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Doctor Breaks Down Differences Between Coronavirus & Flu

March 10, 2020


  • Reply TrapStar March 10, 2020 at 10:02 pm

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  • Reply SpybottleMessuage March 10, 2020 at 10:08 pm

    The other time the NATO military harassment..

  • Reply SpybottleMessuage March 10, 2020 at 10:08 pm

    There is the SEXUAL TRAFFICKING of the INMIGRATION in USA made by the US government system; before 2000 the Senate made the CIA law to disallow the REFUGE status in USA if the immigrant came for the USA via the third country, and arrest him and return him in the third country to do Refuge from the third country – because the RAFUGE is the system which in United Nations organization do suing process against the ORIGINAL COUNTRY VIOLATION on the repression of it repressed citizen escaped into the other country. So, the CIA for the needs of the SPY devised the spy system with the Venezuela. My father, the radio-electronics engineer, couldn't get out of the Russia in 1997, and with his REFUGE condition obtained in Francfurt-on-Main UN office – committed his suicide. I needed to apply for the United Nations and asked my mother help me, while she was in USA, divorced with my father, and my sister, who was in Venezuela, but, actually, in USA either. I got sold my two apartments condo in Russia to have some money for the Airplane tickets but the USA VISA Center disallowed the Visa for USA, and My sister did the Venezuelas visa, meanwhile she with my money traveled in USA. I got two years torture in Caracas, while all my documents for the United Nations and my father's things were robbed by the inspection on the immigration background checking. After they gave me visa and Green Card in 2001 almost, but in USA I did not find any money from my apartments sales, because the COLLECTIVE BANK of New Jersey for the needs of the SPY exposed info about money in it and the radio-hypnosis forced to spend them off before collectors HARASSMENT.
    There were about $20000 because the Russia held the property prices for a five years waiting me back. But after they raised them for the international level, so now it is the $200 thousend for the same property. The USA made the TRAFFICKINH of the sex with the radio-hypnosis harassment during the 20 years. But I couldn't apply for the REFUGE, I had no documents stollen from my suit cases, and I came in the United Family citizenship in 2009, when the police threatened me with the unemployment problems and arresting if I do not remove from USA without my money. The RUSSIAN LANGUAGE RADIO-STATION of the Atlantic City police was working in Casino Trump-Marina in 2002 extorting ye money – the banks police searching for my extra finds to deprive and steal the dollars from me. In Russia there were the airplanes crashes every years and the 200 -300 people deaths annually with the coincidence of the terrorism during 2001-2020. I wrote in FSB(KGB) online but they responded the facts of my papers were not confirmed. I wrote for Federals of Police – but they redirected it for the Department of the Foreign Trades. Look at, the both USA and Russia were accused in the TRAFFICKIG of the sexual infections and unemployment complications, the Ukraine too, they began the war in Donbass and got the Malaysian Boeing disaster too – my documents were in Kramayorsk, Ukrainia, left in 1997 too. They destroyed them. The MINZDRAV, the Department of the Health – were in the charge of the claim that they did illegal medical experiments on the healthy humans making them psychiatric patients by the sexual raping with the police. Medical system became the Nation Security terrorism either, the 2010 Claim for the Eric Holder Office for Professional Responsibility was not answered, but Eric Holder resign after a while.
    There is no EPIDEMY as like EPIDEMY, there is the Organized Crime political military espionage of the New Jersey fort DIX, Navy Base Lakehurst, airborne macGuire, the Kansas Fort RELEY, the Florida fort Lauderdale, the New York City fort Authority of Navy department SPY ABUSE, which is arresting the humans disallowing them out of the country, and DISALLOWING for the adaptation in the USA society. I got lost SIX PROFESSIONS, tortured by the disqualified radio-hypnosis station, the IMMIGRATION AGENT stole the embezzled sum of the money from the US budget by the useless job of the trafficking harassment during 20 years. The apartment address in the Russian passport is the SOCIAL Security number in Russia, but the Social Services are firing from the jobs to search the money if any existing to deprive them and disallowing the claim for the United Nation Organization, using the UN as like political ESPIONAGE system. If the immigration agen just alone had $200 thousend per year, the 20 years stole from the Federal budget about 4 million dollars for the disqualification and loosing my health conditions. I believe that the US military guy do not want into PRISON charging for Sexual Trafficking for 30 years sentence. So, they are doing the EPIDEMY LIFE DEPRIVIATION all around the World. You'd better stop your EPIDEMY.

  • Reply RAY RAY March 10, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    President Trump is determined to assist all americans with this epidemic. If you are one of the 44 million americans without health insurance, you will receive a free CDC Covid-19 special edition shovel.

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