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“DNA and True Cause of Disease” by Barbara O’Neill (1/10)

August 25, 2019

– In this series of lectures, I’m gonna be talking about you. I’m gonna be talking at your body. I’m gonna be speaking about your body’s amazing
ability to heal itself. The human body was
designed to heal itself. Little two-letter word there, if. The human body was designed to heal itself if you give it the right conditions. We all know that, if we cut
our finger, it will heal, but if you cut your finger
and you keep opening it, and you put some dirt in there,
and some manure in there, it’s not gonna heal very well. Will it (chuckling)? So the human body will heal itself if you give it the right conditions, and one of those conditions
is pulling the skin together. Do you know an old
Australian bush remedy is if there’s a cut, you
pour pine pitch in it? That’s the pitch outta the pine tree and, as it dries, it
pulls the skin together. It’s also a disinfectant. Another old remedy is to
cut the head off a bull ant. You familiar with the bull ant, big ant in the Australian bush, and put the pincers either side, and, as rigor mortis sets in, it goes hard and those pincers
will hold that cut together and it must be kept clean. You see, your skin is like a suit of armor and as soon as the skin is cut, and the blood is exposed, then, of course, harmful pathogens from the air can get in. So there are basic conditions for that cut to heal. It’ll heal if you give
it the right conditions. That same healing power is
all through the human body. That same healing power that
can heal a cut in the skin can heal the body all the through. So, then the question arises, so if the human body has
been designed to heal itself, why are so many people sick? Isn’t that true? Why? Now this question why, we’ll be exploring. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that, to every action, there is an equal and
an opposite reaction. In other words, there’s always a reason if someone’s not healing. And Rudyard Kipling, he
wrote a whole poem on it, and I’m gonna give you the first stanza. I have six trusty serving men. They taught me all I know. Their names are what, why,
when, where, how, and who. Do you have your six trusty serving men? Do you take them everywhere you go? And if your specialist, or your doctor, or your naturopath, gets impatient at your lots of questions, rise, politely excuse yourself, and leave, and don’t pay the bill. Mm-hmm. Because you are employing you, you’re employing them to do you a service. Do you know we, the consumer, have power, and it is when we, the consumer, always very politely of course, treat it like this, that’s what will change the system. I’m afraid, too often, people just accept what they are told without investigating. We all should be private investigators, investigating why these things are so, and the best person to
begin the investigations on is the person in the mirror. Is that right? Why are these things so? I love the private investigator part of being a naturopath nutritionist, but I like to think that my main role is that of a teacher, and I love teaching people
how to be their own doctors. So, if the human body was
designed to heal itself, and I feel we have established this, then the question is why
are so many people sick? I’d like to, tonight, look at probably one of
the main theories today. Actually, there are two
theories which we will touch on. I call them the gene
theory and the germ theory. A person’s sick ’cause it’s in the genes. A person’s sick because
the germ made them sick. But do you know, with the gene theory, they are stating today that only 2% can be applied to the genes? That’s not much, isn’t it? ‘Cause the fact is
genetics may load the gun, but it is lifestyle
that pulls the trigger. So my mother died a
cripple in a wheelchair at the age of 51 with
rheumatoid arthritis. I have strong inherited genes
to rheumatoid arthritis, but you’ve probably noticed I’m not dead and I’m not in a wheelchair. I’m so glad that, even though
genetics loads the gun, it is lifestyle that pulls the trigger. My mother, unfortunately, did not know all the things that came together to cause her sickness, but I do. That’s why I believe the
only hope of better things on planet Earth is the education of people in the right principles, and
that’s why I’m here tonight, and I think that’s why
you’re here tonight. To know why. So let’s have a look at the gene theory. And we’re gonna go to the CBD. The CBD is the central business
district of the human body, the inside workings of the cell, and we’re gonna be going in
there just about every lecture, because, to know how the body heals, you need to know how it works. And to know how the body works, you gotta go right into
the very heart of the cell, ’cause we are just a bunch of cells, eye cells, brain cells, tissue cells, bone cells, pancreatic cells. And we’re gonna go to the very center of the cell tonight, and we’re going to have a look. In the very nucleus of
the cell is the DNA. What’s the DNA, it’s the genetic code. The genetic code inside our cells determines the color of our
skin, color of our hair, whether our hair is curly, or
whether our hair is straight. My father died early this year at 92, and he hardly had any gray hair. (chuckling) My mother, when she died at
51, hardly had any gray hair, so I didn’t think I had any gray hair until I looked in the
mirror with my glasses on. Oh! It’s amazing what you
