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August 22, 2019

I want to do a quick video to show you how I did my DIY at home steam room for really cheap it’s like see at home sauna that people do the sauna that you can buy but it’s actually a steam room and it’s really easy and it’s really cheap you can actually do this for around forty to forty-five dollars forty to fifty dollars depending on where you live or where you get it so I do think I did mine for forty five I believe so I wanted to share this with my fasiablaster community I originally made this for my Candida community where Candida is overgrown bacteria that you have in your body in your gut and and through your body I can link the videos that I did for that below so you can kind of learn more about that and sweating out and steaming is really good for that but this works out perfect for the fascia blaster and I like it a lot better because you can actually flash a blast in the steam room while you’re in there in your home for really cheap so let me show you how I did it okay so here it is I got a outdoor it’s like a porta potty it’s like a camping tent port-a-potty I got it for about you can see that it’s just really tall you open I put this in my bathroom as you can see it’s tall enough for you to stand up in which is awesome so when you’re faster blasting you can actually stand up and get everything so it’s really good and it everything closes and it keeps all the steam in there so there you go then as you can see I put I just put my chair and then this next thing you need to buy is an electric fryer deep fryer just a small electric deep fryer that goes really hot and I just put water in it and I plug it in and I get it started and get it boiling and then it starts steaming everything and it’s really tall so lets see if you can see me so you’re standing up and you just zip it up and you just sit down and you just start steaming it gets real steamy and you can just sit here for a while sometimes I’ll start at the top because you know you get real steamy but again you just start doing your fasiablastingt so this whole so you come up here for this whole thing this the tenth cost me I think I got it on eBay and it cost me about $25 and then the deep-fryer cost me about $20 I think I got it from Walmart or twenty twenty-five dollars in the chair I already had the other awesome thing about this tent is that it folds down and I put it under my bed so I leave it out during the day so that it dries out and then I fold up so that you can put it under your bed and I’ll show you how it folds up really quickly it folds up just by smashing it let’s see if I can just smash it that’s full in and then that folds like that I’ll lean it against the door so you can see so it folds up and I just lay it flat underneath my bed and so I can just easy to put it in and out and it’s just out of the way so really cheap really easy hope everybody enjoyed if you need a at home steam room for any reason this is the best way and it’s roomy and it’s inexpensive so good luck thanks-don’t forget to subscribe if you’re interested in some of my family’s craziness questions subscribe and we’ll see you soon

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