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Doctor of Medicine – Joint Program in Medicine

February 20, 2020

I’m Dr. Leslie Foster. I’m the Dean of Rural Medicine at Charles
Sturt University, which is part of the joint program in medicine with Western Sydney University. We will be able to have kids come and study
in the country in a five year undergraduate program, and they will be able to learn about
what it’s like to practice in the country. It’s only five years, which means that after
five years you are ready to go out and practice as an intern. People in the program will be seeing patients
and working with local doctors, often on a one on one basis or in very small groups. The facilities will be brand new and wonderful
to work in, tailor made for the program with all the equipment that’s necessary. There’s a $22 million building that will house
the first two years of the program. There’s also another new building right opposite
the hospital where we will be making the base for our clinical students, which is the third,
fourth, and fifth year. There just aren’t enough doctors working in
the Bush. We really need to give country kids the opportunity
to come and study medicine so that they can become doctors and help alleviate this big
problem. I’m Dr. Ross Wilson. I’m the director of rural studies at Western
Sydney University. The program for Western Sydney and rural basis
that CSU have got provides a good synergy. I think you’ve got the best of both worlds. You’ve got university and medical researchers
in some areas leading the world and you’ve got Charles Sturt which understands
and works in the rural environment, providing a basis. I think put the two together and you’ve got
a pretty powerful combination. Both universities have an ethos, which is
a local product, and I think that will stand them in good stead. Sandeep Dayaratne I’m a fourth year medical
student. There’s a lot of hands on experience that
you get. From first year itself, we are exposed to
clinical medicine, you’re in hospital a lot of the time, and from third year onwards,
you’re pretty much in hospital. Doctors here, they want all the help that
they can get, a lot of clinical exposure, which has been great, and a lot more one on
one time with patients as well. My pediatrics rotation, my obstetrics and
gynecology rotation, other rotations that I’ve had in rural areas have all been such
wonderful experiences and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I think a person who really
likes the clinical aspect of medicine would love regional and rural. What I’ve found is that doctors thoroughly
enjoy their job and the work life balance, the advantages of working in a close knit
community is very convenient, and I think people should actually come and be exposed
to it and then they’ll see for themselves.

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