see when you (chuckling) look in the mirror with your glasses on. I saw my sisters last week. They have no gray hair. We’ve all got brown hair. It’s in the genes, whereas
my husband’s Michael, he’s 60 and his hair is white, and his mother was white at 50, and his father was white at
50, so it’s in the genes. Nothing I do will change the fact that I’m 5’2″, with eyes of blue, and have brown hair at my age. Nothing I do will change that. So it seems like a tiny
little step to say, nothing I will do the change the fact that my mother died at 51 with
rheumatoid arthritis in her, a cripple in a wheelchair,
and so, so will I. Can you see the reasoning there? Because nothing we do will
change the color of our hair. Even if we put a bottle on
and make it another color, within one month, what have we got again? We’ve got our original color. Nothing we do can change that. But the good news is we can change our DNA, to the better or to the worst, and that’s our lifestyle. It’s called epigenetics,
you might’ve heard about it. The effect of our eating
habits and our lifestyle, the effect it has on our cells. So let’s have a look at this DNA. It made headlines in the newspaper. 1953, secret of life had been discovered. Watson and Crick, two scientists, had been able to unravel the DNA. And when it’s unraveled, it can be two meters long, and there are 23
chromosomes from our father, 23 chromosomes from our mother. You’ve probably seen
photographs or, not photographs, can’t get a photograph
of this, illustrations. Lot of information in this DNA, and if you were to put all
the information in this DNA into alphabetical language, and
put it into paperback books, pile them on top of one another, it would go to the moon
and back a few times. I can hardly get my mind around
that sort of information. Do you know, the psalmist,
in Psalm 139, verse 14, he says I will praise
thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right? Well now, that psalmist didn’t know what I’m showing you here tonight, is this incredible DNA. And it’s all coiled up inside
our 100 trillion cells, quite phenomenal. What’s the DNA made up of? It’s made up of the food we eat. The outside strands is
made up of polysaccharides and polysaccharides
basically means many sugars. And everything we eat is
made up of these many sugars. That’s the outside strands. The inside bands, that’s made up of amino acids, and amino acids is a breakdown
from the protein we eat. And the glue that glues these
two together is minerals. And the food that has the
highest mineral content is our vegetables, and of our vegetables, the highest content is in your greens, your dark green, leafy vegetables. Hippocrates said, “Let
food be your medicine, “and medicine be your food,” and he didn’t know what
I’ve just shown you, that our very DNA is made
up of the food that we eat. And when I look at some
supermarket trollies, I wonder how their DNA will ever be made, because the food that’s in that trolley has no nutrition in it. Unfortunately, so many minds today are molded by media, yeah? Molded by what it says on the television. But unfortunately, most of what you see on television is false science. You’ve heard of false
science and true science? There’s a big difference. What I like to use is three things. I like to use history. I like to use basic
anatomy and physiology, and I like to use common sense. It’s not very common today, is it? No, there’s been a death and
no one attended the funeral, ’cause no one knew he’d died, it was the death of common sense. It has to make sense. We’re constantly being remade. We’re being remade
according to the pattern, according to the DNA. We got new eye cells
every one to two days. We’ve got new cells that line
our gastrointestinal tract every three to five days. Now we’re going to go on a journey through our gastrointestinal tract, and we’re gonna be doing
that on Thursday night. In this journey, we’re
gonna start at the mouth and go all the way
through to the other end. (chuckling) It’s a fascinating journey, and the cells that line that gut are remade every three to five days. I think it’s every month
we’ve got a new skin. Where does the old skin go? Isn’t that why we wash our clothes, and wash our bodies, and wash our sheets, and vacuum our floors? We’re constantly shedding off our skin. We’ve got a new liver,
it’s about every six weeks, new bones, about every three months. We’re constantly being remade
according to the pattern, according to the formula, according to the blueprint
inside every cell. What I wanna show you tonight is how that new cell is made, and we’re gonna make a new
gastrointestinal tract cell. All the information is in the DNA. But that DNA, even though
Watson and Crick were able to pull it out and fold
it back, it cannot leave. And so a photocopy is made. It’s called RNA. The photocopy is made and it
travels down to another section in the cell called ribosome, and ribosome is the little factory where the new cell is made. Do you know there’s a literal
city inside that cell? It’s incredible. So we come down to the
little factory, ribosome, where the new cell is made, and for purposes of illustration, I’m going to explain it like
the building of a brick wall. So the first brick goes down, that’s an amino acid, maybe it’s tyrosine. Then the next brick goes down, it’s another amino acid, phenylalanine. Then the next brick goes
down, it’s methionine. Then the next brick goes down, lysine. Can you see what’s happening here? Every brick is a different amino acid, and they fit into the next
