know how a woman’s going to react to it. – Turns out that most men are
roughly about the same size in terms of length which
is about six inches. We all see these pictures
in the porn magazines, and that may be outside of normal. – Most men fit within that average of roughly about six inches. So if you feel like you’re small, you may not be as small as you think. You may be very very much
normal, very average. – It’s like breasts come in different shapes and sizes, so do penises. (inquisitive music) Oh my god, women have such
issues with having sex on their period, and it
may be their partner. Some are squeamish, some don’t want it to look like a crime scene afterwards. – If that’s something you’re comfortable with and your partner is, sure. – It can be the time where
women have the most orgasms because they’re well-lubricated,
they’re relaxed, all those hormones are let down, and people should welcome
and be good with it, and then put down a lot of towels. – you can still get
pregnant so be careful. If you’re going to do that you still need to use some form of protection. – That’s kind of a judgment call, and I think it’s really up to the person. You have to decide what’s
comfortable for you, and I think that’s really the answer. – For most women who have
a urinary tract infection if you have intercourse it
hurts a lot more, so wait. – So there’s also called
honeymoon cystitis which is actually a bladder infection you may get on your
honeymoon if you have sex for the first time, and I will tell you, because I had it, you cannot have sex. – Nothing’s that urgent. If you can just give yourself
a few days of antibiotics, make sure the infection’s
completely riddled of, you’re in a much much better place. – Any infections you
want to get cleared up before you have intercourse. I would imagine what you mean by that is that you’re hymen stayed intact, and typically it breaks during intercourse for the first time, but that
doesn’t necessarily have to be. – It’s also possible that the partner was so small that that didn’t occur, but that’s very very
rare for that to happen. – The hymenal ring can actually even burst without intercourse. So it doesn’t really matter
if it’s there or not. It’s okay as long as it’s
not causing you discomfort. (synth music) Okay, so you had sex and
now you’re peeing blood. That’s not a good thing. – Most likely you have a
urinary tract infection which causes a lot of
inflammation inside the bladder. Go to your physician very
quickly, get your urine analysis, and your cultures done, and only thereafter take some antibiotics. That should help you quite a bit. – You should call your doctor because there is the
plan B that you can take. – Depending on where you are
in your last menstrual period, how many times you’ve
actually missed the pill, it could still be an important factor. – And you can actually do
this with your own pills and sort of double up,
but call your doctor to have them tell you how to do it. It could just be from sex. Sometimes there’s a
reaction between the semen and the vaginal fluids, and a lot of times that can cause a specific odor. – Probably there’s an infection in there. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, those are the most common infections that we see in women that
cause these types of changes. – It could just be from all that friction going on down there, and
it could be something else. It could be that they gave
you a bacterial infection. So it’s just important to get checked out if you do have some odor that you’re concerned about
that doesn’t go away. Maybe they didn’t hit
all your right buttons. Everybody has a button, and it may not be a button down there. It may be on the face,
it may be by the ear. – There’s so many different factors that go into being able
to achieve a good orgasm. Have you been drinking a lot? Have you taken any drugs? Have you done anything
else that can potentially change your sensuality or your sensation? – You just have to keep going
at it, keep experimenting. You should feel something. That’s the idea is that
it should be enjoyable. It should be connection. If you don’t actually feel anything. Like say you cut your finger and you don’t actually feel anything you definitely want to talk to your doctor about that because maybe
there’s some nerve damage or something that’s going on
that needs to be corrected. That you so much for your questions. They were absolutely awesome. People need to know
what they’re bodies like and not be afraid to talk about it. – Just remember while
Google and the internet are fantastic resources for
so many different things, make sure that the
questions that you have, you sit down with a
healthcare professional and you speak with them. – Get your diva on, or
your guy diva on too. It’s so so important to love yourself before you invite
anybody else to love you. – Be safe, be careful, and
understand what your needs are. Know about your partner, and have fun. (electronic music)


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