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DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! DIY Makeup Tutorial with 10 Funny Pranks and Life Hacks

August 23, 2019

Not all makeup is edible, but yours can be! Today I’ll show you 10 DIY makeup ideas that
work like a dream, taste amazing and are perfect for pranks. Mmm… -Ha? Hihihi! Squeeze candy is the perfect sweet treat for
creating DIY makeup products, especially lip glosses. It comes in so many delicious flavors and
colors plus it looks super shiny, which is exactly what we need. Squeeze a small amount of this yummy glossiness
in a little pot. For this one I chose the strawberry flavor,
which comes in a very light pinky red shade. But I want to make my lip gloss super red
so I decided to drip in a drop of red food coloring. Remember that little goes a long way here
so you really don’t need much food coloring to make the color super vibrant. The last thing we got to do is to pour our
deliciousness in a lip gloss container. You can use a bottle of an old gloss or by
these empty containers on line for very cheap. Here it is – a beautiful, super shiny lip gloss, which smells amazing and tastes even better! It will give your lips a beautiful glossy
red tint, plus you can have it as a sweet little treat. I love how you can make these in all the possible
colors. I also wanted to try the berry flavor. Here I squeezed the candy directly into the
lip gloss bottle. To make the color brighter and more potent
I added a drop of blue food coloring. Mix it up or shake a little bit and you get
a gorgeous bright blue lip gloss! I can’t get over how amazing this DIY is. Squeeze candy lip glosses are seriously the
best and comparing to usual glosses they are way more affordable. Check out how beautifully they work, so cool
right?! Now our lips will always look pretty and shiny,
plus we’ll have a delicious sweet candy always on hand. Priceless! Ha? Want some? No! No worries, this bronzer is completely edible
and delicious. Besides that it will give your skin a beautiful
sun-kissed glow. Get your container ready – I am using a
pot of an old bronzer that I washed thoroughly. Grab the only ingredient you will need and
that is – cocoa powder. All we got to do is to place about a tablespoon
of product into our container and pack it down really well. If you don’t press the powder down super tight
you end up with more like a loose bronzing powder, which honestly works just as great. Cocoa is broadly used to make bronzers even
by the well known cosmetic brands. So why not making our own for way cheaper,
right?! If you want to make a lighter color you can
mix in a bit of corn starch. To get a super dark version use a non sweetened
100% cocoa powder. This bronzer will keep us looking fresh and
glowing, as if we just came back from a vacation by the sea. Dust it on your face to warm up your complexion
or make delicious, warming hot cocoa. The beauty of edible DIY makeup! Nom, nom! Little mints are a perfect pick me up treat
when you want to feel a bit more fresh. Today we are transforming them into a gorgeous
lip scrub that looks exactly like a frozen arctic ocean. Pour a bunch of mints into a zip lock plastic
bag. Place it on a wooden board or other sturdy
surface and crush the mints into smaller pieces using a hammer. Pop a tablespoon or two of these crushed goodies
into a container. Add a spoonful of sugar. I happened to have blue sugar at home but
the usual white one works just as great. Lastly you want to squeeze on a bit of honey
or any other syrup. It’s time to mix all of our scrub ingredients
together and check out how beautiful this looks! Our mint scrub looks so icy and fresh, literally
like the frozen arctic sea. Peppermint essential oil is widely used in
plumping lip glosses as it makes your lips look fuller and more pouty. Your mints lips scrub will first off exfoliate
your lips and remove dead skin cells on the surface, leaving lips soft and smooth. The peppermint found in the mints will plump
up your lips, making them fuller and more voluminous. On top of that your mints lips scrub is completely
edible and tastes delicious. A complete life saver in situations when you
need some extra freshness! Hi. Hi! Did you know that you can make an amazing
liquid eyeliner using just two ingredients that you can find in your kitchen? This eyeliner is so affordable, works amazingly
and you can make it in any color you want! Prepare your eyeliner container. I am using this adorable owl pot, which is
from an old lip balm that I have used up. Load a teaspoon with coconut oil and pop it
in your container. Now chose the food coloring you want to use,