amino acid just like a jigsaw, according to the pattern,
according to the formula. And every three to five days, out pops a new
gastrointestinal tract cell. You see lining the
gastrointestinal tract are villi, like this, which we will look at in detail on Thursday night. The new cell is made down here. It travels up every three to five days and away it goes again. So every three to five days a new gastrointestinal tract cell is made. Well, what about someone
with Crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcerative colitis, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome? If that is true, how come they don’t heal in, let’s be generous and say, two weeks? Is that a reasonable question? I’d like to suggest that
it’s very reasonable. So why aren’t they healing? Well, let’s begin by looking at how the new irritable
bowel syndrome cell is made. So a photocopy is made
of all the information. It comes down to ribosome, and let’s look at how the new irritable
bowel syndrome cell is made. The first brick goes down, it’s tyrosine. We’re ready for the next brick, and there’s a piece of
information missing. Oh, dear. What are we gonna do now? What do we put there that it’s missing? And there’s a rogue cell, and this rogue cell is a breakdown from chemicals, heavy metals. Body doesn’t know it,
doesn’t recognize it. It’s floating around looking
for somewhere to poke itself, and it sees a gap, and in it goes. Now we’re ready for methionine. Well, where’s methionine gonna fit? It’ll somehow try and fit there somewhere, and then another problem has just arisen. The person’s short in minerals, so it can’t be glued properly. And now we’ve got another problem. There’s another piece
of information missing. What are we gonna do now? Well, there’s another rogue cell, another breakdown from
genetically-modified foods, damage from electromagnetic fields. Well, they’re there,
we’re exposed to them all. And every three to five
days, out pops a new, we’ll call this one an
irritable bowel syndrome cell. In that very simple illustration, I tipped the iceberg really
of why people aren’t healing. You see, if the formula’s not right, if the blueprint is not right, the new cell cannot be made right. Michael and I had four
boys and four girls, and of our boys, we’ve
got tilers, and builders, and landscapers, and before they tile, before they landscape, before they build, they must make the plan. They must have a plan. It’s the same with our cell. There must be a proper plan
for it to be made properly, and if the plan is not right, well, it cannot be made right. So what I’d like to look at now is I’d like to have a
look at why the damage. What has caused the damage? 92% of DNA damage, the
research is showing today, is caused by a mineral deficiency, so 92% of the damage is caused
from a mineral deficiency. So how could Aussies be mineral deficient? Jamie Oliver, he’s done a
lot for Australian cooking, Australians even eat greens today. Why do I say greens? Because it’s in greens that you get your highest
amount of minerals, and minerals are not
lost with the cooking. It’s only lost if you throw the water away you were actually cooking in. So how come Aussies are mineral deficient? Now, if someone’s living on fast food, obviously they’re gonna
be mineral deficient. But there are people today in Australia, they’re having their fruits
and vegetables every day, and they’re still mineral deficient. Well, we have to now look
at the way the food’s grown. You see, traditionally, ground was always fed
compost between crops. When you’ve got a crop in the ground, say you’ve got tomatoes in the ground. That tomato plant will
pull certain minerals out of the soil to cause
the tomatoes to grow. And when you harvest your crop, you gotta put that
minerals back into the soil before you put your next crop in. That’s why it’s a good
idea to do a tomato crop and then, the next crop, do a root crop. You alternate your crops
because different vegetables take different minerals out of the soil. But before your next crop goes in, you gotta feed it with compost. We’ll look in a minute at
how the compost’s made, but basically the breakdown of food, the microbes are in the soil. So, if the soil’s deficient, the plant’s gonna be deficient, and the human that eats that
plant is gonna be deficient. There’s a book called The Calcium Lie by Dr. Robert Thompson, and he shows in his
book that 50 years ago, we had 50% more nutrients in
our soil than we got today! Why? That’s because of, what is it, glyphosate, Roundup? They’ve always said it’s safe. You know what they’re doing
in the last six months? Ah, sorry, it’s not safe any more, have you seen that? And in Australia, they
grow wheat with Roundup. You may have heard of the
court case in America, a farmer won $82 million. He was awarded because of
the damage done from Roundup, so there’s been a big backtrack on that. So a lot of vegetables
are grown with that, but also super phosphates. Super phosphate, produces show ponies of vegetables, doesn’t taste any good, just looks good. But deficient in minerals
because that super phosphate locks up the nutrients in the soil, so the plant can’t get them. No wonder so many are mineral deficient. But there’s something else that’s causing the mineral deficiency and that is stimulants. The stimulants are leaching
minerals out of the body. Sugar, if you said that sugar, the pure, crystallized
