Do I Have Pneumonia or Just a Cold?

October 13, 2019

Do I have pneumonia or just a cold? If you’re coughing, it could be either one.
If you are coughing up multi-colored mucus, it is pneumonia. That’s gross. A cold is a virus. It causes congestion, a
runny nose, sometimes a headache or sore throat. And pneumonia does the same thing. No, pneumonia is when bacteria start growing
in the mucus. So it is a different infection. But it is a secondary infection. So you can
have a cold and pneumonia at the same time. I’ve heard of people getting one and then
the other. They had some mucus in the lungs, and the
pneumonia took hold while they were recovering from the cold. And then they were laid low by the fever and
weakness. The biggest difference between the two is
the fever. A cold won’t cause a fever. When might it be the flu? A cold won’t cause stomach upset or diarrhea,
whereas the flu might. And you can have the flu and pneumonia at once. That’s sheer misery. How do you get over it? No matter what you have, hydration is important.
So is rest. They used to call pneumonia the old man’s
friend because you died in your sleep. Dying drowning on mucus in the lungs while
asleep doesn’t sound too friendly. Be glad we have antibiotics these days. That
brought the death rate down dramatically. And the pneumonia vaccine. It’s a pity they
don’t have a vaccine for the cold yet. There was a science fiction story about aliens
inventing a disease to try to keep different species down, from developing advanced technology.
In the case of humans, it was the common cold. In that case, they failed to do anything but
annoy us. Well, it did create the stereotype of the
snot-nosed little kid.

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