I decided for blue. It is really important that you use food coloring
in a dust form because liquid or gel versions do not mix with oil. So dust food coloring is the way to go. Give the eyeliner a good stir to combine ingredients
evenly. Voila our two ingredient eyeliner is done
so it’s time to test it out! Look at that, I works like a dream! Now you know that next time you run out of
eyeliner, there’s no need to stress out. All you need to do is make a short trip to
the kitchen and mix it up yourself. People say that you should never put on your
skin stuff that you can’t put in your mouth. Well this eyeliner is 100% edible and there
are no nasty ingredients whatsoever. Bingo! Ew! What? Cheers! Hmm… Is this a lip balm or a sweet potion? Well actually it’s both and besides that it’s
also a great idea to prank your friends. The main ingredient? Honey! I love honey! It is sweet but unlike plain sugar it’s also
rich in antioxidants, vitamins and has anti inflammatory properties. I like to put it in my tea, on pancakes, or
on my fruit. But today I’m going to put it in my lip balm! Get your lip balm container ready. How gorgeous is this unicorn with its sparkly
wings!? Obsessed! Fill the pot with honey. You can totally finish here if you just need
a clear lip balm, but you know me – I love color. I decided to keep it classic and dripped in
a bit of red food coloring. One drop is more than enough so let’s give
this baby a quick little stir. How quick and easy was that right?! We got ourselves an amazing moisturizing tinted
lip balm in less than 30 seconds. Through the history honey has been known for
its healing properties due to how naturally moisturizing it is. Swiping a thin coat on your chapped lips will
make them baby soft in no time. It’s also high in antioxidants that help repair
daily UV damage. On top of that it tastes amazing, plus it
gives our lips a shiny rosy color. Especially in the winter when our skin gets
extra dry this tinted lip balm is a must have! Meringues have always been one of my favorite
sweet treats. They are light and crunchy, but once you put
them in your mouth they magically melt into this yummy soft deliciousness. But you know what? Today I’ll show you can make amazing highlighter
out of meringues. Sounds crazy I know, but just wait until you
see it! Pop a few meringues in a zip lock bag. Time to grab a hammer and crush them really
well. This isn’t hard to do at all because meringues
are very fragile. You’ll quickly end up with a very smooth white
powder like this. If you feel like you still have some bigger
chunks left use a sifter to get rid of them. That’s how you get the perfectly smooth and
fine powder, which is exactly what we need for the highlighter. To make it really shiny and glowy, grab some
metallic silver food coloring in a dust form. Depending on how much shine you want to get
from your highlighter, put in a bit or a lot of this magical sparkly dust. Give it a good mix to allocate the silver
dust evenly throughout the highlighter. Prepare the container where you want to store
this sweet glowy dust. Last but not least you want pour in your powder
highlight. You guys will be surprised by how great our
meringue highlighter works. It makes your skin super shiny, but it doesn’t
feel weird or sticky at all. I like to apply it on the top of my cheekbones
for some healthy glow and sparkle. It instantly makes you look more fresh and
awake. But the best part is that besides being an
epic makeup product our highlighter is also a yummy sweet snack! You can have it directly from the box or dust
it over pancakes, pies or fruit. Whatever you decide make sure to do it in
front of your friends and play a little prank on them. They’ll be so surprised seeing you eat a real
highlighter. Mmm… Ew! Mmm… Mmm… You know those cool lollipops that color your
tongue?! Well, I got an idea – if they color your
tongue they should also color your lips. So I tried it out and it works! If you rub the lollipop on your lips for a
minute or two, they will get all colored up! Of course this calls for only one thing – we
got to make a DIY tinted lollipop lipstick! Wow! For the packaging it’s best to go for something
rounded like these pretty disco ball lip balms. Never throw away old lip balm containers,
because you can always wash them and recycle in future DIY projects. Tinted lollipops come in a bunch different
colors. I decided to go for the most wearable one,
which is red. Take some cutting pliers or just strong scissors
and snip away the lollipop stick like that. Pop the lollipop into your container and if