acid that’s been extracted from the sugar cane plant. I’m not referring to
honey and maple syrup, I’m referring to the refined sugar that has no nutrients in it. Because it’s got no nutrients in it, when it gets into your body, it is a acid that is toxic to the body, and so what it does now, it pulls the minerals out of your body to try and calm down this toxic acid. It is said that sugar leaves
your body better dressed then when it went in. It went in naked and it comes out dressed
with your minerals. You talk to doctors today,
especially orthopedic surgeons, they’re finding breaks in children’s bones that they have never seen
in young children before, and they’re all putting
it down to the sugar. I lived in a rainforest
raising my children. They used to fall off horses and fall out of their
Tarzan vines in the trees. No broken bones. No broken bones and we used
to eat all the vegetables straight outta the garden. And we didn’t eat sugar (chuckling). Caffeine. We call this one Australia’s
darling, is that right? What’s a darling, something they love. But most people don’t
realize that caffeine interferes with the
neurotransmitters in the brain. Do you know that that means? You can have a young couple that are having a cup of coffee every day, maybe the lady has a bit of chocolate, the guy has a Coke. They can give birth to a baby with a DNA that has damaged genes to the neurotransmitters in the brain. You know what that means? They can give birth to babies who have a tendency to
Attention Deficit Syndrome, a tendency to Asperger’s, autism, all because of the parents’ habits of having a cup of coffee a day. (squeals) They don’t tell you that on
the coffee packet, do they? Caffeine not only leaches the minerals but it’s also damaging the DNA. Sugar leaches minerals but
it also damages the DNA. We had a lady do our program. She brought her nine-year-old daughter, who had type 1 diabetes. The mother was quite large,
and as I’m consulting, the little girl said to her mother, “Mom, tell her what you do.” The mother looked a little embarrassed, and then the little girl said, “She eats a bag of lollies a day.” The mother looked very embarrassed. How can I tell that mother that that bag of lollies a day weakened her pancreatic gene to the point that her daughter was born with
a weakened pancreatic genes? A nine-year-old hasn’t been
on the planet long enough to damage her pancreas. Mm. We’ll be looking at, let
me just double check. We’ll be looking at
diabetes tomorrow night, and I will tell the story how, within a couple of the days, that little girl had reduced
her insulin by half, wow! It can be turned ’round, and it can be turned
’round very effectively and quite quickly. But what we’re looking at the DNA, that’s why we have to
have our detective hat on. Many are sick through ignorance. That mother did not know that her habit of lolly eating was gonna damage her pancreatic gene to the point that she would give birth to a baby with a weakened
pancreatic, pancreas. She would never have eaten them if she’d known that, would she? Many are sick through ignorance. What also causes minerals
to be leached is alcohol. There’s no safe dose of
alcohol, it’s a toxic poison, and not only is it leaching
nutrients out of the body, but it is also causing damage to the DNA, so we’re getting babies born today with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The DNA has been damaged because of the parents’ drinking habits. Tobacco. Children are being born
today with weakened lungs, less alveoli in the lungs and holes in the alveoli, the whole, I mean the honeycomb that
holds the alveoli together, all because of their
parents’ smoking habits. We’re looking at what
causes damage to the DNA. What also can cause damage to the DNA is genetically-modified foods. Unfortunately, Monsanto is so powerful, and so wealthy, and so big,
they win every court case where Australians want GMO to
be labeled on the products. Happens in America, too, it’s unfortunate. So how do you know? Well, you don’t, unless you buy organic. You see, if an organic farmer uses genetically-modified seed, they lose their organic status. So grow as much as you can yourself, and the more Aussies that buy organic, the more organic will be available. One organic tomato will give you nine times the iron of a
conventionally-grown tomato. So you get much more value for your money, even though organic is more expensive. Genetically-modified food happens when the DNA of two different
species are spliced together to create, for instance, DNA of the tomato with the DNA of an Atlantic salmon, hoping to create a tomato
that grows in the snow, but actually it doesn’t grow in the snow, and it has five centers instead of one, and there’s all these
strange things happening, and when the person eats that tomato, it breaks down to molecules
that your body cannot recognize and has the ability to damage your DNA. Did you know that Vladimir
Putin, the Russians’ president, he’s passed a law that
any Russian who grows or sells genetically-modified foods is to be considered a terrorist? Whoo! He’s even giving land away to Russians who will grow food organically, non-GMO. You put his name and GMO and Google that and you’ll read the spiel. He says, “We Russians
look across at the West. “Over-vaccinated, over-medicated, overfed, “sitting in front of boxes every night “in their lounge rooms, “eating food that has no nutrients.” He said, “And we know
is weakening the West.” Is he right? – Yeah.
