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Do Candida Itch Creams Work? Do Candidiasis Creams Work?

August 15, 2019

Eric Bakker, thanks for coming back. I’m going to talk about itch creams. Okay, we’re going to talk about candida and
skin and itchy sort of skin. It’s not unusual, for many years when I had
patients sitting in my room at Candida, to see them doing this, or to see them doing
this, or even scratching other parts of their body. Some people get driven crazy with itch with
candida, absolutely nuts. They’re looking for an effective cream that
can stop itching of the scalp, or private regions, or things like that. If you look at medicine, there are three core
areas that they hit on when it comes to skin, in terms of reducing sensitivity of their
skin. Especially if it’s itchy. People really want relief from itching. You can look at the antihistamine pathway. You can also look at an anesthetic kind of
pathway where you can spray or rub something on there to basically make it numb a little
bit, which is a stupid idea in my opinion. Or you can look at the antihistamine area
to reduce the histamine response with the skin. This might be appropriate for like a insect
bite or things like that. Of course, there’s the steroid route. You can look at the hydrocortisone creams
you can spare on your skin, which really suppress the immune system. These are all dumb things to do. Why the heck would you do those sort of things? You can also use, in natural medicine, you
can use rubefacient, or counterirritants, things you rub on there which actually irritate
the skin a bit and reduce the irritation that you’re feeling from the actual problem itself. Moisturizers you can also use, things that
really help to lubricate the area and moisten it right out. You’ve got many different herbal creams you
can use as well, which are very effective, that help to reduce inflammation, itch, just
like the medical counterpart of it, but without all the side effects. There are many good companies that bring out
good skins and creams. It’s something that I’m particularly interested
in myself. I can remember having itchy scalp, itchy armpits
and things like that, how distressing it can be to have such a terrible itch. So yeah, there are definitely creams out there
that definitely work and that have got a good effectiveness. Talk to people in the health [inaudible] about
that. If you want to find an effective product,
but you will get super effective anti-itch type of candida products by going to a really
good health foods store and taking to the people there. They know the natural products quite well. Or you can go to chemist and buy a chemical
concoction, but I’d rather you not do that. I prefer that you go down the natural route. So talk to people in the shop because there
are may different options. You’ve got tea tree options, euro calendula,
there are various herbs like that that really help when they’ve been put in a proper base
that can really significantly reduce the discomfort you might be experiencing with the candida. So check it out, but I’m certainly a fan of
it. Thanks for the question.

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  • Reply Krayun May 14, 2019 at 1:30 pm

    Hi Eric, what are your thoughts on lichen sclerosus? Are there other factors involved which add to the problem? (like deficiencies, gut imbalance, hypothyroidism)

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