you like you can even glue it down with some edible glue. If that’s not the worlds best lipstick then
I don’t know! Quick and easy to make, super cute, tinted
and edible! But it’s not just edible – it’s actually
super duper amazingly delicious. It will make your lips rosy and glossy, plus
you can have a yummy sweet treat always on hand. You can even prank your friends with it. I’m sure they’ll be so confused seeing you
with this out of this world epic lipstick! Few things in this world are better than nutella,
am I right? I love to have it on my pancakes, a piece
of bread or I even make a hot chocolate out of it. Although let’s not lie – it probably tastes
the most delicious straight from a jar. Anyway, today we’re going to use it for something
quite different – we’re making a nutella lip scrub. Take a large spoonful of this yummy hazelnut
spread and put it in a mixing bowl. Add tablespoon of classic caster sugar, which
will serve as an exfoliant. The final ingredient is coconut oil – you
can skip it if you like, but it will make the scrub a bit more liquid and easier to
use. Mix the ingredients together and the world’s
most delicious lip exfoliant is pretty much done. Pour it in a jar or any other container where
you want to store it. This looks so delicious!! I just want to take a straw and have it as
a drink! Since presentation is important I decided
to decorate my nutella scrub jar with this orange bow. Ta-da now it looks even more irresistible. Use it to exfoliate your lips or make it as
a gift for your friend. If your lips are usually super dry like mine,
exfoliating will make a huge difference. Sugar grains will rub away all the dead skin
cells while coconut oil provides moisture, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Last but not least nutella will make sure
that the whole exfoliating experience is super enjoyable for you and your tummy! This scrub will keep your lips beautiful,
plus it will give you chance to have some delicious nutella in a sneaky way! What else is missing in our edible makeup
bag? Hmm… mascara of course! However this mascara won’t just make your
lashes pretty, but also healthy as it promotes growth. It’s like a mascara and lash serum
in one! To make it we will need some castor oil, which
is super effective for thickening and regrowing the hair or lashes. Pour it into a little pot. Some people use plain castor oil as a clear
mascara. When you apply the oil on the lashes, they
instantly look nicer and more voluminous. But I decided to add some color and today
I’m choosing black. Make sure to use food coloring in a powder
form so it can mix well with oil. Give it a good ol’ stir and our mascara is
pretty much done. Pour it into an old mascara tube or a plain
one that you can get on line. How insanely easy it was to make a legit mascara
that works great but also nourishes your lashes! Let’s test it out! Wow this looks amazing! Super natural, but still makes a huge difference! The mascara is so smooth and easy to apply,
so pampering for the lashes. You can even use the castor oil mascara on
your eyebrows if you want to promote growth! Although this mascara may not be tasty for
you to eat, it surely is tasty and nourishing to your lashes. I feel like skittles are one of the most popular
and beloved candies across the globe. In my DIY experiments video I showed that
the colored skittles coating melts in the warm water. Check it out – the water turns red. So my guess is – since saliva is kind of
like a warm water, the skittles should color up our lips too, right? Let’s try it and find out! To make a skittles lipstick you will need
4 skittles and some edible glue. Apply some edible glue on the skittle and
apply another little skittle on top. We’re basically building a skittle tower. You can use just one color of skittles for
your lipstick or make it rainbow-y like me. I chose orange, blue, yellow and lastly a
red one. To finish up simply place the skittles tower
into an empty lipstick container and you are done! I love how cool this lipstick looks! So different from the usual ones and so much
more delicious. I think it’s so awesome that when the skittles
are inside the tube, this literally looks like a normal lipstick. No one would’ve thought there’s actually yummy
skittles inside. And this makes it perfect for pranks! What a great DIY especially if you want to
enjoy some yummy candy in a sneaky way! Surprise! I just created a new Beep Beep channel where
I’ll be weekly compilations of my best DIYs, pranks and hacks. Make sure to subscribe because I’m already
running to upload my first video. OK, bye!


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