– Yeah, 100%. – Absolutely right, yeah. What also can cause damage to the DNA is electromagnetic field excess. We are electrical people. There’s a spark of
electricity in every cell. It’s the excess that the problem is. So we get excess when we buy houses under big electrical towers. Do you know it used to be 50 years ago it was illegal to build a
house under those towers? You go to housing states
today and they’re there, and they’re the cheapest
house in the whole estate. The farmer knows that, if his cows graze under those big towers, then there are stillborns,
and deformed calves born. We gotta keep away from those big wires, but probably where we
need to be most mindful of is what’s in our home. WiFi, if you’ve got it, it should be switched off every night. And in your bedroom, there
should be no technology. Aim for a technology-free bedroom. We spend a third of our
life in that room, don’t we? Do you know the current
figures are 80% of Americans sleep with their iPhones? Well, you know Australia’s
not far behind (chuckling) America in so many things. But I need my iPhone to wake me up. Well, I’ve got some good news. It only has to be two foot away and you’ve reduced your exposure by 2/3. But many people sleep with
it under their pillow, yep. We’re not even going into
what some people are watching or how much they’re watching. We’re just looking at
today, how much exposure. And if you talk to breast surgeons, the amount of young women that are coming in with breast cancer, and it’s right in the breast, where they used to put
their phone in their bra. You can even buy sports bras today with pockets in them
to put the phone in it. So don’t have your iPhone on you, and you know the worst place
to put your laptop is where? – [Audience Member] Your lap. – Your lap. (chuckling) There’s about 8,000 studies to show this, that young girls having
the laptop on their lap between the age of, say,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, let’s fast forward to in their 30s, having a baby, 47% miscarriage, because it’s affecting
the developing of the eggs when they are just in adolescence. So have it on a bench, have it on a desk, have it away for you. Some people sleep with
a virtual Christmas tree around them, yeah, all the technology. You gotta charge your phones,
charge them in the far corner, or ideally, in the next room. We should be sleeping
in the dark, no light. That’s what we should be doing. So please beware of your
electromagnetic field exposure. There must be rules in the home. We’re such a technological age. Be very cautious with the children. Have you read that the
Australian Health Department have said children under the age of two, the safe exposure is nil. You see, babies’ and children’s skulls aren’t as thick as adults, and so there’s much more damage, and it goes in twice
as far, into the brain, this electromagnetic field,
compared to an adult brain, so be very careful with that. I fly a lot, how do they keep
the kids quiet on the plane? The phone (chuckling), the iPhone. You gotta remember what
people did 20 years ago, actually 10 years ago,
it’s not that long ago. There’s lots of ways to occupy without giving them damage things, damaging things that will damage them. What’s the old saying? Buy now, pay later. There’s a big pay later with the electromagnetic
field excess we’re exposed to. Also, what can damage
the DNA is chemicals. It is estimated we’re exposed to about 30,000 new chemicals a year. Now, finally, Roundup has been exposed to the danger that it is. I wonder what’s gonna be next. Have you ever wondered that? What was safe 20 years ago is now being considered toxic, so how much safe today is
gonna be considered toxic? Do you know something very toxic most people don’t realize is bleach? And one of the most toxic
combination is bleach and mold, and what do most people kill bleach with, I mean mold with? Bleach, so what are we
gonna kill mold with? White vinegar. It’ll kill mold and it won’t kill you, that’s the good news. So have a look at what’s
in your laundry cupboard, have a look at what’s in
your toothpaste, (chuckling) in your shampoos, your conditioners, your laundry detergent, what you’re washing your dishes with, what’s in your food,
what’s in your clothes. But the biggest chemical
company in the world is the pharmaceutical company. Now I acknowledge that a drug
can save a life in a crisis, but I’m shocked at how many people on a day-to-day basis are using them. Number one killer in the world today, you know what it is? It’s heart attacks, strokes, and yes, tomorrow night. Tomorrow night we’re going to
have a look at heart as well, and I will show you many
alternatives that you can use to many of the medications people are told they’re gonna be on or they’re gonna die from a heart attack. That’s actually not true. So, if you’re on drugs, it’s very important not to stop them, or to find out which
ones you can stop safely, and which ones need to be eased off. A lady emailed me recently. She said,” Barbara, I’ve got
inflamed arteries in my brain.” She said, “I’ve been on
prednisone for two years.” I said well, that’s obviously not working. Can you see that? If the body can heal itself, and you’re on a drug for
two years, is it working? No. So I showed her some
things that she can do and she has to ease off
that prednisone very slowly. (chuckling) Because what happens now,
the body gets addicted to it. So you’ve gotta go very, very slowly off something like that. Also, mold. Mold, we’re looking at
what can damage the DNA, because, if the DNA’s
damaged, the body cannot heal. So, what I’d like to do, is I’d like to show you what mold is. It’s a microorganisms,
and a microorganism, as the name implies, it’s microscopic and it’s a living thing. And they’re everywhere. They’re in this air we’re breathing, they’re on our skin, they’re in our nose, eyes, mouth, everywhere! And they are an integral part of keeping life on planet Earth running. They’re part of life but
whenever cell damage happens, these microorganisms have
the ability to change roles. We change roles, all through
life, we change roles. I’m not dressed now the way I’m dressed on my morning exercise. I’m not dressed now the way I was dressed in Darwin two weeks ago. I’m not dressed now the way I’m dressed when I’m sleeping at night. We change roles. So do the microbes, and they change roles
according to the environment, just as we change roles
according to the environment. So, whenever cell damage happens, they now become the cleanup team, or as one microbiologist said to me, “Barbara, we call them
the garbage collectors.” So what are the garbage collectors? And you know, all the
garbage collectors do is they collect garbage, remember that. So this cleanup team,
the garbage collectors, they’re called bacteria. That’s what bacteria
is, that’s what it does. So the more rubbish, the more damage, the more waste, the more bacteria. Let me give you a quick
story to illustrate. Florence Nightingale, it’s 1954. The war in Crimea’s happening, here’s the Black Sea, here’s Crimea, and down the bottom of
the Black Sea is Scutari. This is the port where the
wounded were being taken, and the message got back to London that 50% of the young men that
actually survived the war, survived the boat trip
down to the hospital, if they survived that and
got into that hospital, 50% of these young men were
dying in that hospital. Florence Nightingale and 35 nurses went to see what they could do. They were shocked at that hospital. It was putrid. The doctors were not washing their hands from operation to operation. There was raw sewage in the corridors. So she contacted London immediately and said we need a
sanitary commission here to investigate this, we’ve got a terrible situation here. And so the Sanitary Commission was set up, and this is what they found. They found that the hospital was built in a swamp, and they found there was
a dead horse in the swamp, that’s a horse, and a dead dog, this is a dead dog in the swamp, and that water was being
drunk by the patients. That water was being
used to wash the wounds! I’m shocked that there was only 50% death. I’m shocked that 80%
of them weren’t dying. So very, very quickly, while Florence and her
nurses were in this hospital, scrubbing and cleaning, the Sanitary Commission started
to put processes in place to clean it up, to boil the water. Within six months, the death
rate went from 50% to 2%. Wow. Six months, that’s why we cannot forget
Florence Nightingale. See, there was so much
damage, so much waste, there was a lot of bacteria. You see, that’s its role on the planet. When Florence Nightingale
came back to London, I think it was 1956 when she came back, she was hailed as a heroine. There was a welcoming party, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert were there. When she saw that, she changed her name to Mary Smith, went down the back
gangplank, and went home. They said to her later,
why did you do that? She said, “I’m not a heroine.” She said, “All I did was improve hygiene, “sanitation, and nutrition.” Got that? What’s hygiene? Personal hygiene, wash the body, wash the clothes, wash
the wounds in clean water. Number two, sanitation. Get the dead dog and the
dead horse outta the water. Get the sewage outta the corridors. Clean up the house. And nutrition. Do you know she brought a cook with her? You cannot heal without nourishment. The very DNA, the very blueprint is made up of the food that we eat. She said, “I’m not a
heroine, that’s all I did.” I’m gonna show you a graph now and you will not see this graph. This is true science, so you will not read it
in The Daily Telegraph. All the childhood illnesses, mumps, measles, rubella, whooping cough, diphtheria, polio, wiped out, some of them
100%, some of them 90%, and then the vaccines were introduced. That is true. It’s in every medical journal. It’s true. If I can’t back it up,
I will not tell you. Surely not polio. Let me give you the story of polio. In London, they started putting lead and arsenic in paint and using DDT. Never heard of polio before that. This was using arsenic and lead in paint and DDT. Polio arose, here’s polio. Finally, they realized the connection, so they stopped using
lead and arsenic in paint, and they stopped using DDT. Guess what happened to polio. That’s the graph in the medical journals. And you’ve heard of Sister Kenny, she was an Australian bush nurse. There’s a movie made of Sister Kenny, I think it was made in about the ’40s, and Rosalind Russell acted in it. And this Australian bush nurse, she was asked to go to a polio case. Her doctor was outta town
and the child was spasming, so she put hot cloths and
massaged the child’s leg through the night and in the
morning, the child was over it. So every time she had a case of polio, she’d go and do hot packs,
and massage the legs. Sometimes it took a day or two or three and the child would recover. So she started a clinic and she had children coming in who’d been in calipers for
years, they’d walk out. She had piles of calipers like this ’cause the medical way
to treat it was calipers! Do you know what that means? No, paleo-pote, sorry, polio case should ever have been deformed if they’d been treated with
the hot packs and the massage. So they closed her down because they said it was unscientific. Hmm? And then in Minneapolis,
they had an outbreak and they heard of her and
they got her to come over and she never lost a case. Never had a case of deformity. (sighing) What I’m
giving you is the facts, I’m just giving you the true science. Do you know there’s another graph today? It’s Attention Deficit
Syndrome, hyperactivity, Asperger’s, autism, epilepsy, cot death. Children aren’t dying of
infectious diseases any more. They’re dying of neurological diseases. Well, where’s that come from? It’s the neurotoxins in the vaccines. The catchword that should be true for all is investigate before you vaccinate. So let’s begin, oh, we’ve already begun. Let’s continue our look of microorganisms. So bacteria evolve, or change forms, whenever there’s cell damage,
as the garbage collectors. As the environment changes, they now become the exterminators. What are the exterminators? Their name is yeast and fungus. They’re very busy on the rainforest floor. That’s their role, that’s what they do. As the environment changes, they change. They now become the undertakers. So what are the undertakers? Well, they take away dead things. So what’s their name? That’s mold. And it’s not long after the mold stage that the matter is now
brought back to dust. And what does the preacher
say at the funeral? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. He’s referring to what’s
about to happen in the coffin. What I’ve drawn for you
here is the cycle of life, or the carbon cycle, and a basic law of science
states nothing’s created and nothing’s destroyed,
it just changes form. These are the players
in the cycle of life. These are the performers
in the cycle of life. They’re not the enemy. And if they are active, the question should be
asked why are they there? Did you know, in the mid-1850s, the people that lived in London drank the water from the Thames, and all the sewage from their
houses went into the Thames, and they drank the water? No wonder the Black Plague happened, huh? And so an absolutely
magnificent sewage system is under the streets of London and they’re not having Black
Plagues any more, are they? And it’s not because they’re
vaccinated or medicated. It’s because they did what
Florence Nightingale said, they just turned the tap off. If you don’t turn the tap off, you’re still gonna be mopping
up in the other corner. If you don’t find the cause,
you will never find a cure. And when Florence Nightingale read of Louis Pasteur’s
theory, germs cause disease, she said, “This is the theory of a man “of a very unstable mind.” And she said, “And anyone who believes it “is equally unstable.” Hmm. So I hope that I’ve totally shattered the theories for you, that genes and germs don’t cause disease. (chuckling) They’re not the cause of the
disease we’re seeing today. They’re a part of the story, but the question should be asked, why are the genes being expressed? Or why are the germs there? At that point, I’d like to have a break. And when we come back after the break, I’m gonna show you the true role that these microbes play in disease, and by looking at that, we will also be looking at the causes and the treatments of cancer. Thank you. (gentle music)


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